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  1. theusualdan

    FS 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard AA top with Bare Knuckle Mules

    Looking to trade toward a LPR8 if anyone's got something out there. Not necessarily looking for something perfect as I'd like to gig with it. Ok with most colors aside from tobacco and heritage cherry. If you're interested in the below guitars and have an R8, let's talk! What I have to trade...
  2. theusualdan

    2013 Les Paul Custom 1957 question

    Got a line on a custom that purports to be a 2013 custom 1957 reissue. Non original knobs, pickups, and possibly case. Price is good given those aspects, but what’s confusing me is that it’s a stamped serial (no ink) and the back is not bound. Were those legit specs in 2013?
  3. theusualdan

    NGD - 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Just picked this up last night. Haven't even had time to play it much. Looks like a honey burst to me, or maybe a light burst. Current plan is to give it a good set up (action is a bit high), and do a pickup swap. Currently has the Slash humbuckers in it, but I've got a set of Bare Knuckle Mules...
  4. theusualdan

    Traded. Please delete.

    I've somehow found myself with a pair of ash Fenders with maple necks, and I've decided to sell them in favor of something more offset. 2004 Fender Telecaster American Standard - Stock and in really good condition. Info and pictures here...
  5. theusualdan

    traded. Please delete.

    Alright. This is a weird one. Started out life as a 2003 Les Paul Classic in gold top. It was sent by a local shop in Minneapolis for a refinish in this see through purple/wine red vibe (I have no idea why, but I’m sure the shopowner had his reasons). The top is surprisingly figured for what was...
  6. theusualdan

    Traded. Please delete.

    Great player of a PRS. Paul Reed Smith Treble and Bass pickups. Locking tuners. Wrap around adjustable bridge so you get the tone of wraparound while still being able to properly intonate. Tight flame maple 10 top in what I think they call Black Cherry. Has a bit of a Heritage cherry feel on the...
  7. theusualdan

    FSOT - 2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional w/ OX4 pickups - Traded. Please delete

    Les Paul in Desert Burst currently loaded with OX4 pickups. Guitar sounds and plays great. It doesn't have a ton of flame, but it's not quite a plain top either. Nice and subtle and gets more intense depending on lighting. Neck is slimmer feel, but Gibson says it's not a 60s neck. Probably not...
  8. theusualdan

    FS - 2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional w/ R8 pickups - PLEASE DELETE

    2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional in Desert Burst. I upgraded the pickups to a set of burstbuckers out of a 2001 Gibson LP 58 reissue . Solid PAF sounding pickups with 7.89 and 7.75 output on bridge and neck respectively. They’re really well balanced, full and clear sounding and a really good...
  9. theusualdan

    Pickups in an R7 - Lollar, OX4, Bare Knuckle, Gibby. What would you do?

    Just picked up an R7 in player's condition. It's currently got no pickups in it, but shipped with pickups out of a Gibson R8. I also have an LP with OX4s (that's currently for sale), an LP with Bare Knuckle Mules, and a set of Lollar Imperials in another guitar. The mules and imperials are...
  10. theusualdan

    FS - 2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop w/ OX4s

    2013 Goldtop standard with lightly aged hardware (original shiny bridge, tailpiece and locking tuners included). Rewired with OX4 pickups and creamtone wiring harness (original pickups and harness NOT included). Really open and airy sounding with crazy good definition and clarity. The guitar is...
  11. theusualdan

    SOLD Gibson Burstbuckers and quick connect wiring harness

    Have a set of Burstbuckers and wiring harness out of a 2013 Les Paul Standard. Has the quick connect set up and push pull pots for all knobs. Set up to coil tap, phase switch, and one to send bridge pickup directly to output jack. In great condition, but I upgraded the guitar. Would be open to...
  12. theusualdan

    WTB - Bare Knuckle Mules

    Looking for a set of Bare Knuckle Mules for a traditional I just picked up. Prefer covers, and unaged nickel covers specifically. But let me know what you've got!
  13. theusualdan

    WTB - Gibson Les Paul Husk/Project

    Looking for a Les Paul that is stripped with no hardware/pickups. Ideally would have a case, but open to whatever you have. Finish issues don't scare me. Prefer standard/traditional/classic in that order.
  14. theusualdan

    FSOT - Morgan RCA35 w/ extra power tubes Morgan head in a chilewich covering. The Morgan RCA35 was designed around a special output transformer that is equally happy with 6L6s or 6V6s or EL34s or KT66s or KT77s or 6CA7s. It...
  15. theusualdan

    FSOT - 2015 Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Sunburst Maple Neck - sold. Please delete

    Putting out a feeler on trades for this EJ strat. It's a late 2015 model (confirmed by Fender). Has the case and all the goodies that came with it (strap, ashtray cover, trem bar, cable, etc). It's been played and has one small ding through the finish on the front. Some light playwear on the...
  16. theusualdan

    Sold - Edwards E-LP-112LTS/RE Jimmy Page Relic Les Paul MIJ w/ Bare Knuckle Mules

    Edwards MIJ Les Paul in Honeyburst with lots of upgrades. Bare Knuckle Mule PAF style pickups. Locking tuners. Bigsby w/ vibramate attachment (I'll include the tune-o-matic bridge). Strap locks. SKB hardcase. Plays and sounds fantastic. Get your Jimmy Page on with this. Relic'd with some natural...
  17. theusualdan

    FS 2007 Gibson SG Classic w/ David Allen P90s - $775

    Heritage cherry 2007 Gibson SG classic. Dot inlays on a bound neck. It has finish checking and minor worming throughout, but nothing major through the finish and no breaks or cracks. Upgraded pickguard and David Allen Philthy Cat hot P90s. I don't have the original pickups. Recently set up...
  18. theusualdan

    Refinishing Les Paul Value

    I have a Les Paul Classic 2003 in Wine Red that I am considering doing a refinish on. It's a plain top, and the wine red doesn't do the top any justice (it's real plain). From a distance in lower light, it looks pretty much like a solid color. My question is, assuming I were to do a refinish on...
  19. theusualdan

    FS - 2003 Gibson Les Paul Classic Wine Red - $1700

    This is one of the good early 2000's Gibson's that really live up to the hype. Thin 60's neck that is fast and comfortable. Plays and sounds great. Very lively, even unplugged. Weighs under 9lbs on my bathroom scale. Added Dunlop strap locks (as any good LP should have) and will include the...