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    As I was locked out of a previous discussion about what to do with a dead T-Top pickup and cannot respond directly to claims there, I started a new discussion here. Instead of having a discussion in a civil adult manner, some people decided to respond in a juvenile fashion and accuse me of...
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    String Treatments?

    Many years ago i used a product called "Finger Ease" on my strings and liked the results. It made my guitars easier to play and I think there was less noise as I moved my fingers along a wound string. I think it was also supposed to keep the strings sounding good longer. But as all good thing...
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    Coconut Oil as Fretboard Conditioner?

    I've used raw linseed oil as a fretboard conditioner on rosewood since the 70's, as that seemed to be what was being recommended then. I've never had any problems with it. Now it seems that people have different ideas about what is the best conditioner to use on a fretboard. I've noticed that...
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    Install Wraparound Bridge/Tailpiece on 1972 Gibson ES-335?

    I've seriously been considering replacing the trapeze style tailpiece with a wraparound bridge/tailpiece on my 1972 ES-335. I'm thinking that it may improve the tuning stability slightly, as it will reduce the string length. There also won't be any length of strings that can sympathetically...
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    Tone Controls On Guitar. WHY???

    I've never understood why they put low pass filters on a guitar. My amplifiers have all had tone controls. In the early 70's, for more tone control, I built a preamp with graphic equalizer. The tone control on my guitars just seemed like a nuisance. Do the tone controls on your guitar do...