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  1. KissTone

    SOLD! -- Thanks!

    AVATAR G212 'Traditional' SPEAKER CABINET Loaded with great sounding Celestion Vintage 30 and Celestion G12H Anniversary 12" speakers. Currently wired for 8 ohms - but you could rewire for 16 ohms if need be. Excellent condition! Just a few MINOR scuffs, but no big dings or tears of any type...
  2. KissTone

    Dry and articulate vs. thick and meaty. Is it the wood or the pickups

    I’ve owned a half dozen LPs and Heritage H150s over the years and all have their own sound. Some fall into the dry and articulate camp while others are smooth, thick, and meaty toned. None were vintage. The oldest was a 93. None had the same pickups. (Wolftone dr. Vs, Burstbuckers, Seth...
  3. KissTone

    FS/FT: WGS G12C 12" 8ohm Speaker

    Warehouse Guitar Speaker (WGS) G12C 12" 8 ohm 75 watts No problems or issues, excellent condition, low hours, and never cranked....I'm just not using it. Sell- $60 PayPal and shipped. Trade- I need a decent 10" speaker (either 4 or 8 ohm). Maybe a Jupiter, Weber, Jensen RI, etc. (but...
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  5. KissTone

    Which do you prefer with a Paul: tweed Bassman or 1974x?

    I was considering a Bassman reissue instead of my Marshall 1974x just to change things up a bit, but started wondering what everyone else thinks on the issue. I'm really just curious---this isn't one of those: 'Hold my hand while I spend my money" threads. I just wondered which of the two...
  6. KissTone

    Loud static through the amp whenever my leg brushes along the back plate?!?

    Can anyone suggest how to stop the loud static I'm getting whenever my leg rubs along the back control cover plate? It's really loud and obvious through the amp. And it's really annoying. :wow:
  7. KissTone

    FS: Bigsby B7 (Nickel) and Vibramate V7 Adaptor Kit --- Like NEW!

    Just picked up this Vibramate and Bigsby B7 to try on my new R8, but it's not going to do it without a relocated strap-button hole---(top carve is too pronounced, so Bigsby's rear hinge plate doesn't line up with existing strap button hole. However, apparently, this is not a common problem as...
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  9. KissTone

    Vibramate/Bigsby wouldn't fit my 07 R8. So, will it fit my new R8?

    When I had an 07 R8 I tried the Vibramate/Bigsby B7 configuration, but nothing would line up correctly. All of the holes were just a little 'off' rendering the much-touted Lego-like installation impossible. So, I returned the B7 and Vibramate. Jump forward a few years: I have a new R8 and...
  10. KissTone

    FS/FT: BYOC Silver Pony Klon Klone (Fully assembled and ready to rock)

    Always wanted to try a Klon but didn't have a few $K to blow on a stomp box? Well, here's your chance for some Klon magic on the cheap! BYOC now offers the Silver Pony Klone kit (including both silicon and all-important germanium diodes, the highly touted Klon buffer circuit, and the...
  11. KissTone

    FS: Wolfetone Dr. Vintage Humbucker Set - Zebra Coils w/Nickel Covers <-----{{{-

    Wolfetone Dr. Vintage Humbucker Set Zebra Coils Nickel Covers with a bit of natural aging just beginning. Neck = 7.67k ohms Bridge = 8.17k ohms Vintage style leads are full length. Description from Wolfe... Dr. Vintage pickups were developed to provide a vintage sound in modern reissue guitars...
  12. KissTone

    FS: Historic R8 Lemontop/Lemonburst Les Paul --SOLD

    ***Please Read Full Description and Review All Pics*** Gibson Custom Shop Historic (2007) 1958 Les Paul Reissue (R8) Lemon top / Lemonburst (I have lots of pics below trying to capture the color.) • Awesome looking, sounding, and playing R8 Les Paul. • Perfect factory case and all...
  13. KissTone

    FS: HM/Retrospec Tailpiece Studs and RS Wiring Harness . . .

    Vintage accurate length (1.5") Historic Makeover/Retrospec steel tailpiece studs. $17 pay-palled and shipped anywhere in the USA. RS Guitarworks Les Paul Wiring Harness. Save more than half off the cost of a new kit from RS. RS 500k SuperPots (short shaft) for Volume RS/CTS 500k audio taper...
  14. KissTone

    FS: Fender AVRI '64 Blonde Tele -- Weighs only 6.7 lbs.!!!

    Fender American Vintage Reissue '64 Tele White Blonde Don Mare Pickups Near-New Condition This is a sweet Telecaster, but there's a new R8 out there that's caught my eye, so I need to raise some money. No trades. - Specially ordered and hand-selected to be light and resonant. - This thing is a...
  15. KissTone

    Anyone wanna talk me out of buying a new R8?

    So I've got the itch. And Eddie's has a cool '14 R8 in sunrise tea with a little flame. Do I pull the trigger? Yes, I have the 07 R8 that I'd have to sell (as well as an AVRI Tele to cover the cost) but these new historics are just so damn fine! I suspect that none of you are going to take...
  16. KissTone

    Price check...50th Anniversary 1960 R0...

    I don't know which version neck carve or even the color yet, but I have a chance to try a 2010 50th Anniversary 1960 LP. Any idea of a fair used price range on these? $4k?
  17. KissTone

    FS: Fulltone FullDrive 2 | Wilson Signature Wah | Catalinbread RAH | AnalogMan BiComp

    Just got in a gear-purge mood, so most of my pedals are on the market . . . Fulltone FullDrive 2 (FDII) -- Non-Mosfet version (which is preferable IMO) No issues - good condition - but original box accidentally got tossed. :( Asking $115 paypalled and Priority Mail shipped anywhere in the USA...
  18. KissTone

    FS: Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe ---- Nearly brand new but for used price

    :) As the title says, I have a nearly new Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe (or is it DéjaVibe?) for sale. Original owner with all papers and packaging and power supply. No marks, dings, goofiness, or other issues. Single piece of 3M velcro on the back, but the Fulltone label is protected with low-tack...
  19. KissTone

    FS: TonePros Kluson 3+3 Tuners, Long Studs and Bushings, CRL 3-Way Switch . . . . .

    TonePros Kluson Deluxe 3+3 Nickel Tuners • No problems or issues. • Press-fit bushings and screws included. • TPK33-N $35 paypalled and shipped CRL 3-Way Tele/Strat Switch • No problems or issues. • Made in USA $10 paypalled and shipped Gibson Style Tailpiece Studs and Bushings •...

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