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  1. J50315

    Gibson Les Paul Collectors Choice #1 VOS

    2010 Collectors Choice #1 VOS Melvyn Franks that is based off the Peter Green/Gary Moore Les Paul with the out of phase sound in the middle position. All original and in excellent condition. I bought the guitar to play it not to lock it in a collection so I have played it and it has a few...
  2. J50315

    1979 Marshall JMP 100 watt sold

    **NO TRADES!!!** In near mint condition. Can’t find any rips in the tolex, the only imperfection I can find is one of the plastic corner pieces has a chip but nothing else. This does have the Randy Rhoads style one wire mod done by the previous owner which cascades the preamp giving more gain...
  3. J50315

    Soldano SLO-100 2003 sold!!!

    1 of 10 with chromed brass logo. I bought this recently off a wonderful forum member and have played it for a couple weeks but just don’t bond with it like I do my Friedman’s. Sounds great and in excellent shape. Factory depth mod and pictured footswitch included. Just looking to get my money...
  4. J50315

    NAD: Soldano SLO-100

    Just got it today from our wonderful fellow forum member James. It’s a lot of fun, more “immediate” response than my JJ-100 with a voice all its own. Going to keep playing it for a while and see what happens
  5. J50315

    Friedman Phil X amp sold

    Friedman X amp in overall good shape. There are a couple scratches in the tolex here and there. I don’t have the original box and can’t find the footswitch. Sounds awesome as you would expect, my JJ-100 gets all of my playtime for now and so looking to sell. Not interested in any trades. Asking...
  6. J50315

    Post your collectors choice LP’s!

    We have threads about reissues and goldtops, how about collectors choice? Post up! My CC#1- I had considered selling it but I just couldn’t do it. It blows my other reissues away
  7. J50315

    2018 Les Paul R8 royal tea-burst sold

  8. J50315

    2010 Les Paul custom black beauty sold

    Beautiful 2010 custom in extremely clean condition, no tarnishing on any of the gold. No issues, setup and plays great. Outside of a couple small scratches on the back by the elections cover it’s one of the cleanest you will find. All stock, with original case, paperwork and COA. Weighs around...
  9. J50315

    Friedman Dirty Shirley mini sold

    20 watts running off EL84s. Excellent condition and sounds great from bedroom levels to cranked all the way up. Just selling off some extra gear. $875 plus shipping to lower 48 only. PayPal ok if you pay the fee. **No trades** Thanks
  10. J50315

    NAD: Friedman JJ-100

    This has been on my bucket list for a while. I’ve had all the generations of the BE-100 and this one blows them all away. A much more aggressive upper mid range that really stands out and feels great under the fingers and good clean channel. My dirty shirley was my favorite by I think this has...
  11. J50315

    NGD: Collectors choice #1

    After a long two years of searching I finally found my CC1. #148. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase, still has the original strings on it. Killer guitar even though the strings are dead. My hope of playing like Gary Moore still hasn’t come true which is unfortunate. Better pics to come
  12. J50315

    Friedman BE-100, 2016 updates SOLD

    Excellent, near mint condition. Has the gain structure switch and all the 2016 updates. No issues at all. Gas has hit and I really want a JJ100 so looking to sell this one. I’ve had a couple BE-100s and this version is definitely the best. Asking $2200 plus shipping and PayPal fee. Happy to...
  13. J50315

    2006 R7 yamano all hog sold

    1 of 25. Just over 9 pounds on my scale. Excellent condition throughout, light button scratches on the back but nothing that goes into the finish. It has Rewind VLO pickups and sounds great. Good size neck but not a baseball bat- I do not have a way to measure the exact size. All case candy and...
  14. J50315

    2003 Brazilian R7 sold

    Testing the waters on my Brazilian 1957 reissue. The particular board on this one is beautiful and dark. It’s been played and loved- a lot. It has scratches and dings throughout and some buckle rash but doesn’t go through the finish. Overall I’d say it’s in good condition. It hasn’t been abused...
  15. J50315

    Friedman BE-100 sold

    Excellent condition BE-100. This is the last generation, doesn’t have the gain structure switch. Sounds amazing. I just bought a new one with the 2016 updates and I want to sell my old BE to buy a JJ. No issues with it at all except the logo on the front cracked in half- I took it all the way...
  16. J50315

    NAD X2 Friedman

    I've had an older BE-100 for a while and absolutely love it. Have been wanting to get one of the 2016 updated versions so I sprung for one. The new updates are pretty cool and add a lot of versatility. Also bought a dirty Shirley mini- probably my favorite of them all. Nothing like 20 watts on...
  17. J50315

    1984 Martin D-41 sold

    Mint condition with the exception of a small scratch on the top of the headstock. Plays and sounds amazing, I just haven’t been playing as much acoustic as of late. Price is pretty firm. No trades. $3100 shipped. If doing traditional PayPal add the fees
  18. J50315

    Post your historic goldtops!

    I couldn’t find a recent thread for reissues specifically and I thought this idea that other members had was cool. If I’m missing it let me know. Post up! Here are mine: 1 of 25 all mahogony 2006 R7 My 1998 all gold R6 2003 Braz
  19. J50315


    Excellent condition 56ri. Hard to find all gold. All stock except the caps have been changed, stock ones will be included. Weighs around 8lbs 12oz. No I don’t have the exact measurements of the neck, it’s comfortable and not big or slim. No playability issues at all. Only cosmetic imperfection...