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  1. snaredrum

    BuGGFX Daydream Free Giveaway!

    Hey guys! Our very own Robby @ BuGGFX is having a giveaway, and the prize is a brand new shiny BuGGFX Daydream! I have one of the prototypes, and it's an incredible pedal. Others seem to agree, including Just Nick - as shown here... Great...
  2. snaredrum

    NPD - BuGG FX Daydream!!

    WOOOHOOOO! a (prototype) BuGGFX Daydream is on my board at last! :wave: Robby has finally gone to the dark side and made a digital pedal, and by goodness it's awesome. It's a filter delay, to describe it at its most basic. You hit a note, and the repeats either go up or down in...
  3. snaredrum

    Boost versus transparent overdrive... What's the difference?

  4. snaredrum

    Muffs. Talk to me. Ask me anything. I play them a lot.

    as per title, basically. Muffs are ace, let's talk.
  5. snaredrum

    **snaredrum's official 2016 q&a session**

    Due to my benevolence, I have decided it is time to finally spread my 37 years of wisdom. Obviously I'll answer any question you may have about pedals or gear. Or anything, really. I may even tell the truth. Go ahead, ask me.
  6. snaredrum

    New Pedals Day - BuGG FX Toys!

    Why i loved getting mail this week: such toy. very wow. ok, first up - this one is straight out of the J Mascis rig rundown. It's a MKI Tonebender and a Dallas Rangemaster with a 'range' control, with a switch to flip the order of the effects. Also it is purple]. The MKI is such an...
  7. snaredrum

    You want Muffs? I got Muffs. Tym Big Mudd, SUF The Pi

    Since xmas i've bought at least 9 muff circuits - possibly more. It all got a bit hazy. Anyway, my hunt is over, and I have some to spare. First up - Tym Pedals, Brisbane Australia. He who made the legendary Fuzz Munchkin. The Big Mudd is one of the few true clones of the late 70s V3 Muff - the...
  8. snaredrum

    FX Switchers 2: The Texas Switcheroo

    ok, bear with me. I have a Thegigrig Pro14. Great piece of kit. I use it either to have 14 presets, or 7 preset sounds (clean, clean with delay, muff/reverb, etc) and then the top row of buttons to add in specific effects to any preset - flanger, more fuzz, etc. For some damn reason this...
  9. snaredrum

    Show Me Your Pedals Whose Colours Exist In The Ultraviolet Spectrum

    You will have to be a Bee to do this though. good luck.
  10. snaredrum

    I Bought Three Stomp Under Foot Muffs In One Month (plus other things)

    ...and regret NOTHING. I spotted a great deal on what turned out to be a Classic Series Violet Ram's Head on Ebay, so snapped it up. I'd recently acquired a Vick Audio Ram's Head wired to Bjørn from Gilmourish's specs (less bass, slightly less gain than a full on muff), and was amazed to hear...
  11. snaredrum

    What's Your Favourite Hadyen Thread?

  12. snaredrum

    Hiwatt - keep my '72, or go modern?

    Hi - I play a 1972 Hiwatt DR103. This is slightoverkill for the shows my band does, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to own it when i saw it a couple of years ago. Besides, it has a master volume, right? :D ANYWAY - I now find myself wondering whether i should sell it and go for...
  13. snaredrum

    First album review I've ever had

    My band's first album is out soon. Just got our first review. Soooooooooo stressful STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING: THE MADELINE RUST - TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES LP REVIEW
  14. snaredrum

    (slightly late) NPD - Wampler Ace Thirty!

    As Vox (who until yesterday i respected) have told Brian to change the name of this pedal, I decided it was the perfect time to use the name of the pedal on the internet as many times as i could. ACE THIRTY. Every little bit helps, right? :naughty: preamble So yeah, As soon as Wampler...
  15. snaredrum

    New Guitar means NEW PICKUP DAY! Gretsch G5622T

    So Gretsch have released their new "centre-block" (forgive the placement of the 'r', i'm british) series of Electromatics. This is the G5622 - as it now has a centre block, it's basically a blinged up 335. i got it today, and a large part of my interest in it (besides the colour, i'm...
  16. snaredrum

    Grounding a Vibrola (or whatever you call it) help

    hi guys - i've just got an Allparts vibrola for my Gibson SG special. I'm going to fit it myself as i'm silly, but the thing that's bugging me is the grounding. I'm not sure how comfortable i am drilling from the top to the cavity - it looks like it has to be at an angle - so i was wondering, is...
  17. snaredrum

    NGD - Schecter Kenny Hickey Baritone!

    ok, so this'll be the most divisive thread ever, i reckon - it certainly isn't a universally loved guitar style (or colour, come to that) on the other hand, i'm a massive Type O Negative fan and Kenny Hickey is a guy who's playing style is VERY influential to my playing. so, i present the...
  18. snaredrum

    ReWind Telecaster pickups? yeah, right...

    but seriously, yeah. right. i got some yesterday. The long, boring tale of how i came to own some begins back in 1948, when a young(ish) Leo Fender nah, kidding. I got a MIM Fender a month or two back, and as i always do when i get a new guitar, gave James a shout about pickups, not...
  19. snaredrum

    Hipshot B-Bender amateur installation... eek

    so, i got my 2005/6 MIM telecaster a few weeks ago, and the plan was to install an 'F' logo bigsby with a vibramate. plans change though, right? i realised i'd actually prefer some country style options, as my band (heavy as we are) are rednecks at heart. Hipshot time! now, i'm RUBBISH...
  20. snaredrum

    I bought a Telecaster. Geek time!

    i'm pretty sure i'm going with Bare Knuckle 52 blackguards. talk me out of it - big name alternatives (although no Dimarzios, and i'm on the fence about SDs as well) that boutique pickup winder that nobody but you uses, whatever. GO!