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  1. rabidhamster


    Apparently the voice of Charlie Brown just got released from prison. Hope he turns it around for himself now. I didn’t even know he was locked up!
  2. rabidhamster

    Happy sock day you sock puppets!!!!

    Happy sock day all you sock puppets!!!! You know who you are! We know who you are! There’s nothing that smells quite like a sock.
  3. rabidhamster

    Tacos aren’t the end of the world!

    I’m considering adding a few new tacos to the herd. What do you recommend?
  4. rabidhamster

    Power supply smoked out

    Powered on the computer this morning, and was greeted by a loud BRRRZZZz noise, similar to when a powered speaker systems input cable is unplugged and touching something metal. But there were no speakers around. Then acrid smoke started pouring out the back of the computer. Yanked the power...
  5. rabidhamster

    Ive had a melody for a song stuck in my head 4 days, cant figure out what it is

    I've had this melody for a song stuck in my head about 4 days, I dont really know the lyrics just the melody. Its also a trance tune, I guess, maybe EDM or something, basically electronic pop with a high pitch voiced singer, so none of my usual suspects can help me. I swear I'm about to...
  6. rabidhamster

    Deleted emails and no undo

    Today word came down we’re not allowed to have ANY organizational folders for our emails. EVERYTHING has to be in the one main folder - good luck reading the 100+ emails you have to look at a day and prioritizing. And for some reason I decided to follow the new stupid micromanaging rule. So...
  7. rabidhamster

    Happy St. Patricks day!

    Happy St. Patricks Day to you! I hope you have a great one! I hope you'll all be kind and pleasant and have a fun time. And if you do happen to get your self fall down drunk, I hope you'll still make sure you don't hurt anyone. And if you do hurt anyone, I hope you only hurt yourself...
  8. rabidhamster

    CBD Buds

    CBDs ermregherrd
  9. rabidhamster

    I'm getting fat AF (Vintage Ludwig Oyster Pearl drums)

    Lately I've been feeling fat AF and I don't like it. I've been working, stuffing my face, and falling asleep and I need to knock that off - I need to do some cardio. With this on my mind, I ran across this: Well..........hey! Drums are kind of good cardio, aren't they? Well I mean...
  10. rabidhamster

    RIP Keith Flint of The Prodigy This ones a bummer for me, I'm a huge fan of Prodigy.
  11. rabidhamster

    '87 PRS Bass Faded whale Blue

    Just picked this up a week or so ago. Really enjoying it so far, the faded whale blue really makes the grain pop, plus more importantly is got a great variety of good tones and a massive low end. So far it seems like the positions are middle pickup (great P sound), neck pickup (ultra low with...
  12. rabidhamster

    Removing Paint on lacquer repair - Tips appreciated

    I've got a new project. This is a slab body double-bound Jazz Bass clone by ESP. 60's spacing and neck, Ash body and looks like its even finished in Nitro. The back is great looking, some checking and wear. The clearly USED to be great looking. Waterslide...
  13. rabidhamster

    Playing words with friends

    Just got this - finally got a phone with enough storage to be able to install an app or two. Playing words with friends and I had the opportunity to make the board read "Keefs Poop Splitter" but there was another play worth twice as many points...not funny at all......It is now that I...
  14. rabidhamster

    vinyl enthusiasts

    Im working on a set of SL-1200 mkIIs, and need new headshells. They range wildly in price from over $100 to less than $10. They all look the same to me, but I know better. I don't want to spend $200 on a 2 dumb pieces of metal to hold my styli, but I don't want to get a shitty piece of pot...
  15. rabidhamster

    NAD: Randall RM100

    Just snagged a Randall RM100 with the JTM, Plexi, and XTC modules. Probably wont have a chance to plug it in until tomorrow, don't even know if it works. These have been on my radar since they came out, so I'm excited to finally try one. This thing is absurdly heavy though!
  16. rabidhamster

    Power Strip Failure

    Thought the backlight on my monitor had gone out - computer was coming on, monitor was only blinking its LED - 2 short 1 long. Bad Backlight. I unplug things, planning to throw out / break the monitor. I notice my phone isn't charging about 90% of the time on the same power strip...
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    There is a new Nicholas Cage movie out called Mandy. The preview somehow reminded me of an Aphex Twin video, so I agreed to see it. Also it has Nicholas Cage. I went into the thing expecting a bizarre musical special effects adventure. And there was music, and special effects, and...
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    Cant wait to see the rampage movie, but I'm already disappointed to find it doesn't appear true to the game. These monster/animals cant turn into people when defeated, because they aren't people who have been experimented on. Its just giant animals. The premise of the game is 3 people who...
  19. rabidhamster

    Mall Chinese food

    against my better judgement I killed a 3 entree plate of Chinese food at the mall yesterday. You know, the place called Chinese food. I Suspect it was a combination of nostalgia, thrift, and low blood sugar hallucinations that made me think it was ok, but I definitely regret it. Feels like...
  20. rabidhamster

    Every time I see a plastic radiator I'm like...

    Every time I see a plastic radiator I'm like