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  1. Blues_Verne

    Wraptail installation - perfect solution - the best possible way

    Hi folks, Imagine you get your custom hand built Les Paul from a well respected and honored builder ...only to find that a crucial construction element was done wrong. Upon inspection of the instrument after arrival, I immediately suspected that something was wrong here ...yes. I'm one of those...
  2. Blues_Verne

    My sunday treat

    here's for you
  3. Blues_Verne

    Braz Rosewood from my wife

    I know you guys get mad about that stuff. Now today my wife came with a huge gift: genuine old - probably 35 to 40 yrs old BRAZILLIAN ...but see here It appeared from a long forgotten drawer in the attic from her mother. Guess it'll make for some nice rosewood bridges, TRC, etc.
  4. Blues_Verne

    NGD Larry Corsa One Off

    From all 32 Les Pauls in my collection, this one is supposed to be number 3. When I got it two days ago it had some issues. Since there are no seasoned timbers available these days anymore, humidity changes during long shipping distances make for drastic reactions on computer controlled dried...
  5. Blues_Verne

    Beware of seller eastislandcrew

    this Japanese seller on ebay can not be trusted! After nearly three years of searching the web on July 24 I bought a 'YAMAHA SA2000S' and paid immediately. Next day I got his message that the neck is slightly warped and truss rod is at its limit - string height no longer adjustable. Therefore...
  6. Blues_Verne

    Wanted: Les Paul Supreme 2015 Heritage Cherry Sunburst Perimeter

    the headline says it all. Offers within Europe appreciated, offshore also welcome.
  7. Blues_Verne

    1995 Orville Les Paul Standard '59 SATIN cherry sunburst

    Never saw an Orville MiJ in her satin home outfit? Well, here she comes in all her glory without her original shiny disco make up. To make a long story short and cut through the BS: I bought this beauty when her owner couldn't bear the look of the deep cracks in the top coat anymore. These in...
  8. Blues_Verne

    No longer wanted: 2015 Les Paul Deluxe -I got one! Pleaase delete

    hi folks, got a 2015 Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop ..this can get deleted. Thanx.
  9. Blues_Verne

    something nice for the weekend

    Hi Les Paul aficionados :wave::wave: after so many years of only reading I now think time has come to participate and contribute. Here's to you what I stumbled across when cleaning my harddrive... edit: in the middle a LP classic 1960 (not 1969 ...sorry !) from 2003 @ the left a prototype DC...