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    Parsons sreet (hot) by stew mac

    Anyone tried the new "hot" variety pu's of.stewart-macdoald pardons st. Humbuckers? The at 50 bucks or so. Please describe and thanks in advance!
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    Need Sheptones e mail

    Want to contact Shep, but no e address on his website. Anyone got it? Sure would appreciate some help! Thanks in advance, Yours in blues, Lessdrop
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    Upside down

    Thought the bypass on the bridge pup was a bit too much treble, so I switched the connectors for neck and bridge and it seems to really honk the neck pup! Anything wrong with this? Gonna leave it for a while, so far I like it! Oh yea, this is on a '14 standard plus with bb pro's.
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    Paf stickers in '14 bb pros

    Hi all, new guy here. Just got a 2014 standard plus, and I'mwondering why my bb pro pups have "paf" stickers on the backs? They look like the old ones too. Mabey something to do with the push pull giz wiz stuff? Thanks for looking, Lessdrop