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  1. PoorMan

    Selling in the Member Classifieds - Brand New Members, Zero Posts

    I've had 2 different guitars for sale in the member classifieds and had two different members (or not), with zero posts, inquire about the guitars immediately after opening their accounts. Strikes me as fishy at best. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. PoorMan

    FS: Edwards LP Custom (incl HSC) $850 Shipped

    Greetings all, I went nuts buying guitars last year and the truth of the matter is I have very little time to play guitar anymore. Time to stop hoarding and put a few up for sale. Accordingly, I am not interested in trades at this time. This guitar has about 1 hour play time and includes HSC...
  3. PoorMan


    SOLD! New nickel plated Pigtail intonatable bridge. From the website: Wrap-Around Intonatable Tailpiece Our new Intonatable Tailpiece is a direct retrofit for Gibson, Epiphone PRS, PRS Import, Hamer, and Hamer Import guitars with non-intonatable wrap-around bridges. Will also work as a...
  4. PoorMan


    SOLD Greetings all, I went nuts buying guitars last year and the truth of the matter is I have very little time to play guitar anymore. Time to stop hoarding and put a few up for sale. Accordingly, I am not interested in trades at this time This is a reissue Gibson Melody Maker that came...
  5. PoorMan

    Pitted Bone Nut Blank

    Not a luthier, but I like to tinker. Primarily with setups and electronics. Today I was attempting to make a new bone nut for my Warmoth Fender Mustang. It has a 12" radius neck, 12" radius nut slot, and a 1 5/8" pre-made/shaped nuts aren't available to the best of my knowledge...
  6. PoorMan

    FS: New Faber Aged Nickel Wireless Bridge

    New, never used Faber aged nickel wireless bridge with unplated brass saddles. SOLD Thanks, Dave
  7. PoorMan

    My Historic Makeover

    My guitar is hanging out at Historic Makeovers with Gary C's guitar so I figure it's time I started a thread. I've posted a few threads trying to decide what color(s) to go with on my 1999 R7 Goldtop. My intention was to redo the metallic yellow "goldtop" in the vintage correct gold, but I...
  8. PoorMan

    Historic Makeover - Burst or Goldtop

    Kim and the boys are working on my R7 Goldtop. At the shop they are saying I should do a burst instead of gold. Need help deciding. EDIT: Decided on Iced Tea burst. See pg 2 for photo of guitar that helped me decide.
  9. PoorMan

    Darkback or Natural on HM Goldtop?

    Sent my R7 goldtop in to Kim for a makeover. I'm on the fence on whether I should do the back natural or darkback. Looking to you all to help me decide. Left Natural. Right Darkback.
  10. PoorMan

    Show Me Your Historic Makeover

    Last weekend I had the opportunity to install pickups in my buddy's newly acquired HM and was duly impressed. I've found myself on HM's website quite a bit the past few days considering sending my '99 R7. But enough about me. Show me what ya got!
  11. PoorMan

    Affordable Cream Poker Chip?

    Where can I get a decent affordable "cream" poker chip for my LP these days? Doesn't need to be vintage accurate, just trying to get away from the Gibson pink tone Want new, not reliced Thanks, Dave
  12. PoorMan

    Finish Crack...or worse?

    Greetings all. Pulled my 2000 LP Classic out and noticed a crack in the cutaway that runs along the seam of the maple top and mahogany back. It runs the entire length of the cutaway, but is worse nearest the neck joint. I'm trying to determine if this is a finish crack or delamination between...
  13. PoorMan

    Cracking around Headstock Inlay - Repair?

    I own a 2000 LP Classic that I like very much. The Gibson headstock inlay has that all too common finish cracking all around the perimiter. It's starting to bother me so I'm thinking I might repair it. Anyone repaired one of these? How was it done? Wondering if I could flood it with thin CA...
  14. PoorMan

    FS: Edwards E-LP-125SD/QM

    DECIDED TO KEEP THIS ONE. NO LONGER FOR SALE. Need to fund other projects. Not interested in trades. FS: Upgraded Edwards E-LP-125SD/QM. * SD '59 Neck/ JB Bridge * Pigtail Vintage length steel tailpiece bushings and studs * Gotoh aluminum tailpiece * TonePros tuners * Faber bridge with...
  15. PoorMan

    Good Electronic Parts Source?

    Been out of the guitar thing for quite a while now. Going to fix up an Edwards LP. I used to get my electronic parts from Acme guitarworks. It appears they are not longer in business. What's a good place to score tight tolerance caps, pots, switches etc for a Les Paul these days? Thanks! Dave
  16. PoorMan

    FS: New Wagner Safe T Planer

    I tooled up to build guitars but it never really happened. Brand new/unused Wagner Safe T Planer. $40 + $5 shipping to CONUS. PayPal only. Thanks! Dave
  17. PoorMan

    What's Your Fav Solid Color for LP?

    I have an Edwards LP I like very much (except for the thick plasticky poly finish). I'm considering having it refinished in nitro and the painter was concerned the quilt maple veneer could be damaged during stripping, in which case I would go to plan B and have the guitar painted a solid color...
  18. PoorMan

    FS: Rough Cut Bodies (Various) & Tools

    Shipping to CONUS only, no exceptions. Thank you. I have several rough cut bodies as various stages of completion. Most just have the body outline cut by bandsaw. I'll never have time to finish them so they are up for sale. 2 Teles (Pine) $60 + SHIPPING, $55 PLUS SHIPPING for knotted pine...
  19. PoorMan

    I might have just gotten burned - Edwards

    Edwards I supposedly bought on Sat. Edwards open listing from a different seller that I found today...
  20. PoorMan

    Where to Buy NOS Hyrel Caps?

    I once had several sources, but I've been out of the game for a number of years now. Anyone know a source to buy NOS Hyrel caps? Looking for .015. 100-300v is fine.