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  1. Mike Irvin

    Small Marshall amp advice needed

    Guys, I’m a Fender amp guy and that’s pretty much all I’ve played thru. I’ve had deluxe reverbs, pro reverb, vibrolux reverb tweed deluxe and champs. My current amp is a Princeton reverb which I love. But my haram of guitars could use a Marshall me thinks. looking for something about the same...
  2. Mike Irvin

    Small Marshall amp advice needed.

    Guys, I’m a Fender amp guy and that’s pretty much all I’ve played thru. I’ve had deluxe reverbs, pro reverb, vibrolux reverb tweed deluxe and champs. My current amp is a Princeton reverb which I love. But my haram of guitars could use a Marshall me thinks. looking for something about the same...
  3. Mike Irvin

    Early 65 SG Special question

    Hey Guys, I'm more of a Les Paul guy but I have a chance to buy what seems to be a nice early 65 SG special. It's almost mint, with just a few light scratches on the pick guard. 100% all original. No breaks. Not molested in any way. It has the original case that's like new. It has the hang...
  4. Mike Irvin

    NVGD x2 1956 Les Paul Special / 1957 ES 225 TDN

    As some know I've been looking for a 50's Goldtop lately, and have played a few recently. But none I've played really did it for me for the prices they wanted. And then I found these in Hollywood this weekend, and couldn't let em pass, because these too are on my "someday" list. I was able to...
  5. Mike Irvin

    WTB 50's Vintage Les Paul Goldtop

    Hey guys, I'm in the market for a 53-56 goldtop,. Not looking for a museum piece, but looking for a good player, that's as original as possible. High marks for original finish, original pups, no breaks. I'm not looking for trapeze goldtops, but rather with stop tail piece or tune-o-matic...
  6. Mike Irvin

    F/S C/S '59 Mike Bloomfield Les Paul R9 ( Price drop )

    I'm the original owner of this magnificent '59 Bloomfield Les Paul, and after saying this is one I'd never let go because it's just "too Alive", I must place it up for sale. This sale is due to my being in the market for a vintage mid 50's Les Paul Gold top, and unfortunately, being retired...
  7. Mike Irvin

    1952 Goldtop Neck Set Issues

    Hey guys, I'm starting a search for a 50's goldtop, and It seems that some, maybe a lot, of 52 GT's have neck set issues. I prefer to find a good players 56, but failing that, will consider an earlier one that I can convert to a 56 TOM bridge, or one already converted. My concern is that if I...
  8. Mike Irvin

    F/S 1 set of Wizz PAF clone pickups - Aged Dbl white A4

    I'm selling the R9 I had these bitchin Wizz Pups in, and my other LP has P-90's. These Wizz PAF clones sound very balanced and have that touch of hair on the notes, with tight bottom, nice mids, and smooth not shrill highs. Beautiful pups! The neck reads 8.29, and bridge 8,37 at 75 degrees...
  9. Mike Irvin

    Who Makes The Most Authentic, Aged P-90 Soapbar Pickup Covers?

    Thinking about replacing my stock PU covers with aged ones on my 2014 R6 Goldtop. I just got this guitar Sunday and I've ordered a creamtone pickguard, and poker chip, nut and switch tip. Now I just need to find a good aged set of soapbar cover that are aged nicely, but are not too yellow and...
  10. Mike Irvin

    NGD - 2014 Les Paul R6 Goldtop Wildwood Spec @ 7Lb 14oz

    After years of wanting a nice '56 Gold Top with P-90's, I found this beauty on Reverb last week. It was about 3 hours away from where I live and the seller met me halfway north of LA. It's a 2014 Custom Shop R6 Wildwood Spec that weighs in at 7Lbs 14 Oz's. Non Chambered! This thing just sounds...
  11. Mike Irvin

    W.T.B. Custom shop '56 Gold Top R6

    Greetings folks. I've got P-90 fever and I'm looking for a nice '56 Historic/R6 Gold Top, 2013 or later, ( for the hide glue). The darker the back and fingerboard the better of course! Aged is also fine if done well. (Murphy?) Thanks guys. Cheers!
  12. Mike Irvin

    New Tube Tester and box of tubes Day

    A friend I got my Vibrolux Reverb from contacted me and ask if I would be interested in a box of old tubes. Uh, yep! He says he has a tube tester also. Uh, Bring it too. We met and I got about 60 tubes, and a BK Dyna Jet tube tester for 200 bucks. Had about 25 preamp tubes, mostly 12ax7 and...
  13. Mike Irvin

    What's your favorite 6V6 Tubes?

    What 6V6's are you running in your amps? Let's hear what amps you're using them in, and why you like the tubes you have. I'm currently using JJ's in my 6V6 amps, mainly because they seem to be fairly consistent, and can take a beating in regards to high plate voltages. Maybe others have...
  14. Mike Irvin

    Who's using Sozo's or Jupiters in their 5E3?

    Now that I have a good baseline of tones from the new Tweed Deluxe I recently built, and of course have begun some tube rolling, I'm going to remove the orange drops, and install either Sozo or Jupiter Caps. I'm looking at the Sozo Blue Molded, Or the Yellow Jupiter's. What's your...
  15. Mike Irvin

    Another 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Build thread!

    I've been planning on building a 5E3 for quite some time, but have been sidetracked by acquiring and tweaking some blackface amps. So, after getting stoked again by some recent 5E3 threads, here we are. I used the Bill Of Materials from Mojo, and ordered all parts a la carte, so as not to be...
  16. Mike Irvin

    NAD! Bone stock 1966 Fender B/F Vibrolux

    Well, after 6-8 months of watching eBay, TGP, Reverb, and all other places to look, I found the Amp I've been searching for at the Guitar Show in town this weekend. It's a 66 Vibrolux, 35 watts, 2x10 original Jenson C10Q speakers, and never been touched! All caps, resistors, Tranny's etc...
  17. Mike Irvin

    WTB: Weber 12F150 8 Ohm speaker

    Looking for a used but not abused Weber 12" 12F150 8 Ohm 50 watt speaker, for my 67 Deluxe Reverb. Ping me if you have one for sale please. Thanks.
  18. Mike Irvin

    FS: SOLD !!Peavey Classic 30

    Sold. I'm selling my Peavey Classic 30 in anticipation of soon getting a Fargen Dual Classic, and have too many amps already as it is. Wife says, one in, one out. Excellent condition, 30 watts, has about 50 hours of playing time on it. Has the tube protector/stabilizer and owners...
  19. Mike Irvin

    SOLD!!! Sheptone Blue Sky PAF's

    Here's a set of beautiful Sheptone Blue Sky PAF pups, that are just simply killer. Want Dicky Betts tone? Here ya go! These simply sound awesome, as players of Jeff's pup's can attest. Aged Double Cream with aged nickel covers, (never been removed since Jeff installed them), and PAF stickers...
  20. Mike Irvin

    FS: Weber Speakers and Route 808 Pedal

    The wife insists that I clean up my music room, so here are a couple of items for your consideration. One Weber Sig 10 Alnico 10" Speaker, 8 Ohm, 15 Watt. Excellent condition. Barely broken in. Perfect for a Champ build, or replacement in a Princeton, Etc. $40.00 shipped to lower 48. One...