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  1. wavemagnet

    Lest We Forget...

    It was 35 years ago tonight, John Lennon was murdered in NYC by Mark David Chapman. R.I.P.
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    What PU's in my '12 Historic '58

    Hi, Recently, traded for a n.o.s. 2012 "58 Historic. Guitar was built 12-18-12. Found braided lead from neck PU loose from pot. Reattached lead and decided to check rest of guitar. Pulled PU's and noticed no sticker or decal on either PU. Are these Burstbucker or Custombucker's? Also what date...
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    Happy Birthday Mick Taylor

    Mick's 63 today. JOHN MAYALL - My Time After Awhile (1982) - YouTube
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    JFK assassinated 46 years ago today

    Lest we forget:YouTube - JFK telling us the 911 truth
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    We lost him 39 years ago today.

    [URL=""][/URL "Don't go away Hendrix!"
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    The Les Paul Handbook

    From Voyageur Press, New? nice how to maintainance book. printed in U.K. no China!Voyageur Press - The Gibson Les Paul Handbook: How to Buy, Maintain, Set Up, Troubleshoot, and Modify Your Gibson and - by Paul Balmer
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    Happy B-day, Mick Taylor

    British bluesman and former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor is 60 today.
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    Mick Taylor - Giddy Up

    Mick Taylor plays his Les PaulYouTube - Mick Taylor - Giddy Up
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    Happy birthday Keith!

    Keith Richards is 65 today.YouTube - Keith Richards Wicked As it seems