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  1. lpfan1980

    what normally comes in the case of a new LP?

    They should throw in picks-always can use a pick!
  2. lpfan1980

    Brought to you by Bling. Merged

  3. lpfan1980

    Price Check on a 2005 R8

    I live in Calgary is Victors shop online?a REVERB thing?-and that price is a little steep in my humble opinion.:hmm:.
  4. lpfan1980

    Societal stigmas: a good thing

    All I will say is there are positive and negative stigmas some suck some are great .Humanity is naturally judgemental-part of having a conciousness work on the positive ones-and the negative ones- :D the good ones cant exist without the bad-Believe me i know all about bullying and shit-it...
  5. lpfan1980


    Its serious sure but the apocalypse my arse 3000 people out of 85000 have died tens of thousands have recovered be prepared yes-how many murders happened yesterday/ cholera you name it.Look at the Johns Hopkins map which paints a far more realistic picture-wash your hands cover your coughs if ya...
  6. lpfan1980

    ** A PAIN IN THE NECK **

    I cracked a tuning pin on mine yesterday-know how ya feel but ill just take her in to my guitar guy and get her fixed POOP HAPPENS think of it as mojo.Probably might make it sound better you dont know guitars are weird.
  7. lpfan1980

    Well it finally happened

    Dogs get injured Battleships and tables take damage.Mark Zuckerberg takes damage cause hes an android.
  8. lpfan1980

    Well it finally happened

    Glib Jackass.......
  9. lpfan1980

    Knobs and Pots

    All good ideas just dont yank the knob-might break the pot.
  10. lpfan1980

    What pickups are on your "to do" list?

    Thanks Roxy! :D :D
  11. lpfan1980

    NGD- Gibson Les Paul Traditional HB

    I think shes a cutie-pie congratulations:dude:
  12. lpfan1980

    An Amazing Find! 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst!

    If I found a real burst it would not be sold-you already hit the lottery as a guitar player :D .
  13. lpfan1980

    2020 59 reissue Dirty Lemon Burst

    Wowww yknow my 40th b-day is coming up in Sept and I could use a second Gibson please donate too.... :rofl:
  14. lpfan1980


    Funky lp tune by MR K! I grew up with a GE Avocado green fridge myself.
  15. lpfan1980

    2017 R6

  16. lpfan1980

    1976 Chibson

    Aww the page is gone I wanted a laugh!
  17. lpfan1980

    Help me buy my first les paul

    Congrats! pics plz we like pics:applause::photos:
  18. lpfan1980

    NGD 1961 Les Paul Custom Reissue

    GORGEOUS-you can post SGs here btw.
  19. lpfan1980

    Color bleed?

    Id say its mojo but thats just me.Good luck finding a solution.
  20. lpfan1980

    What tuners do I have?

    Nice guitar all the same.