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  1. Tone deaf

    Is it just me?

    None of the MLP post features (italics, bold, underline, font, insert picture, etc.) functions are working for me. Started last night.
  2. Tone deaf

    The Last Full Measure (movie)

    I just saw this and thought it was a very good movie. Compelling story (trying to get a deserving vet the MOH, posthumously and based upon a true story). Lots of actors with serious street cred (Samuel Jackson, Peter Fonda, Christopher Plummer, John Hurt and John Savage). I really enjoyed it and...
  3. Tone deaf

    Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

    How the hell these guys have avoided Academy gold is beyond me. Another bit of cinematic genius put out by this crew. Two thumbs way up.
  4. Tone deaf

    What are you dipping?

    Back in the day, I used to dip Copenhagen, Red Man, Beech Nut and Apple Jack. I haven't really dipped for 20+ years, but my son brought home some Red Man Golden Blend over Thanksgiving and I have indulged a little. I have been mainly enjoying RMGB, but I have my eye on some Stokers Apple. The...
  5. Tone deaf

    Colonoscopy PSA

    Just got back from getting my ass scoped. No big deal. This was my first colonoscopy. While I wasn't dreading it, I wasn't looking forward to it, either. The unpleasant part is consuming several months' worth of laxative in a 12-hour period. First two hours, nothing. Then, the earth moved. A...
  6. Tone deaf

    The US and Western Europe must save the environment...

    So I have heard. Apparently, we are supposed to invade and take over India (and China) and force them to change their ways...
  7. Tone deaf

    "Bring ya ass" - PSA - Don't let your "Side chick" know where you live

    Dude asked for a booty call and fell asleep. So, his "side chick" got pissed and burned down his house with him still in it. I will say that his taste in chicks differs somewhat from mine.
  8. Tone deaf

    Irish funeral
  9. Tone deaf

    Breaking Bad the Movie...El Camino

    They wrapped shooting of the movie, already.
  10. Tone deaf

    Baby #2 is homesick

    My daughter is a freshman in college. She's pretty homesick (weren't we all?). I remember lots of music to help my way through it. Freshman year, my play list was: Derick and the Dominoes Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs Van Morrison Beautiful Vision and Moondance Just sent her links to...
  11. Tone deaf

    Bill Burr "Paper Tiger" on netflix

    I just watched this and laughed my ass off.
  12. Tone deaf

    Ziva is coming back!

    I haven't watched NCIS in several years. I may have to tune in.
  13. Tone deaf

    New water ride in China mall

    Better video here (could not get it embed. if you click on it, the video will download. then open it) at the end, the lady can be see sliding right to left at a high rate of speed): From...
  14. Tone deaf

    Must be manopause, listening to a bunch of chicks

    I have been listening to a bunch of Cat Power, Star Anna and Grace Potter...and I like it.
  15. Tone deaf

    Saw a mountain lion last night...

    I live in southern New England. About 20 years ago, I saw my first ever mountain my front yard, in a snow storm. It was late at night and when I pulled into the driveway, it ran right through the beams of my headlights. I thought, "Look at that bobcat with the long tail..." Last...
  16. Tone deaf

    Weird Pandora problem (not box-related)

    I use both Pandora and Spotify. I happen to like Pandora better (Spotify plays the same songs every time I start shuffle play). However, I have run into a problem with Pandora. I have an "Alter Bridge" station that I listen to in the gym. Right now (and for months) it is all I want to hear in...
  17. Tone deaf

    Awesome graduation awards ceremony

    So, baby #2 is graduating high school. She's a pistol, great grades and a tongue sharper than mine. Tonight was the awards ceremony (scholarships and awards handed out). While I was beaming with pride when she got her two scholarships, I have to say that it was even more emotional when some of...
  18. Tone deaf

    McIntosh Stereo Rig

    I figured I would put this here, as well as other outlets. This rig is in excellent shape. Each piece has had only one owner, since new. It was in a bi-amp configuration. I figure folks interested in this type of gear, already know what it is. MC7083 AM/FM Tuner - $500 MC35 Preamp controller...
  19. Tone deaf

    PSA. Wear your seat belt and make sure your kids do, too.

    My dad (still with us) was rarity, back in the '70s. He would not put the car in drive, until everyone had clicked their seat belt. There was a reason for that. He was an oral surgeon, on call at two local hospitals, and nearly every time there was a car crash, there was a driver whose face hit...