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  1. Slash Rothstein

    FT/FS = BB1 & BB3

    I have a set of BUrstbuckers, 1 & 3, for sale or for trade. Sale: $140 or the set - PPG gift and shipped Fed Ex Ground CONUS. Trades: Looking for a higher output set of humbuckers for my SG. Bare Knuckles Blacks Dogs or Lindy Fralin High Output Humbuckers top my list. I'm open to other...
  2. Slash Rothstein

    Barely Played 1960 LP @ Willie's

    They need some more pics.......
  3. Slash Rothstein

    '59 Burst for Sale at Willie's $145K

    I live near this shop. Haven't had a chance to see it in person but thought I'd post the link. Really Nice Ice T coloring and flame. Willie's American Guitars - Gibson Electrics - 1959 Gibson Les Paul Quite a story behind it. If I get a chance, I'll try stop by and get some more pics.
  4. Slash Rothstein

    WTB: Burstbucker 3

    Looking for the 4 - Conductor type. Uncovered in Zebra or Double Cream would be great. Need enough wire for the bridge position in my SG. If anyone pulled theirs out of a Trad Pro or has one laying around, let me know. Thanks!
  5. Slash Rothstein

    NGD - Slash Rosso Corsa

    When these were first announced even I thought to myself: "Do they really need to put out another Slash Model?" In fact I wasn't really a fan of red LPs to begin with so I was convinced I would never own a Rosso Corsa. Then one night I was browsing the used section at Dave's and there was...
  6. Slash Rothstein

    FS - Orange Tiny Terror

    Hey All, Due to some new Orange acquisitions I am selling my TT. This is the Made in Korea version with JJ Tubes installed (don't have originals). It is in excellent shape and sounds killer. $400 pp'd and shipped to the CONUS. Price includes original gig bag and original box. Thanks!
  7. Slash Rothstein

    New Orange Thunder 30??

    So I've been debating between the Rocker 30 and Dual Terror for months... now all of a sudden they're coming out with the THUNDER 30???:shock: Tidbits I've read: - Supposed to be a cross between the Rocker 30 and Thunderverb Seris. - 4 EL84s - 2 Channels: A: Volume, Shape...
  8. Slash Rothstein

    Sg '61ri - price drop

    Hey Everyone, For those who were considering purchasing an SG '61RI as I was, this deal pushed me over the edge: Best Buy dropped their price to $1350.xx. If you have BB and GC in the same vicinity, you can play the 2 against each other and do better. BB is also running some specials...
  9. Slash Rothstein


    I found this on my local CL and someone is trying to sell it for $5K. Ad says it's a limited run from the early 80's. No way this is real....right? Rare 82 Gibson ES-369
  10. Slash Rothstein

    The New Classic - LP Trad. Pro - Review

    Just stopped by GC and found out they just rec'd the replacement for the Classic: The LP Traditional Pro. I only had time to plug in a Cherryburst for about 15 minutes but here's what I learned: GC Price is 1999.99. Looks: Has the plaintop look but with a higher gloss finish than the...