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  1. Sinster

    Les Paul Standard 2019 backplate...

    Maybe it's flip around, so the instructions are facing into the cavity.
  2. Sinster

    Les Paul Standard 2019 backplate...

    What is the serial number? Not sure maybe your friend got a pre JC 2019 and they might have had the dip information. Isn't the DIP Switching a sticker?
  3. Sinster

    2019 LP Standard 50s - Quality Issues or Just Me?

    Patiently waiting for a 50's Standard to show up on Sweetwater at a discounted price :)
  4. Sinster

    2019 LP Standard 50s - Quality Issues or Just Me?

    Or before it left Sweetwater .
  5. Sinster

    2019 LP Standard 50s - Quality Issues or Just Me?

    All 3 of my Traditionals of some kind of file/tool mark on the binding. It's just the way it is when it's done by hand. Could they do a better job, sure. When you're trying to hit your goal of getting product out the door then close enough is what you might get. To me that doesn't bother me at...
  6. Sinster

    NGD: '17 Traditional Honey Burst

    That is (insert bad word here) an amazing top!!!!
  7. Sinster

    Weight relief poll

    I own non weight relief, chambered, modern, classic, and standard. I don't find myself grabbing one over the other. The only thing I do say is man this is either heavier or lighter than the one I just played early.
  8. Sinster

    Here is my story ... not liking the new Gibson

    As we mature :) our taste change. When I started off playing all my guitar had to be Jackson or Charvels. Then one day I played a Gibson back in 2007 and that all changed. Now I still prefer my Les Pauls, but Tele's have been calling my name as of late.
  9. Sinster


    For 300.00 I would have been all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake.
  10. Sinster

    P90 Tributes....... Any good?

    If you like P90 then it's good. Why would you think it wasn't any good?
  11. Sinster

    Axcess deal?

    Not sure if you knew this was almost a 6 year old thread.
  12. Sinster

    Can you identify this year and model?

    Don't think she is from Europe.
  13. Sinster

    Anyone have a copy of Cygnus Schematic?

    Kevin sent me a copy and I don' know where I've misplaced it. I know a few of you had his amps.
  14. Sinster

    Another Interesting New Guitar Day - Opinions?

    Do you think GC employee swapped out of electronics? Or did it come from the factory like that?
  15. Sinster

    Unusual Suspect: 2016 LP Trad No Weight Relief

    Nice looking guitar. Use to be big on flames, but over time I rather have a plan top now. I really like my 57's in my Pro.
  16. Sinster

    Trying to track down a specific guitar...

    How would you know if it was the one you pawned if you don't have a s/n or identifying marks?
  17. Sinster

    Gibson blowout pricing?

    I thought the blowouts happened in October. I also purchased my '12 Trad, '13 trad, '17 trad, and a lot of my other Les Paul during this time frame.
  18. Sinster

    What's the meaning of serial number of Gibson LP Standard 1994?

    Where do you live where there are 404 days in a year? ;)
  19. Sinster

    What's the meaning of serial number of Gibson LP Standard 1994?

    The 2~4 means day of the year for the most part (unlike yours). Gibson abandoned that format from 2014 through a portion of 2019. They use the Julian date, January 1st will be 001, 002, 003, etc. and December 31st would be 365. There is always an exception to the rule. Also it was never...
  20. Sinster

    Oiling a Gibson Torrified Granadillo fretboard - before and after

    Fretboard material doesn't matter to me. Doesn't all wood swell if you let liquid set into the pours.