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  1. danohat

    Hey Nineteen!

    Look at this guy! Turns 19 today! That gorgeous girl in love with that old cat is the one in my avatar.
  2. danohat

    Check this bear out

    Just saw this guy in my woods in northern Mi.
  3. danohat

    The Great Mid West Wine Red Les Paul Mylespaul meet up

    Gonna be some drinking, dancing, fighting, and fucking. Just gonna be me and Meatwad. Ha!
  4. danohat

    Dudes, I'm getting a bmx bike

    Yeah. I want an old school style bike with a bit larger frame than when I used to ride. Think I'll be RAD? Any adults here dabbling in bmx style bikes still?
  5. danohat

    I'm looking for a new house

    Now that mom is not in our care, it's time to downsize this house to something I'm more comfortable with. Going to look at something in a couple minutes.
  6. danohat

    My caregiving days are over

    My dad broke his neck and became a quadriplegic on a vent in 2003. We shared duties giving him 24-7 care at home until Oct of 2009. My mom was never right after the accident. Immediately she began showing signs of dementia. In 2012 we started taking her to a neurologist. She had early onset...
  7. danohat

    In the airport with my travel buddy

    Getting ready to go on her first plane flight. Mom's got the other girl. Be in Florida in a few hours.
  8. danohat

    Happy Legalization Day Michigan!

    Is this tacky?
  9. danohat

    I want something like this

    Has anyone seen anything else like this? I'm redoing a living room and it's going to be a music , coffee house, chill room type of vibe. I'd like to have a guitar and amp setup in this room but I'd like it to be cool and leave a small footprint.
  10. danohat

    We’re going to Cali!

    Wife and I quit drinking ten years ago. When we quit, I said when we hit ten years we’re going somewhere cool. That day has arrived! Going to LA on Friday morning. First trip together since the honeymoon. No kids, no mom (we take care of her).
  11. danohat

    Both my kids just stormed out of the house

    I guess I finally turned it up loud enough. Ha!
  12. danohat

    Who could pass this up?

    Especially for 5 bucks. I couldn’t.
  13. danohat

    My fishing trip has arrived!

    Going up to my cabin for my annual summer fishing weekend. I have been working like a rented mule since mid April. I’m looking forward to no phone service, no news, no traffic, no people. No customers. I pre-rolled a bunch of breakfast burritos last night in anticipation.
  14. danohat

    I got this free today

    A customer had it in his garage. I said "Wow. That stuff is great. My wife wants something just like that." He said "You can have it." I love this old vintage stuff.
  15. danohat

    I want a shell pink guitar

    I'm thinking a Tele. I already have a great Strat and a neck humbucker Tele. To get the guitar I want I would have to have it custom built. I am thinking about ordering the parts and assembling it. I've never done this. What are my chances of building a great guitar?
  16. danohat

    It's Groundhog Day!

    Although, as a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer's, every day is Groundhog Day.
  17. danohat


    I bought a new king size bed. My last bed went through me as a heavy drinker, two pregnancies, and too much time. I can't wait to sleep in this thing. What are you guys sleeping on? Has it changed your aches and pains?
  18. danohat

    Bring it on!

    Tomorrow will be 60 degrees warmer than last week. I hung my golf net and I'm ready to start preparing for warm weather endeavors. Yeah, I know. We still have lots of winter but it's not too early to be excited.
  19. danohat

    Tell me about smoking meat

    Does it get you high? Not really. What are some tips and techniques I should know. How can I win friends and influence people with my offerings?

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