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  1. Tomsmenace

    NGD - Epiphone 1958 Korina Moderne

    appears to be a one piece neck. I know that's a thing for a lot people, it isn't a thing for me, but everyone is different.
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    NGD - Epiphone 1958 Korina Moderne

    it says 2018 on the back of the headstock. I got it from AMS - and I never use AMS so this was oddball purchase. IT's nice, the fit and finish are on par with Gibson (possibly better) the fretwork is ok, action is fine. pickups sound nice, with the neck being a little muddy on low notes but that...
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    NGD - Epiphone 1958 Korina Moderne

    I just liked the shape. Impulse buy but pretty cool. A friend of mine had the Ibanez version back in the day (80's). Always dug it.
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  5. Epiphone Moderne

    Epiphone Moderne

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    Gibson Les Paul Standard 2019 60's (Unburst Finish/Flamey :)

    Wow, that's pretty. ...and the custom shop loses a sale. nice score.
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    Ha! that's funny. Yeah this has been my avatar for a while. Prior to that it was a some other...

    Ha! that's funny. Yeah this has been my avatar for a while. Prior to that it was a some other similar type of thing. I actually should change mine again. I don't really have an attachment to avatars....I'm just lazy.
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    NGD Classic Premium Plus, Vintage Burst Black Back

    Wow, really nice. Congrats.
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    Richlite in Hindsight

    I couldn't keep up with all the replies but I like richlite. I have one LP with it and one bass and it feels great and is worry free. Here's my takeaway on non-wood. Ned Steinberger made entire instruments out of inorganic/composite material and has been hailed as a genius. Anyone else that...
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    You have more than 1 Les Paul -- do you set them up the same or differently?

    same strings and action - but that's about it.
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    Would You?

    I would stick with the GT if I already knew I liked it. Customs aren't my thing though.
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    Is it worth it?

    Not to say I've never done it, or won't do it in the future but in terms of improving the tone....I really can't tell. I put a faber bridge and tailpiece on one was a visual improvement but that's about it. if it makes you happy it's probably worth it.
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    Best clean tone amp for a Les Paul.

    So, this thread has so many options I can't remember what's in the lead. I have never had a problem with L6 stuff personally but some people don't love it. Did anyone suggest lowering your pickups? Getting them away from the strings can drop the output and alter the response quite a bit...
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    NGD: '19 Satin Iced Tea Tribute

    Very nice. I prefer satin/faded finishes. Just a nicer feel in my hands. I'm also a 490 fan so I would stick with the pickups and just do 50's wiring if desired but that's also a person taste thing. Enjoy, it's a nice guitar.