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    Not loving Thomastik-Infeld RP110 on 2014 LP Traditional

    For what it's worth, pure nickel is what I was missing with the TI's. My store did not have D’Addario EXLs, so I bought a set of Ernie Ball pure nickel slinky and the chime, or bite, or midrange thing, or Pagey-esque kind of thing, or whatever we want to call what I was missing is BACK! I do...
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    Sweetwater, so far not impressed...

    Sorry you had troubles OP. I have bought a fair amount from them including a guitar with problems. They deleted my honest but negative review. No swearing. Nothing out of bounds. As a result I don’t buy from them and get a kick out of all their gushing positive reviews, on all products!
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    Not loving Thomastik-Infeld RP110 on 2014 LP Traditional

    Thanks everyone. It was kind a dumb question, but I figured that nickel was what I should try and am super happy with some Ernie Balls I picked up. They brought back the kind of midrange chime thing I was missing with the TI strings on that guitar. Appreciate the comments on set up. I’m okay...
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    How do you jam with MP3’s

    Somewhat in topic, check out iRehearse - loads any MP3 and allows you to tune, change temp and loop. Cheap too. I also have been getting tracks from They have versions of various rock tunes without the guitar track - free...
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    Almost time for a new recording computer Mac or PC?

    I have had many Macs going back to the 1908s. I have also had PCs and even a couple Amigas back in the day. I will always prefer Mac for usability and music. However, I agree the prices are absurd. In addition used Macs within 4-5 years are so high priced, you might as well buy new. I think what...
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    Significant Tonal Improvement Changing Klusons for Grovers

    Not the same thing but I noticed a huge improvement in my Ibanez PM2 with new $100 Gotoh tuners. Made it a better guitar in every way. I did not expect it, but it happened!
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    Not loving Thomastik-Infeld RP110 on 2014 LP Traditional

    I'm older, play at home, wash my handsand clean my guitars like I have OCD, so I have been using Thomastik-Infeld's on all my guitars with really good results. However, while the same set makes my Fenders sound great, and gives my Epiphone Plus Top Pro any LP a run for the money, they don't seem...
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    Worst Concert You've Ever Seen ...?

    Larry Coryell in the late 1980s at some club near San Diego. His bass player was 90 minutes late and they played without him for a long time. Apparently Larry was not happy with his own playing as he continued to swear like a maniac at himself at every riff he played. It was embarrassing. Hate...
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    Buzz? Always check dimmer switches first

    Kitchen is being remodeled (so much fun) and I swear it is not on the same circuit. Studio has its own. But the light is right under the amp downstairs. It only started this with a bad bulb, but I will definitely take some time to sort this out since I am currently without drywall in the kitchen...
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    Buzz? Always check dimmer switches first

    Well the new LEDs and dinners might be a problem for me too. Didn’t Edison invent lightbulbs 150 years or so ago. Why is this still a thing? :-)
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    Post Your Pedal Board Order

    Ok here it goes. Guitar Ernie Ball Volume Xotic Wah TC Tuner Mimosa Compressor Love Pickle Vibe Cch2 Fuzz OCD Super Badass Distortion MXR Flanger Julia Chorus Carbon Copy Cloner Electro Harmonics Reverb A-B switch with A to Princeton Reverb B to Countryman Direct then to Focusrite Interface to...
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    Buzz? Always check dimmer switches first

    So, the very day I get two new pedals and an extra pedal power supply and my amp is buzzing like crazy. I try different guitars buzz still there. I systematically unplug and plug every single thing in home studio. Still buzzing. This took an hour or more easy. I take the amp in a different room...
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    any computer programs that convert music notes to guitar tabs?????

    Logic pretends to do this, but the usability is awful and after all the hassle you get the dumbest tabs imaginable. This is one area where human brains and effort are superior!
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    Guitar Grounding Common Misconceptions?

    Somewhat on topic for many years I could not play my strat at home. The buzz was out of control. It is somewhat collectible so I didn’t want to make changes. The house has new wiring and still no change. Amps, computers nothing made a difference. Then we moved to a new house. No more buzz! Turns...
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    Tonebenders - making sense of the madness

    For what it’s worth I ordered a soulbender. Seemed like a good place to start.
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    Stewmac Epiphone Les Paul upgrade kits

    I might have fallen for something like this before I posted some questions here (or at least thought about it). Adjusting pup height was all I needed to love the sound of my 15 plus top pro (and I have a 2014 Gibson Traditional to compare it to). Huge huge huge difference. Tuners are fine...
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    Tonebenders - making sense of the madness

    Makes sense! Well then what do you think about the Park fuzz to start with? FYI my main amp at home studio is a 78 Princeton Reverb.
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    Tonebenders - making sense of the madness

    I did search, but many threads are old. There are just so many darn Tonebenders out there. I have read so many reviews, but still feel lost. I live in a major metro area (Philly), but no stores seem to offer more than one or two fuzz pedals. What do I want? Well, I kind of will know it when I...
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    My first Gibson LP - 2014 Traditional Ocean Blue.

    Oh there are socks on it now. I was able to get half of it off with just guitar cleaner, but will explore other options taking my time! The stand says Ultra. Seems heavy duty. Thank god the bottom section didn’t mark the guitar. There is some cheap little foam stuff supporting the guitar at the...
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    My first Gibson LP - 2014 Traditional Ocean Blue.

    Update. I’m so pissed. Stupid guitar stand left a tiny little mark on the back finish. My pristine baby is no longer pristine! I should have known. I had this happen to a Martin once. None of my other guitars have a finish that reacts to this stuff...