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  1. Dr.Distortion

    I don't own a Les Paul

    For the first time in 25 years, I don't own a Les Paul...:shock: I'll probably get one again in the future, but it'll really need to knock my socks off. Maybe I'll have one built.
  2. Dr.Distortion

    Evacuated... FIRE

    My wife, son, his girlfriend and I went on what was to be a 3 day camping trip to Alta Lake in Eastern Washington. We got there on Thursday and set up camp. Friday morning we were all woke up by a lightning storm. It didn't last long so my son and I inflated the Avon boat and went fishing...
  3. Dr.Distortion

    Japanese English lessons

    Just bazaar...:hmm:
  4. Dr.Distortion

    Special math nerd day tomorrow

    Only happens once every 100 years... Tomorrow at 9:26 and 53 seconds... 3/14/15 9:26:53 PI to 10 digits... 3.141592653 8 digits happens every year. Celebrate with a piece of PI(e) :facepalm:
  5. Dr.Distortion

    Music and math bellringing and playing leads

    I'm lettin' my inner nerd out... Something I've always been interested in is mathematical permutations. I've kind of done this when working on leads. I'm leally into triplets and rolling the notes through the position in the triplet. I like to do this both in pitch and emphasis...
  6. Dr.Distortion

    Finally Ampeg GU12 on the way

    Over a year ago I started looking for an Ampeg GU12... Finally this morning I got one off of eBay. It's pretty clean. I'm the second owner. Well, I bought from a guy who took at as payment for tuning a piano from the wife of the original owner... I hope to have it in about a...
  7. Dr.Distortion

    5000 posts

    Since 12/05/2009... Just over 5 years A little under 1000 a year. I'll take me 3 times that to get to 10,000, if ever.
  8. Dr.Distortion

    Colombian women's cycle team

    They've got new uniforms!!! Yeah!! :shock::shock::shock: and a :naughty:
  9. Dr.Distortion

    2001 a space odyssey

    On the tube right now... Haven't seen it in decades. I saw it in a theater when it first came out. Still one of my all time favorites. I remember it as the first movie where I thought the space scenes looked real...
  10. Dr.Distortion

    Back after malware attack

    Hi all... A little over a week ago my machine got hammered. 2 malware bastards hit me at virtually the same time. A bot that grabs my passwords and sends them to the dark side. Ransom. encrypted all my files... So I blew my machine away. Formatted the boot drive. Changed all of...
  11. Dr.Distortion

    29 years sober last Saturday.

    Well... Last Saturday October the 25, I passed 29 years sober. I still remember how things were the day before. I think that helped get me this far. 363 days from now it'll be 30 years. Just so happens October 25th 2015 will be a Sunday, I mention the day because Sunday morning was the...
  12. Dr.Distortion

    Intresting Wildlife Encounter

    On the way home tonight I damn near hit a bear... Big somma bitch... A bit over 4 feet tall to the top of the head. I stopped about 8 feet shy of hitting his ass....
  13. Dr.Distortion

    Best ad ever

    Laughed my ass off... Girls Don't Poop - - YouTube Yes this sh!t is real...
  14. Dr.Distortion

    Thinking about getting a little motorcycle

    I'm thinking of getting a little old CT90. 1970 For those not familiar with they are also called a trail 90. They're kind of the motorcycle version of a jeep. It has a dual range transmission, 4 high and four low. Knobby tires and big ass mud flaps. It's got s snorkel on the air box so...
  15. Dr.Distortion

    Landslide in Washington state

    You may of heard about it on the news... It happened about 20 miles north of me. 1.5 mile wide, side of a mountain collapsed. It went for a little over a mile. Covered a highway blocked a river 30 to 40 feet deep. So far 4 confirmed dead. 5 in the hospital. 18 missing with no signs...
  16. Dr.Distortion

    Hollywood and Rock and Roll

    Well... Tonight is the Academy Awards. I'm not really into the whole show biz awarding themselves thing. Sh!t the make enough $$ they shouldn't need a pat of the back too... But something you all >may< not know is... This man. The designer of the Oscar award statue and the set...
  17. Dr.Distortion

    NASCAR New Jimmie Johnson fan #48

    I've watched NASCAR for years, I was a fan of Dale Earnhardt Sr. Since he died I've not really gotten into any particular driver. Well, I've decided I'm backing Jimmie Johnson. It's not because he's won the championship 6 times. That would be too easy. I just realized he's a home town...
  18. Dr.Distortion

    New job starting Monday

    When I first started on MLP I was outta' work. I had been for a couple of years. I took a job and wasn't thrilled with it, but it got me back into the game and paid the bills... Tomorrow is my last day there. Monday I start my new gig. I'm going to be managing the Quality Assurance...
  19. Dr.Distortion

    NGD... I think

    I just got the replacement Epi Coronet I've wanted for a few years now. At least I think I did... I bought this: EPIPHONE CORONET (1962) - Elderly Instruments From Elderly Instruments. The problem is, it's still in stock. So, I don't know if I bought it, or someone else bought it...
  20. Dr.Distortion

    Bought a new truck

    We've been needing a truck for a while... My wife and I spent all day Saturday looking for what we wanted. That was after looking for weeks on line... Today we signed the sales agreement to get the truck we want transported to the local dealer. What we're getting: 2014 GMC 2500HD...