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  1. Hecubus

    Had a bit of untraditional fun with a Traditional ...

    That looks awesome! Any before or during pics?
  2. Hecubus

    Here is my story ... not liking the new Gibson

    Opened thread expecting a story, got an opinion. Oh well. Happy Friday.
  3. Hecubus

    Only a Chibson is Good Enough

    He'll be getting a visit from Mark Agnesi in 5, 4, 3, 2,...
  4. Hecubus

    Please Delete

    Shhhh! His wife probably told him he needed to clear out some gear. ”I put it up for sale. It's not my fault no one is buying!”
  5. Hecubus

    Still looking for this LP Classic

    In what city and how did you sell it (Craigslist, Ebay, Pawn Shop, etc.)? Some clues could help narrow it down (or broaden the search if not sold locally).
  6. Hecubus

    Earthquakes the depths

    I have tried a bunch in the last few years including the Depths. My Vibe journey has led me through the Dano Chicken Salad, the Wilson Haze Vibe, the Fulltone Deja Vibe, the TC Viscous Vibe, the Drybell Vibe Machine, and of course the Depths. Of those, my Les Paul likes the Depths the best. It...
  7. Hecubus

    Soldier "Slash" style strap

    I just got mine. It is nice for what it is, but I feel the leather will peel as in the above pic with lots of use. It reminds me of the material that is now used for less expensive belts and shoes. You can see the multiple plies or layers when holding in from the side. On the plus side, you...
  8. Hecubus

    Soldier "Slash" style strap

    Rolled the dice on one as well. Let's see what $25 gets you these days.
  9. Hecubus

    Tax returns, NGD?

    If you are receiving a tax return it is because you are not witholding correctly and opted to give Uncle Sam a one year interest free loan. It's your money, don't give it away in the first place.
  10. Hecubus

    Luthier for some fretwork in Austin Tx

    Once you get to Austin, you may find your sprout is less severe. I traveled from Austin to Chicago a lot when I lived there and found that the change in humidity cured fret issues within a couple of days. If you are stopping in Dallas, Roger Crisler is the guy to see.
  11. Hecubus

    2016 Traditional T Quality Issues

    Send it back. If you took the time to post about it, it will likely never be "right" in your eyes.
  12. Hecubus

    2007 Gibson SG Standard: fake or legit?

    Looks exactly like my 2006. Is something specific causing concern?
  13. Hecubus

    Gibson Firebird 2014 - Opinions?

    I played a 2014 at Guitar Center a while back and my experience matched yours. It played very well unplugged, was balanced perfectly, and fit and finish was an A+. The pickups are ceramic magents and kind of harsh. I remember thinking that I would need to swap out the bridge with an Antiquity or...
  14. Hecubus

    Gibson RD Reissue Offer Help

    Beat me to it.
  15. Hecubus

    Well it WAS a brand new guitar...

    What happened? I have seen a lot of cracks in finishes in the same spot caused by a careless nut installation. Yours seems to be in the wood and due to something different. Story?
  16. Hecubus

    Question about: Precision Guitar 59 LP Carved belly & heel cut

    I would send these questions to Precision. Their customer service and communication is supposed to be top notch. I doubt many on this forum have direct experience with the kit you are referring to.
  17. Hecubus

    2016 Firebird T and Flying V Pro T ???

    They just went back to old specs. The V is the old traditional pro model from 2012. They blew them out for $799 at the end of 2013, so the price is right.
  18. Hecubus

    What's the best reverb pedal?

    What did you not like about the Hall of Fame? IMO, the only bad sound on that is the Spring (Beach Boys) mode. If you are looking for more atmospheric reverb, Walrus Audio's Descent is pretty cool as is Strymon's Blue Sky. Otherwise, Eventide's Space is one of the the best reverb pedals out there.
  19. Hecubus

    The Ultimate "Cheat" Pedal

    I am actually dumber for having read this thread. Thanks. Oh, yeah...Phase 90.
  20. Hecubus

    TC Vortex Flanger and Helix Phaser

    I had and sold the Vortex. I found it to be very good for police type chorus tones or out there space alien effects but it was too extreme for that 70's Barracuda vibe that I needed. I now have a MXR micro flanger and prefer its simplicity over the variety of the Vortex. Just depends on what you...