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  1. NotScott

    Little Gretta has some serious mental healh issues.......

    Our future :rolleyes:
  2. NotScott

    How do you prepare your steaks?

    Real mayonnaise for me, thank you very much.
  3. NotScott

    How do you prepare your steaks?

    Miracle Whip is some nasty shizzit.
  4. NotScott

    So what are you listening to?

  5. NotScott

    How do you prepare your steaks?

    I have a couple local butchers that specialize in prime South American cuts like Picanha and Vacio. Those just get sprinkled with sea salt, allowed to come to room temperature, patted dry and then grilled to medium rare. When you find the right cuts, don't mess with them! If I can't find...
  6. NotScott

    Avatar Tweed 2x12 cab (unloaded)

    Is it pine construction? Thank you.
  7. NotScott

    Floyd rose without a locking nut. Tips to stay in tune ?

    I use a little chapstick. It is neater and cleaner than Vaseline and works better than graphite. Of course, this all assumes your nut is cut properly and you are minimizing your winds around the Sperzels. Try this. Once you are done stretching out the new strings and have the nut and contact...
  8. NotScott

    Floyd rose without a locking nut. Tips to stay in tune ?

    Install locking tuners and string them properly and then lube the nut slots and any string retainer contact points behind the nut. PRS trems use a trem bridge with locking tuners and they work very well. My PRS stays in tune as well as my standard Floyd guitars.
  9. NotScott

    So, What'cha listen to today?

    I can't believe I never heard of this band before last week. They are seriously good!
  10. NotScott

    NGD Gretsch 5622T

    Gretsch guitars are an addiction. You will know what I mean soon enough. Enjoy!
  11. NotScott

    1952 Goldtop at CME

    I put a set of 52 P90s into my R5 and I can attest to all of the above regarding these. From what I recall, the 52s used thick magnets of a different composition which gives them more snarl and thicker mids than later versions. My set only measures around 8.1K but they sound a lot hotter than...
  12. NotScott

    Not so New, from Argentina!

    Yes but I didn't care for it. I preferred mate and terere. When I was in BA they took me to a pizza place called El Cuartito. The place was packed and they only had one waiter. He didn't write anything down. He memorized every order and I din't see him make a single mistake. In all of my life...
  13. NotScott

    Not so New, from Argentina!

    Welcome and your English is fine. Where in Argentina are you from? I have been to Buenos Aires and Mendoza and have friends in Cordoba. It is a beautiful country with fantastic food, wine and women. :naughty:
  14. NotScott

    New Band Names

  15. NotScott

    THE Les Paul Wall ❤️

    I have never been to your shop but I have bought several parts from you and these two Fender CS beauties. If anyone is unfamiliar with CME, they are top-notch people.
  16. NotScott

    Stand or Floor?

    Floor, always and everywhere for me. It is much easier to dial out the extra bass you get from the amp coupling with the floor than to try and add back the bass you lose by putting it up. Also, if you are playing in a situation with minimal monitors or PA, aiming your amp at your head will give...
  17. NotScott

    Where are you at right now? Show a picture

    In the kitchen preparing Picanha for tonight's BBQ:
  18. NotScott

    New Gary Moore live album

    We are here but Gary's talent speaks for itself. :cool:
  19. NotScott

    JB Cruise

    This is what turned me into an Eric Gales fan and made me realize how special he is. If there is a better blues-based player out there right now, I have yet to hear it:
  20. NotScott

    7 Albums

    It is really hard for me to pick only 7 of my most influential so hopefully this isn't cheating: Led Zeppelin II - When I was a kid, I found my aunt's record collection in the attic, Doors, Hendrix, Woodstock, Cream and some others, but the only one that really grabbed me was Led Zeppelin II. I...