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  1. TCON

    An Even Better Guitar Polish

    I have the meguirs wax and need to get the orbital hand polisher out to help me get the swirls out. I use fast fret on the neck and strings before and after Im done playing. I even wash my hands first and then put the fast fret on my fingers. I like the glide with no resistance feel. I keep all...
  2. TCON

    An Even Better Guitar Polish

    I use meguirs spray on detailer wax. Just a little on a microfiber and gently wipe the smudges and sweat off. I need some swirl remover to remove those little spider web looking swirls. Any suggestions?
  3. TCON

    Who Else Actually Prefers Their Cheap Guitars?

    I have $1275 wrapped up in 6 guitars and to me they are priceless. dont matter what you play or have just be glad that you can play and the name on the headstock means nothing. There is a video of SRV playing a squier on you tube. I dont think he cared what he played as long as there was a...
  4. TCON

    Have you ever "saved" a guitar that was going to end up in the skip? I have!!

    I like it a lot!! But especially like the story behind it. If that guitar could talk, it would probably have a lot of interesting stories to tell. Thats kinda what I look for. Guitars that need to be saved from being thrown to the wayside just because people dont see them the way we do. I...
  5. TCON

    Who Else Actually Prefers Their Cheap Guitars?

    There is a video on you tube where this guy buys a squier bullet and puts $400 into to make it play excellent and that is something I would not do. I love working on guitasr so I buy the less expensive ones to practice on and if I mess up Im not out that much money. But I found out the with my...
  6. TCON

    Who Else Actually Prefers Their Cheap Guitars?

    I like a bargain and like to have something to work on and learn how to do things with thats why I look for bargains. Also I havent found a guitar I didnt like :) I am a mechanic and find it very satisfying to take a neglected guitar and bring it back to life and enjoy it once I do. It reminds...
  7. TCON

    Who Else Actually Prefers Their Cheap Guitars?

    that is what I mean. A really good buy that you get for a good price. I have made lower end guitars play as good as their big brothers and cost me little or no extra money. Like the 2009 epi standard I got in my avatar that I paid $125 for and it plays and sounds amazing. I guess I shouldn't...
  8. TCON

    Who Else Actually Prefers Their Cheap Guitars?

    cheap is when you look up the exact guitar you are looking at and it is on ebay or reverb for $375. When you go look at it and all it needs is cleaning and a little TLC and everything works mechanically and electrically and you wind up paying $125 for it. Thats a cheap guitar! Meaning only the...
  9. TCON

    Who Else Actually Prefers Their Cheap Guitars?

    I think those are the Harley Bentons.
  10. TCON

    Quiet Fender Single Coils.

    all 3 of my strats are dead quiet. I shielded the cavity and the back of the pickguard as well and re-did the jack wiring with bigger wires and wrapped them in copper foil. You cant even tell they are on till you hit a note. The hum of the amp is all I can here with the gain cranked up.
  11. TCON

    Who Else Actually Prefers Their Cheap Guitars?

    love this cheapy. Got it for 50 bucks and it plays like 500
  12. TCON

    Post Your Stratocasters! Here's Mine...

  13. TCON


    Just joined the forum a few minutes ago. Got 3 strats and a couple of acoustic but just picked up a Les Paul standard a couple of weeks ago. Was wanting something different and found this. The kid has not played it in 5 years and it was VERY grungy Jack was hanging on by 1 screw, the selector...

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