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  1. NoRythm_LP

    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    5 and wife is not happy with that number as I don't play them...
  2. NoRythm_LP

    Gibson Slash Guitars as Investments

    Yeah, well, I had Slash A #2 and sent it back... Biggest goat screw of a guitar purchase ever...
  3. NoRythm_LP

    Gibson Launches "Murphy Lab"

    5 types of Labia...
  4. NoRythm_LP

    Mercedes G-Class Electric Version Announced By Daimler Boss

    Ummmm...your current vehicle(s) don't refill themselves. Just sayin'...
  5. NoRythm_LP

    Where is your OCD?

    My 1.7 is right after my Cali76CD... Still working on how that thing should be configured but I like the OCD.
  6. NoRythm_LP

    Walter Becker Estate Auction

    That dude can't have all that... Guess I am just mad or maybe jealous maybe...
  7. NoRythm_LP

    Walter Becker Estate Auction

    Oh my... OP, did you seriously just post that??!! Effin' hell... There goes my coffee can money... :mad:
  8. NoRythm_LP

    Post Your Pedal Board Order

    I do this currently: guitar > tuner > compressor > distortion > chorus > delay > amp
  9. NoRythm_LP

    Starting a new life tomorrow...

    Simple transition for you it looks to be so just go about your process and report back in 90 days. You'll be amazed at all kinds of upside improvements you'll notice including your health, your outlook, your sleep/eat, etc... Oh, and don't buy more shit than you truly need. Hookers and Blow...
  10. NoRythm_LP

    FS: Amps for Sale

  11. NoRythm_LP

    Post your historic goldtops!

    2019 R7
  12. NoRythm_LP

    NGD 1958 (2018) Gibson Les Paul R8 Historic VOS

    You cleaned/polished it or did it show up that way? Very nice...
  13. NoRythm_LP

    New R7 Day

    Super nice GT there OP... Damn fine. Congrats!
  14. NoRythm_LP

    TOOL Appreciation Thread

    Just listened to it... :dude:
  15. NoRythm_LP

    Saying goodbye to my beautiful dog today. :(

    Sad day for you OP and sorry for your loss... Our "Maddie" went a few months back and we miss her dearly each and every day. Hang in there...
  16. NoRythm_LP police car day

    Lumens for Lawmens... Light 'em up!
  17. NoRythm_LP

    2016, 2017, 2018, or 2019 Standard?

    Thanks for pointing out the gold tops over at Wildwood. My wallet now hates you...
  18. NoRythm_LP

    Who's running whole-house water filters?

    Well water here is 92 grains hardness and just plain horrible. Originally went with a brine tank water softener which reduced the hardness down to 13 grains but added 7x the amount of sodium. This solution also discharged some bad ugly stuff to the tune of around 130 gallons or so every few...
  19. NoRythm_LP

    FS: Amps for Sale

    Well then send me some details/pics of your Marshall JCM800 2203x"...