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  1. Tomsmenace

    NGD - Epiphone 1958 Korina Moderne

    I just liked the shape. Impulse buy but pretty cool. A friend of mine had the Ibanez version back in the day (80's). Always dug it.
  2. Tomsmenace

    NGD 2018 Classic Player Plus

    Vive la richlite. Seriously, though...richlite, baked maple, ebony, wenge (I wish!), pau ferro....I'm just not a rosewood fan. GC is still blowing them out. This is the first "brand new" LP for me where I didn't feel like I overpaid. Also, nicely balanced and not terribly heavy for a non weight...
  3. Tomsmenace

    Rant...because it's Friday.

    I want my money and time back. Like many I started playing guitar before there were many choices and that imprinted on me a bias towards Gibson and Fender instruments. I bought into the idea that other instruments were inferior especially Asian instruments. I was young and wanted to be like my...
  4. Tomsmenace

    New guitar week

    I don't post enough to know how to cross post or if you even can so I'll just put a link to the other post in other guitars. Received back to back a 2011 Studio 60's Tribute GT and a Paul Reed Smith CE 24 I just have better luck with...
  5. Tomsmenace

    NGD - PRS CE 24

    OK, more pics later. I'll add 2 now but I"m at the office and after letting it acclimate I finally got my mits on it for about 10 minutes. First impression would be....for $2K Gibson should be able to produce something that felt this nice, but in my experience keep failing. I feel like my...
  6. Tomsmenace

    PRS Consistency

    I'm considering a PRS from their core series. Forgive my naivety on this since I'm not a brand fanboy, at least not of guitar brands. I have had SO MANY Gibson guitars over the years and the majority were let downs or just OK. I only have 2 now, a 78 The Paul (my first real guitar) and a Les...
  7. Tomsmenace

    New Helix Day (NMD)

    Yesterday my Helix arrived and now I need to get caught up on sleep. Really nice sound and the interface is great. I have yet to connect it to my computer but I have connected to my iPhone and it records to iPhone apps just fine. As usual I put off moving from an older modeler (HD500X) to a...
  8. Tomsmenace

    What would it take for you to start selling your Les Pauls?

    The "what would it take for you to stop buying Gibson's" thread got me thinking, what would inspire you to really wander into a few other pastures in terms of guitars? I have always had Les Pauls in my arsenal and bought/sold/traded them for other Les Pauls. I'm selling a Les Paul now but I'm...
  9. Tomsmenace

    used 2015's trickle in...and down.

    Looks like resale is a little lower than usual...but only a little. :D
  10. Tomsmenace

    2015 Junior vs. Special - Which one to buy?

    OK, I've posted a little on my liking of the lower end 2015's and my utter disappointment of the 2015 Deluxe. I am planning on purchasing either a 2015 Junior OR Special. I already have a P90 loaded guitar. A 2014 traditional GT. I really wanted a Deluxe GT but that ain't happening. My logic...
  11. Tomsmenace

    When your #1 is FUGLY!

    Anyone (besides me) burn through a bunch of LP over a few decades to end up with a FUGLY beater as their go to? I've had, and had plenty of prettier LP's but the Menace has outlasted almost all of them(only my The Paul has been w/me longer - it's sentimental). It's practically worthless, sounds...
  12. Tomsmenace

    HELP! (me save $$$) - buy this before I do.

    Gibson Used Gibson 1993 Les Paul Studio Wine Red Solid Body Electric Guitar | GuitarCenter Looks like a GEM. damn...
  13. Tomsmenace

    Bigsby B Gone

    So this thread should be a little more popular than my "I didn't hate the 2015's" thread. My 2014 Traditional w/P90's and the Bigsby was/is awesome. However, not much of a couch axe with that trem always running into things. After 2 string changes I decided it was a bit of a hassle, does have...
  14. Tomsmenace

    2015 Les Paul Deluxe and Less+ first impressions

    I went to GC this morning to buy strings...and I just had to play'em. For the sake of brevity. Neither guitar had any glaring flaws. The Deluxe was a gold one and the Less+ was tobacco sunburst. Both were already in tune so I did not try the G-Force system. The both looked nice, but to a...
  15. Tomsmenace

    Most expensive black LP studio ever....

    Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom - Phantom | Sorry if this has been discussed before. What was someone thinking?
  16. Tomsmenace

    Prospective NGD: cbd12877 I bought your return.

    So, I'll be comparing Melody Maker P90's to Traditional P90's tonight and for the next few days.
  17. Tomsmenace

    78 The Paul Vs. 2014 Melody Maker - my observations.

    OK, they aren't competing for anything, they both get to stay however the Melody Maker is a much nicer guitar(subjective opinion). Neither of these are premium Gibsons and they both are around the same price. I keep my 78 because it was my first real electric guitar, not because it's an awesome...
  18. Tomsmenace

    NGD....I'm such a hypocrite

    wow, I gotz all kindz of self control. The finish on these is much better in person. 50's rounded neck, P90's, reasonable price, what's not to like?
  19. Tomsmenace

    How to NOT buy a new Les Paul

    ...or any other guitar. I love guitars, REALLY. That being said, love can get obsessive. I have a tiny bit of OCD. So I need a way to stop myself from impulse buying. I almost bought 2 Les Pauls yesterday and a PRS S2 Starla. I currently have GAS. I also want to by a new guitar pretty badly...
  20. Tomsmenace

    Thanks for saving me $$$, whoever you are.

    It seems like their are a LOT of sweetwater customers here so I wanted to thank whoever purchased that Tobacco Burst Candy LP Studio Pro today that had a figured top a little too nice for a studio(You know who you are! - but I don't). Your gain is my not loss. Whew...dodged THAT bullet.