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  1. Roman4405

    New Tele Day

    Just picked this guy up off of Reverb. It’s a ‘16 Thinline Tele Deluxe that was boxed up and never sold, essentially an NOS guitar which I picked up for a little over half the price of a new one. I love Tele’s, I have an MiM Blacktop with the dual humbuckers which sounds awesome but I needed...
  2. Roman4405

    Game of Thrones Theme

    Sorry if this was posted earlier but I just saw this and thought it was pretty awesome. I generally don’t like theme type things but I’d play the hell out of the Stark Tele and Targaryen Strat.
  3. Roman4405

    Now this is just unnecessary.

    But I friggin love it. My Classic 30 has been in the shop for almost two months and while my sons Katana 50 is a great little amp it just doesn’t inspire me when I play. I was gonna try to save up for a Deluxe Reverb Reissue but I saw a 2017 Blonde Twin Reverb Reissue on CL and offered $650 for...
  4. Roman4405

    New SG Day!!

    I traded a Bad Cat 553, basically a Chinese 335 copy, for a 2010 SG Faded yesterday. I’ve been wanting an SG forever and lucked into this one. Feels awesome, super comfortable to play. And I like the faded cherry color. It probably sounds great, unfortunately my Classic 30 died yesterday. Now I...
  5. Roman4405


    i don’t have many new guitar day threads but I really lucked out with this one. I’ve been looking for a new acoustic since I traded my Art & Lutherie for an MiM Strat, super happy with that trade btw. Long story short I’ve been kicking myself ever since I traded my Martin 000RSGT, that was an...
  6. Roman4405

    JHS Unicorn V2 FS/FT

    I’ve got a JHS Unicorn V2. Original box, damn near perfect condition. Sounds incredible, just don’t use it enough to justify keeping it in my small board. Looking to trade for delay/reverb/chorus type things or sell for $175 shipped CONUS.
  7. Roman4405

    FS/FT Digitech RP360XP

    Heres a great multieffects pedal. Tons of available effects and amp sims. Sounds great into an effects loop, TW front of an amp or straight to a PA. $170 paypal’d and shipped conus. Open to trades for delay/chorus/reverb pedals.
  8. Roman4405

    FS Wampler, Mad Professor, Keeley, Mooer

    All pedals in very good shape with original boxes. Wampler Black '65 -$150 Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD - $125 Keeley Katana Mini - $100 BuggFX Civil War Muff - $80 Mooer Springverb - $60 Mooer Ana Echo - $60 Will consider reasonable offers. All prices include PayPal and shipping CONUS. For...
  9. Roman4405

    FS/FT Emma Reezafratzitz

    Awesome sounding V1 Emma Reezafratzit in very good shape. No box, Velcro on the back. Will trade for a low-mid gain OD or sell for $150 paypal'd and shipped CONUS. International add $15 for shipping.
  10. Roman4405

    FS/FT: Ibanez TS Mini, Early 80's Japanese Ibanez AD9

    TS Mini in like new condition with box, papers and velcro on the back. I love it but don't really need it. -$70 shipped CONUS and Paypal'd. Ibanez AD9, Vintage Japanese analog delay. Some nicks and scratches buy works flawlessly. I have it in the Pedal Trade thread and said that one of...
  11. Roman4405

    FS/FT: EHX Small Clone

    Great sounding chorus, just realize I never really use it so off it goes. Very good gondition with the box. Looking for $75 pp'd and shipped CONUS, international add $10.
  12. Roman4405

    MiJ Boss CE-2 FS/FT

    Early 80's MiJ Boss CE-2, black label. No velcro, no box. Good shape for 30 something years old with a few nicks, sounds awesome and works flawlessly. $175 pp'd and shipped CONUS. International shipping add $10.
  13. Roman4405

    FS/FT: SUF Violet Menace, Way Huge Echo Puss

    Both in very good condition with original boxes. Violet Menace - $150 Echo Puss - $125 Will post pics later, open to trade offers for quality OD/Reverb/Delay pedals i.e. Wampler, Bearfoot, JHS etc.
  14. Roman4405


    My 4 year old daughter was dying for a cat so we went to the animal shelter and there was this big bastard. I've never really been a cat person but this dude came right up to us and wanted to play. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a dog, my daughter loves him to death and he's been awesome...
  15. Roman4405

    SUF Red Menace

    Awesome sounding Muff from Stomp Underfoot. Just looking for something different. No box, in great shape. Serial number 17. $130 or trade for an OD plus cash if needed. Just try me.
  16. Roman4405

    Boss DD3 FSOT

    BOSS DD3, no box or papers. Velcro on the back and a few nicks in the finish, it's been played but still sounds and works great. Looking for an Analog Delay, a Phaser, or a Univibe. Will sell for $95 pp'd and shipped CONUS.
  17. Roman4405

    FS/FT: Mojohand Rook

    Here's a really versatile Tube Screamer, can do low gain to some pretty heavy stuff. Looking to trade for a SUF, Wren & Cuff or Vick Audio Muff or sell pp'd and shipped CONUS for $150.
  18. Roman4405

    FS/FT: Suhr Iso Boost

    Great clean boost, very transparent and in like new condition. $150 pp'd and shipped conus. Intetested in OD's, fuzzes, delays.
  19. Roman4405

    A Pretty Good Past Couple Weeks.

    Two weeks ago I had a LP Studio, an MiM Fender Tele, a Blues Deluxe Reissue, some cool pedals and a borrowed Peavey 5 String bass. After some craigslist wheeling and dealing I still have the Tele and LP but have aquired: A MiM Fender Jazz Bass V An MiM Strat And a Mesa...
  20. Roman4405

    FS/FT: Fender Vintage Noiseless Strat Pickups

    Got these in a trade, was gonna put them in my new Strat but I need to restock my pedalboard. Would love to trade for RAT, Soul Food or Tubescreamer or $100 PP'd and Shipped CONUS.