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  1. Thunder Dump

    NGD: 2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic Trans Amber

    Once owned by MLPer snakeface, I present for your viewing pleasure a sweet 20 year old Classic:
  2. Thunder Dump

    So no one was asking for it........

    ..........but they made it anyway. This looks like something HJ would have cooked up. Oh, it's called 'Bats In Flight' and it's $7999. At least it has an ebony fretboard:
  3. Thunder Dump

    NGD: 2019 50th Anniversary 1959 Reissue Slow Iced Tea Fade

    A little belated--purchased a few weeks ago from a fellow MLPer (thanks davep!). My very first R9. It took me a bit to find one with a slimmer neck, but these 60th Anniversary R9s definitely have smaller necks with smaller shoulders than in past years. It's very comfortable for even this...
  4. Thunder Dump

    NGD: 2014 Gibson Les Paul Custom Figured Trans Amber

    So here's an interesting specimen: an LP Custom Trans Amber blackback that is 1 of 5 made for Canadian Gibson distributor Yorkville Sound. These five were all sold in Canada.
  5. Thunder Dump

    Gibson Dealers in Orlando

    I'm going to be traveling next week on business in Orlando, FL and wondering if there are any worthwhile Gibson dealers in the immediate Orlando area that are worth checking out?
  6. Thunder Dump

    PSA: 2018 Limited Run Signature/Deluxe/Classic Player Plus $1199

    Guitar Center knocked 30% off many of the Signature/Deluxe/Classic Player Plus guitars, from $1699 to $1199. Not sure how long the sale will last.
  7. Thunder Dump

    Mark Forums Read Link BROKEN AGAIN

    Using Firefox Quantum 65, when click the link for 'Mark Forums Read' I get the error: Oops! We ran into some problems. Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console. It only started happening after the latest upgrade.
  8. Thunder Dump

    NGD: 1997 Gibson Les Paul Elegant Firemist

    I've been looking at these for a long time and have been wanting one of the 1997 vintage and finally found one. These are "love it or hate it" guitars. If you like these, you like them because of the chambering, the abalone inlays, and (for the 1997 year) the Custom Shop wreath on the...
  9. Thunder Dump

    In The 'Nobody Asked For It But We're Going To Do It Anyway' Category

    Gibson Custom Shop Historic Select 1957 Reissue in Key Lime. Only $6799:
  10. Thunder Dump

    2018 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard Rocket Red (GC/MF Exclusive)

    A limited-edition from Guitar Center/Musician's Friend. They must have had some leftover red flake paint from their '75 Deluxe reissues. I kinda like it.
  11. Thunder Dump

    NGD: 2014 Gibson Les Paul Custom Fire Tiger

    8.92 lbs of sweetness:
  12. Thunder Dump

    NGD: 2010 Gibson Les Paul R0 VOS Ebony

    Almost the one that got away. I originally saw and tried out this guitar in the fall of 2017 at Mark's Guitar Loft. I didn't pull the trigger and I should have (sorry Mark!), but it was sold shortly thereafter. I've been looking for an ebony R0 ever since, as they are pretty rare. I've...
  13. Thunder Dump

    NGD: 2017 Gibson Les Paul M2M Roasted Custom Vintage Burst

    A little bit late, but I picked up this '17 Custom over the summer. This is one of Music Zoo's Roasted Made-2-Measure Customs, so it's 1 of 1. Previous owner installed Saturday Night Specials, which I rather like, but this is a fun guitar to play. It's my first foray into Richlite fretboards...
  14. Thunder Dump

    PSA: Gibson Les Paul Custom Pro

    Musician's Friend is selling the Custom Pro in Green (3 left) for $2799: That's a killer price for a great Custom Shop guitar (I own three).
  15. Thunder Dump

    2018 R7 w/Brazilian

    Available for pre-order at CME: I wonder if this is a special run just for them or if the other dealers will have them as well.
  16. Thunder Dump

    WTB: R0 in ebony

    Looking for a Gibson Les Paul 1960 Reissue R0 in ebony. Sam Ash did a run of these that were black all the way around, and another dealer did a run with a red back. I'm open to either. Okay if it's not mint but I'm looking for something with minimal wear.
  17. Thunder Dump

    Guitar Center Deal Of The Week - '18 Standard HP Mojave Fade

    Well, since it includes the case, I'll take two..............
  18. Thunder Dump

    NGD: 2006 G0 VOS Lemonburst

    I love my '08 G0 and have been looking for a while for another in lemonburst. I wanted to find one with a fantastic grain on the plaintop. Mission accomplished, I think, with this 2006 G0: And with her '08 sister:
  19. Thunder Dump

    NGD: 2016 Gibson Les Paul Custom Pro Aqua Blue

    Couldn't resist. My third Custom Pro....I love these Custom Shop GC/MG exclusive guitars. This one has some significant peekaboo flame:
  20. Thunder Dump

    Someone at Sentry Safe has a good sense of humor

    Check out these security questions for your account: