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  1. red_house356

    NOS Wire Strat Pickup 65/Hendrix Set

    OH boy, will I regret this soon enough: 1965 Rewind Electric Strat Hendrix Set (NOS Heavy Formvar) These are by far the best strat pickups I've played. I'm mostly a Vintage Gibson kind of guy, but these pickups floored me. They not only sound accurate, but they look the part. They will light...
  2. red_house356

    Seymour Duncan MJ Screamin Demon and '59 Tweed Champ Enclosure

    Looking to sell some pieces to pay some bills. Feel free to ask questions or make offers Fender Champ Head Enclosure 1959 Tweed: $135 shipped *Please read!* Yup, someone went ahead and butchered this vintage pine enclosure into a head chassis. It will perfectly hold a chassis without tubes...
  3. red_house356

    FS: Rewind Electric Esquire Pickup Hot Keef

    NOS Wire adds a different depth to pickup winds. There is added overtones and harmonics that you just can't get with other pickups. Just listen to Nicholas Rivera playing his Wizz NOS Wire set on YouTube. Unfortunately, I'm drowning in bills, so these have to go. Rewind Electric Jimmy Page Neck...
  4. red_house356


    1969 Gibson SG Standard Conversion Pelham Blue Refin ***Please read in detail.*** Hate to do this, but bills need to be paid. This SG has been brought back from the depths to be a great guitar. Initially, when I bought it had a crappy spray paint finish over the cherry finish. Now, she...
  5. red_house356

    FS: 1958 Fender Bassman Chassis Mojotone Irons Astrons

    Trying to move this killer project or restoration. 1958 Fender Bassman Chassis. Will come with mojotone PT/OT. Choke is original as are the pots, sockets, jacks, chassis, most of the astrons, and paper covers for the electroylics. Filter caps are F&T/Sprague. Some resistors have been replaced...
  6. red_house356

    1960s Gibson SG Case Yellow/Orange Interior

    1960s Gibson SG Standard Case Yellow/Orange Interior. Case is in great condition. Shows some cosmetic wear on the outside and a little in the inside. Latches work well. The case will easily protect your vintage piece. Perfect case to match your newly acquired vintage piece. Or perfect for a...
  7. red_house356

    FS: 1958 Fender Tweed Bassman 5F6-A (Player Grade)

    1958 Fender Tweed Bassman 5F6-A: Holy Grail tone and mojo. I've been told to post this on MLP, so I'm going to try. I'm going to try and cover all the components of the amp with in-depth descriptions. If you still have questions afterwards, I'll be happy to answer them. Serial BM 1068 dates...
  8. red_house356

    Delete: unavailable

    No one wanted to bite on the entire package, so I'm going to try and move this as I bought it. A piece by piece project. Perfect chance to restore a chassis or ultimate clone. Cabinet dates to '57 with the original tube chart. Will come with speaker mounting hardware. Only one panel has been...
  9. red_house356

    Please delete

    1957 Fender Bassman Power Transformer Triad 8087 and 45249 Output Transformer Rare to find these. Perfect chance to restore your project or make the ultimate clone. Came off a '57 Bassman. Works as it should with no issues. Leads were added to ensure they reach the turret board. The bassman...
  10. red_house356

    FS: Rewind Electric NOS Wire Pickups: Hot Keef Esquire Bridge

    Ugh, I hate doing this, but the gear purge has moved to other parts. Since these no longer have hosts, I'm going to move them. Hot Keef Esquire Bridge: if you've passed a good tele bridge pickup, you'll fall in love with the character that A3 magnets give. The note separation with chords under...
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    SOLD on Reverb
  12. red_house356

    FS: Rewind Electric Hot Keef NOS Wire Pickup, Custom Fireman Tele Esquire Body, and Tele Maple Neck

    1969 Gibson Les Paul Plastic Hardware Set: SOLD Custom Moderne NOS Limba Aged Nitro: SOLD Custom made Fireman Telecaster Esquire Guitar Body I usually refer to it as the "firecaster". This is for the body only. Finished in a nitro trans Sea Foam Green. The color is pretty difficult to...
  13. red_house356

    Reduced: 2007 Gibson KS 336 Goldtop Inspired By Series

    2007 Gibson KS 336 Electric Guitar Inspired By Series I accept reasonable offers! Selling this rare Gibson KS 336 Inspired by Series. This one was designed by Kiefer Sutherland. CS 336 style body with an ebony board and super 400 inlays (essentially a CS 356 with super 400 inlays). Kiefer gold...
  14. red_house356

    WTB: Gibson GA 18T

    This is a long shot, but I'm looking to purchase a GA 18T. If you have one for sale or are thinking about it, let me know. Specifically looking for a 6v6GT version.
  15. red_house356

    NVGD: '56 Les Paul Junior

    New Vintage Guitar Day Picked this beauty up earlier this week: 1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior. Sunburst with the wraparound closer to bridge pickup. I'm thinking this is an earlier one. I have another '56 going through a refin and the wraparound is backed off a bit. Tons of honest wear and...
  16. red_house356

    FS: Seymour Duncan Psychedelic Strat Set

    Seymour Duncan Psychedelic Strat Set for sale. Specs are listed on the box. These are perfect for that Hendrix strat tone or just a good vintage strat vibe. Pickups are in great working condition. Just changing to Rewind pickups. Leads were cut, but then are still long enough to reach the...
  17. red_house356


    Never thought I would type this sentence out; Gibson Koa CS 356 2011 for sale. I recently bought an engagement ring and other sales fell through. Ebony fretboard, NOT richlite. You won't find a Koa topped Gibson for under 3K, I can assure you of that. Koa is becoming a rare thing on guitars...
  18. red_house356

    Is there a fix or remedy for grooves in a '50s wraparound?

    I have a '56 Les Paul that I got at a killer price due to a refin and refret it needed. I went with Jescar Jumbos and she plays great. It's my most vocal guitar unplugged and plugged in. The p90 just screams. The only issue now is that I'm getting a pretty bad buzz (sitar like) from the...
  19. red_house356

    Anyone familiar with '50s Gibson GA 75s and Field Coil Speakers?

    I ended up pulling the trigger on one since it was being sold at a cheap price and I guess these are kinda rare. It's far from clean, but is suppose to be original minus a rear panel for the cabinet. Seems like this is Gibson's take on a tweed pro? I intend to keep the amp stock if possible...
  20. red_house356


    Double Black bobbins. Hardware and covers changed to gold. Pickups sound great. Plenty of length for the leads. The bridge pickup has that Tele on Steroids vibe for sure. Great set from Bobby. SOLD