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  1. jaycoyoyo

    I Couldn't Part With Her

    I'm not a huge collector, but I've only let 1 guitar go over the years, and I still regret it.
  2. jaycoyoyo

    NMBPD... minus an arm & a leg

    so COST is a safe investment?
  3. jaycoyoyo

    NMBPD... minus an arm & a leg

    Kirkland Whiskey is my favorite. less than 1/2 the price of Crown
  4. jaycoyoyo

    Is this a floating bridge like on a violin?

    I don’t know what your budget is, but I seriously considered this one before going for my Gretsch.
  5. jaycoyoyo

    Lithium! The new "Gold Rush"?

  6. jaycoyoyo


    A bunch of exposed Americans have been taken to the biocontainment unit here where I live (Nebraska Med Center). They also brought in Ebola-exposed people a few years ago. I'm confident that USA medicine will figure this out. 3rd world countries on the other hand...
  7. jaycoyoyo

    Is this a floating bridge like on a violin?

    I am pretty sure that the Electromatics line is all made in China. Last week I bought a new 5622T and really like it. Super impressed. It's a larger body, though. It's made in China. -Jay Edit: 5655T is made in China (see back of headstock)...
  8. jaycoyoyo

    The Friendly Skies...

    I don't mind flying, but I am an extremely patient person. I take a couple Ativan and watch movies on my iPad. I have pretty low standards and just try to stay out of everyone's way. Maybe its the mid-westerner in me. -Jay
  9. jaycoyoyo

    NGD Gretsch 5622T

    What model Grovers? I might do the same upgrade. I also like Ratio tuners and might go that route. Thanks
  10. jaycoyoyo

    Looking for a low power tune amp

    What style of music do you play? I'm guessing you want a multi channel amp, so that you have a dirty channel? 1 watt amps can still be pretty darn loud. If you need to be whisper quiet you might have to consider headphones. Blackstar HT1 is another option. Hope this helps. -Jay
  11. jaycoyoyo

    Repaired Headstock?

    just my opinion but the wrinkles in the finish smells like a repair was done there. -Jay
  12. jaycoyoyo

    Pictures of new build help

    +1 on Flickr. Works great for forum posting.
  13. jaycoyoyo

    Artist who have had great backing!

    Prince's supporting cast always seemed extremely talented musically, and many of them were very easy on the eyes. I can't even imagine what their rehearsals were like, based on how tight their live shows always were. -Jay
  14. jaycoyoyo

    NGD Gretsch 5622T

    I've always struggled with electric guitars when playing in a sitting position. I need to be standing up for my arm angle to be comfortable. Most times I put my strap over my shoulder and slump down in my chair to hang the guitar in more of a standing position. After playing this larger form...
  15. jaycoyoyo

    NGD Gretsch 5622T

    Had the day to myself, so I went on a guitar safari. I didn't have a semi or hollow body in my stable. Gibsons are out of my price range. I nearly bought a Casino several times but seemed to always want something different. I played this at the local shop side by side against a Casino and went...
  16. jaycoyoyo

    How can anyone not appreciate this song??

    One of my favorite songs to cover. Great bar song.
  17. jaycoyoyo

    Indiana Jones 5 starts shooting in two months. God help us all.

    I had blocked Crystal Skull out of my memory. I know I watched it but couldn't tell you anything about it. Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite movie of all time. None of the other movies have come close to that one.
  18. jaycoyoyo

    My 2013 ES 330 VOS and 2014 ES 335 Dot Reissue

    Man, I want a 330 so bad. Nice guitars!
  19. jaycoyoyo

    Pro Jr, oh yeah, it’s loud enough

    Little amps are great. Glad it worked out for you. My favorite live amp is my Vibro Champ. -Jay
  20. jaycoyoyo

    About to meet someone for a Craigslist guitar transaction: Wish me luck!

    I use a Google Voice number for all person-to-person transactions. Works pretty well.