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  1. SixAngryStrings

    I wanna get FUZZY!!

    I’m seriously jonesing for a fuzz pedal, I’m looking at a few right now.. all EHX nano reissues.. Op Amp, Green Russian, or the Triangle big muffs:hmm:.. in the meantime, show us your FUZZ of choice!! Fuzzgig lol:laugh2:
  2. SixAngryStrings

    Is WWIII even possible?

    I don’t think so.. But, what do you think would happen if it was declared? After watching 1917, can you imagine millennials being drafted?? I don’t think anyone on this planet wants the insanity of war anymore.. just rambling.
  3. SixAngryStrings


    Anyone here a fan? I’ll admit, I sort of scoffed at the stuff when I’d see people drinking it in the past, thinking that it was some new, bullshit, hippy/hipster/millennial trend (even though I know it’s been around for centuries). All I knew, was that it was a probiotic, which is never a bad...
  4. SixAngryStrings

    Anyone here own a Fender Twin Amp?

    Not a Twin Reverb, a Twin amp.. it’s a Blackface reissue I think.. switchable to 25 watts.. Opinions? I’ve got a trade offer for one.. they seem like solid amps.. just would like a little more input if possible.
  5. SixAngryStrings

    Sooooo.. where’s Thump?

    Haven’t seen him on here in a month of Sundays! Hope he’s doin ok..
  6. SixAngryStrings

    Cats are so weird man..

    Brought in two boxes of cd’s I’ve had in storage.. I swear, she’s hardly moved in two days lol! When they find a spot, they REALLY find a spot.. smh:laugh2: Little fart never ceases to make me laugh.. ALL HAIL CAT BENATAR!! Destroyer of Worlds!
  7. SixAngryStrings

    The way I see things going..

    I think there’s a good chance we’re gonna get a female president with a penis!:laugh2: HOT DOG!!!!!!
  8. SixAngryStrings

    RIP Sid Haig

    Sad news.. he brought all of Rob Zombies films to life, and seemed like a super cool guy.. sux:( See you in Valhalla! \m/
  9. SixAngryStrings

    Man, the flu SUCKS!

    What are you guys favorite nighttime cold/flu meds? I’ve got some good ol’ NyQuil, but, I think I may need something stronger if I don’t get a good nights rest and kick this crap by tomorrow. Suggestions?
  10. SixAngryStrings

    New TOOL Review!!

    This caught me off guard today and made me laugh.. the guy is hilarious! His YouTube channel is great.. And, he can seriously shred! And yes, the new TOOL album, is boring.
  11. SixAngryStrings

    Got Drunk, Bought Drums

    Pulled the trigger on a Tama Imperialstar.. berfday present for myself I guess. Flat black with black chrome hardware.. TITTAYYYYYYS!!!!!!!!!:cool2: My neighbors will ADORE me!
  12. SixAngryStrings

    Any Coast To Coast AM listeners here?

    I went to renew my Coast insider subscription, and for some reason, I didn’t have to.. I have full access and haven’t paid or listened in well over a year..?? Weird! They talk about all kinds of cool stuff, like the occult, cryptozoology, satanism, witchcraft, ghosts, erlierns, government...
  13. SixAngryStrings


    The USDA’s food inspections admin is named Carmen Rottenburg:laugh2:
  14. SixAngryStrings

    An absolute travesty! Un Fucking Believable!

    I know everyone hated them, but THIS?!?! Give them away, donate them to school music programs.. something other than THIS!! I honestly can’t believe my eyes watching this madness!!
  15. SixAngryStrings

    What’s your zombie apocalypse song?

    What would you play as you shotgun zombies to death, or, endtimes et al.. I’m a sick fuck, so I’d choose Pointer Sisters.. I’d happily blast people to this tune..
  16. SixAngryStrings

    “Happy Pride!”

    Some dumb drunk bitch just walked by and said that to me in the alley.. it’s not a holiday like St. Pats or Christmas, so STFU skank! So goddamn stupid..
  17. SixAngryStrings

    In 10 years.. we’ll have em’ at Food4Less..

    $11,000 Grapes I thought they were found in some long dead, old, Japanese Emperors ass or something.. but nope, just some grapes.. jeez.. what a world we live in.
  18. SixAngryStrings

    If somebody dies in an apartment or a house..

    Is it a requirement by law to inform future would-be buyers or renters?
  19. SixAngryStrings

    Weird Lizard..

    Any of you guys ever seen a lizard like this?? Tail bitten off, still about 5 inches long.. I was really keen on reptiles growing up, but I’ve never seen one like this. He was under my girlfriends pillow lol, she thought I put a fake one under it as a joke.. I picked him up and put him in the...