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  1. Malikon

    Is this a floating bridge like on a violin? Looks like there's paper under it i guess to keep it from scratching the top? Why wouldn't the bridge be fixed in place? It can slide around, right? Anyway that's a pretty sexy color, i...
  2. Malikon

    It took my whole life but The Beatles finally grew on me

    I saw that Yesterday movie and realized I knew all the songs, and slowly over the past (couple? few?) months I've listened to them more and more. Realized yesterday I only need 2 more albums to have all their albums. This song so far is really my favorite: If you ever listened to Soundgarden...
  3. Malikon


    any interest in the new Picard show? I loved TNG when I was young so I grabbed the first two episodes to watch tonight. If anyone else is interested in seeing it let me know I can help out with that (PM me) You just know they're going to have some TNG cameos. I want to see Data and...
  4. Malikon

    the story behind Walk This Way (Run DMC & Aerosmith)

    pretty interesting video/behind the scenes. I remember when that video came out and it did blow a lot of peoples minds that Rock and Rap were in the same song with each other; because the genres had always been very antagonistic towards each other. Nowadays everyone listens to everything but...
  5. Malikon

    10 music genres the Beatles invented by accident

    Interesting video. I was actually talking about 'Shes so Heavy' with a friend last week saying it reminds me a lot of later Soundgarden (Superunkown era.) The guitar melodies are really cool and a little creepy in that song. I don't understand how exactly Eleanor Rigby is supposed to be...
  6. Malikon

    The End of Globalization?
  7. Malikon

    It's Official, the Far Side has an online home he said he'll be putting up new ones too.
  8. Malikon

    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    you see this in a movie and get triggered.... I'm just like, "WHY? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" I'm watching the movie like, "oh that's a pretty cool turntable! Are the speakers built in? Is that like a big old turntable system with attached speakers? I wonder if...." 2 seconds later I'm...
  9. Malikon

    "There hasn't been a Ghost(buster) sighting in 30 years." -trailer-

    take my money. I like they're completely shoving that giant SJW turd under the rug like it never happened, and showing some respect to the original movies.
  10. Malikon

    Wolves are HUGE!

    You don't realize how big they are until you see them next to a human. Imagine a pack of them coming after you? You're done. It's easy to think of them like wild dogs, .. but they are sure bigger than a dog!
  11. Malikon

    How to pack fudge like a man

  12. Malikon

    HNAD, it's ......

  13. Malikon

    California Man.....

    Dalan Anthony Johnson, 32, of Torrance, pleaded to one count of forcible lewd act upon a child under the age of 14, and admitted the assault took place during a second-degree burglary, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said. Johnson was on parole and was still wearing an ankle...
  14. Malikon

    Do people make custom bluray cases?

    Is that a thing? Can you commission someone to make custom bluray movie cases? I guess it would take some photoshop skill and a good high DPI color printer. With the new release of the Criterion Godzilla Showa collection it came in a huge oversized coffee table book. I'd rather have the...
  15. Malikon

    Happy Birthday..

    Godzilla! You're 65 and almost as old as MLP members who just post cat gifs. EwwGawd! :run:
  16. Malikon

    Indiana man dresses as Michael Myers and stands in neighbor's yards
  17. Malikon

    Gender neutral bathrooms

    Saw my first one today in California... So i did the only thing that seemed right... I left the toilet seat up. Greetings from San Diego airport. Looking forward to getting home and eating at my favorite Korean restuarant. All i ate today was a banana because I'm scared if i eat I'll...
  18. Malikon

    The Art of Self-Defense

    Looks pretty funny, getting a bit of a Fight Club vibe off the trailer... it amazes me how many movies come out now that I never hear about and just sort of stumble across while looking for other movies
  19. Malikon

    unexpected NGD

    one of my Uncles has been battling cancer for about 3 months but passed away recently. When my Dad and his brothers cleaned out the house the other day they found this, so my Dad handed it over to me last night. It's an early 2018, very nice actually. It had really big strings on it, like .11's...
  20. Malikon

    I don't speak Danish but I can still tell he said, "F**king Hippie!" hahahaha (don't get between a man and his food.)