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  1. hackenfort

    PRS 1985 throwback custom 24 both sets of pickups

    1996 Santana 1 super clean like 23 year old case queen, very desirable and way under market value 2011 95 throwback custom 24 includes both sets of pickup 5909 and reissue treble and bass pickups (5909 installed) Blue lined case and tags as shown. Cash prices. Santana 1 $old...
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    Sold. Delete

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    FS 2012 Tokai Les Paul Custom (Custom ordered hardtail)

    2012 made in Japan Tokai Les Paul Custom Close to new condition just a little wear on the gold hardware. Includes SKB case. $999 plus shipping. Thus is a typical custom but ordered with a hard tail, I didn't order it this way, the shop in Japan did and I bought it from their store Has the...
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    Sold please delete

    Both sold
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    SOLD Please Delete, THANKS

    Parting with several guitars. I'll start with these two korina beauties 2009 Paul Reed Smith Kl33. Mira pickups, Case, tags. SOLD 2011 G&l ASAT classic custom creations Seth lover at the neck case tags etc. See build sheet for full details SOLD Each guitar was limited editions with 100 of...
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    Looking for a killer top Les Paul Must be price Right, ie not looking to buy at retail All considered. Please PM me
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    Duncan Antiquity pickups. And a few others

    Cleaning out the pickups Add $5 for shipping c-usa only Duncan antiquity set in box $200 Dual blacks 01111_7Z4EAXaTsDS_600x450 by hackenfort posted Oct 26, 2018 at 9:49 AM00u0u_k20tgG0Xt36_600x450 by hackenfort posted Oct 26, 2018 at 9:49 AM 00R0R_iDcHRislNry_600x450 by hackenfort posted...
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    Sold please delete

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    Sold please delete

    Removed from a 2014 Wildwood Historic Les Paul Nothing else is included but the two pickups. Bridge pickups 6" of lead 8.54 Neck pickup 11" of lead and 8.16 $275 shipped and paypal'd in the C-USA IMG_0030-001 by hackenfort posted Sep 17, 2018 at 3:18 PMIMG_0031-001 by hackenfort posted Sep...
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    Please Delete - SOLD

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    Sold please delete

    Great guitar, near mint condition, rather rare (#64 of only 100 made). This thing is incredibly resonant and sustains like crazy. If you aren't familiar with these, there's good info about them on the web, and some nice demos too. The LRP has a few "player" tweaks spec'd by Lee Roy. The quick...
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    2008 PRS West St Beautiful one piece top, Brazilian board, paula birds, mini-dragon - guitar is very clean, no dents, dings, scratches. Just lite play were from home use. Has the leather Artist case, but it's got some bumps nothing terrible. Guitar is original with tags, papers $2995...
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    Delete Lower price - new ad
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    Delete please

    DELETE PLease
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    One set of Duncan Antiquity humbuckers - both have full length leads (aprox 14 1/2") both pickups have not had the covers off and both are zebra ie one black coil and one cream coil No boxes or anything else, just two pickups DC Neck 7.43 DC Bridge 8.34 Please PM any questions, and I...
  17. hackenfort

    Terry McInturff Taurus Custom - beautiful top SOLD

    Super guitar, wonderful condition, top is beautiful from all angels (flash not used in pictures) One minor blemish, appears someone with a soldering iron marked the finish below the control cavity , very minor but want to point it out. $2199 Shipping to C-USA Only. Neck .83 at first fret, and...
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    Delete SOLD

    Delete sold
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    One set of wizz PAFs dual cream bobbins, never installed .full leads No rings or covers with this set One measures 8.06 the other 7.41 $279 shipped in c-usa IMG_20180412_204657-1382x1843 by hackenfort posted Apr 20, 2018 at 7:59 PMIMG_20180412_204711-1382x1843 by hackenfort posted Apr 20, 2018...
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    Sold Wizz PAFs. Never used, covers and rings

    One set, never installed, includes covers and rings, box $OLD shipped in c-usa IMG_20180420_194051-1382x1843 by hackenfort posted Apr 20, 2018 at 7:55 PMIMG_20180420_194104-1382x1843 by hackenfort posted Apr 20, 2018 at 7:55 PM