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    Polyurethane Finish Repair

    Hi all! I have an Epiphone ES-335 Pro that I've been upgrading. I've been doing most of the work myself and made a little mistake when replacing the tuner bushings. I'm not exactly sure how to explain it, but it looks like the finish lifted or flaked away from the headstock. On two of the...
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    Source for Black Custom Shop Case

    The Lifton case is nice and all, but my R8 swims around in this thing. Can you buy one of the black Custom Shop cases new anywhere? I've seem them used on Reverb... just curious if there was a better source. Failing that, I’d probably pick up one of the brown and burgundy ones from...
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    Analysis Paralysis: I Can't Decide Which R8 to Keep

    This is very typical of me. I'm a very analytical and detail oriented guy. I over analyze everything. I have this need to understand the how and why. Skip to the end for the TL;DR. I purchased an R8. Then I saw another one from the same vendor that I had previously missed. I liked its top a...
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    NGD 2018 R8 - My First Gibson Custom

    I bought this one, then bought another with a top full of character before this one arrived. Both were incredible, but this one had clarity and resonance that the other lacked (barely). So while I really liked the other top, this one won out. The other will be going back as soon as I get an RMA...
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    GAS'n for '58 Historic. I probably shouldn't, but I might.

    I think I have more money than sense. I'm looking at a '58 Historic in royal teaburst that's a demo model and is a pretty good price. They're asking $3,600. I have a beautiful 2019 Traditional in tobacco burst that I'm really happy with. The frets are a little narrower than I typically prefer...
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    Thrilled with my CreamTone Upgrades

    I bought an Epiphone ES-335 Pro back in December when it was on sale. I've always wanted a semi-hollow and I couldn't resist. I also thought it would be a good project guitar, and while it took a while to get here, I think it was worth it. I only have a couple things left to do before I call it...
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    Help with ES-335 PRO neck and tuning stability

    I got a great deal on an Epiphone ES-335 PRO around Christmas. I really like it, but there are a couple things that bug me. Maybe it's my lack of experience with this type of guitar construction. Maybe not, hence this thread. At first, I noticed my playing sounded out of tune. The guitar itself...
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    Alternative to Creamtone Bridge and Tailpiece

    Hi all! I've been waiting since October/November on the Bridge and Tailpiece set over at Creamtone to come back into stock. I've chatted via email and facebook a few times, but it doesn't look like I'm going to get my hands on these sets any time soon. I have three guitars I'm looking to...
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    Belated NGD Post: 2019 Traditional

    Bought it up from Sam Ash online and it was delivered yesterday. It was one of their Guitars of Distinction. 2019 Les Paul Traditional in Tobacco Burst
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    Hello from Memphis

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking for a while and decided to go ahead and join the community. I've always been attracted to Les Pauls and similar guitars -- mahogany body, carved maple top, set neck, fixed bridge, humbuckers, etc. I had a 90s Les Paul Studio that I loved. I never should have...