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  1. questionman

    Gibson 1986 Studio - Edwards Jimmy Page - Edwards John Sykes

    I want that Page... Someone has to buy my P90 Edwards first though...
  2. questionman

    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    "I am on the lookout for something with double P90's. Feel free to drop me a PM." Thats Me! Still kicking around if you are interested
  3. questionman

    Ed Cheapo guitar giveaway/sale

    IDK, Its a fantastic guitar but I cant get into maple boards. Someone...many someones out there will rock on this thing! Half debated selling the neck off and buying a ebony but might be heading to NYC new years eve for a show so need a sale ASAP Sale Hit me up! Deals will be made!!!!!
  4. questionman

    Ed Cheapo guitar giveaway/sale

    To the top Lot of interest in the red strat, no takers yet SG has sold elsewhere, Strat neck is gone, lot of interest in the Edwards as well but its still around. Someone better grab this thing before I come to my senses and decide to keep it
  5. questionman

    NGDx2? 1275 content

    Yeah I bought one..... Epiphone, good few years old but in good shape Heavy as hell Awkward as hell Cool as hell
  6. questionman

    SOLD: Gibson MHS PAF Pickups

    Oh damn I want these...
  7. questionman

    NOGD 1956 Gibson ES-225T

    I am sure I can bring the tuners back, thanks for the tips Charlie! I do want to swap them out for something mentally a little more durable - where I am not going "dont break these" every time I tune it. Obviously I am keeping the originals A few more days in, still a happy guy! The tones...
  8. questionman

    NOGD 1956 Gibson ES-225T

    Yeah! If you use it to knock me over the head and steal the Gibson...
  9. questionman

    NOGD 1956 Gibson ES-225T

    Ya know...I think I might have to say no to this
  10. questionman

    Where my capo?

    I need one Have a Epiphone 1275 coming, need one that covers both a 6 string and 12 string neck. Im cheap, only want to buy one What shall it be?.....
  11. questionman

    NOGD 1956 Gibson ES-225T

    Especially since I only had $800 vested into my Strat with the refret...quite the trade indeed Update on my hatred of the tuners. They are very stiff, hard to turn. Combine that with the small buttons, I just feel like I am going to break something by using them. It was a complete struggle...
  12. questionman

    NOGD 1956 Gibson ES-225T

    Thanks for the tip, Ill order some of that Yeah I honestly would prefer multiple pickups, BUT this P90 is very versatile. There is a complete tonal change picking right next to the bridge vs on top of the pickup vs by the neck. Its almost night and day and quite honestly you dont really...
  13. questionman

    NOGD 1956 Gibson ES-225T

    Shes here! Ill do a more in depth commentary in a day or so after I have spent some more time with this one For those who didnt see my thread last week, I had a 1979 Strat listed for sale. Great looking, playing and sounding guitar but I had a hand injury - pulled something in my pinky - and...
  14. questionman

    Fender American QMT Strat HSS with Pale Moon Ebony Fretboard

    For about $1500 less absolutely Beautiful looking guitars, I like the tele a lot, but not for that price
  15. questionman

    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    ^^ Was just going to post this haha I dont think it does...borrowed instruments for that "performance"
  16. questionman

    Ed Cheapo guitar giveaway/sale

    Strat neck on hold
  17. questionman

    Ed Cheapo guitar giveaway/sale

    Strat Body and neck gone
  18. questionman

    Ed Cheapo guitar giveaway/sale

    Alright folks I have acquired a few very cool new pieces of gear and well....I want to downsize everything to just what I need So, heres a new thread of mine to condense everything so I am not taking up half the classifieds I think as of now I will not be entertaining trade offers, just...