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  1. Les Zombie

    WTB- Gibson boneyard custom shop LP

    Looking for a gibson custom shop boneyard, i used to own #208, so if anybody owns that one or has a nice looking boneyard in mint condition with coa, lemme know. I seen the boneyards thats on reverb and ebay, but im looking to see if any forum members has one.
  2. Les Zombie

    Fs: Gibson custom shop Slash LP with fishman

    Selling my gibson slash custom shop tobacco burst les paul with fishman powerbridge, not looking for any trades, mint condition, rarely played, comes with custom shop case and coa. Price $3650 plus shipping
  3. Les Zombie

    F/s- mesa roadster head $1000

    Mesa roadster head, conditon is very good and the amp works perfect, no scrapes or tears, there is a couple small marks on the top where i had another head sitting on it. Comes with the footswitch and manual, i dont have the cover for it. Price $1000 plus 75 for shipping Not looking...
  4. Les Zombie

    FS: EMG hetfield pickups $150

    Mint condition het set emg pickups Price $150 plus shipping No trades!!
  5. Les Zombie

    FS: mesa mark v head 90w, $1350 + shipping

    Mark v head, 90w in very good condition, a couple of the painted letters at the power switch have worn off, the amp works great with no issues, the tubes have plenty of life left, tolex has no scuffs, rips or tears, comes with the footswitch and cable, i do not have the owners manual, headshell...
  6. Les Zombie

    FS: pickups, gibson and emg

    emg hetset james hetfield pickups- $175 obo, mint looks new 1 Gibson burstbucker 2 pickup/polished nickel- $80 obo, 1 Gibson burstbucker 2 pickup/aged/vos finish- $80 obo Gibson 498t- $50 obo Radial bigshot aby pedal-$50 Barber dirtybomb pedal-$65 Plus shipping.
  7. Les Zombie

    Pedal sale

    Im rebuilding my pedalboard and want to get some new stuff and sell off some of my old stuff. Tremonti wah- 65 Barber Dirty bomb- 85 Carbon copy delay- 70 Ibanez airplane Flange- 80 Barber Supersport od-100 Voodoo pedal power plus-100 Plus shipping. Not really looking for...
  8. Les Zombie

    Pedals for sale

    Im rebuilding my pedalboard and want to get some new stuff and sell off some of my old stuff. Tremonti wah- 75 Barber Dirty bomb- 85 Trex Replica delay-175 Carbon copy delay- 85 Ibanez airplane Flange- 85 Barber Supersport od-100 Plus shipping. Not really looking for trades or...
  9. Les Zombie

    F/S gibson R9- 50th anni gold coa lp

    Selling my gold coa 50th anni, R9 Mint conditon- i have alot of guitars and play heavier styles of music and rarely play this one. I would like to see it go to somebody who will play it more. Price $5500 obo, free shipping in the usa. No trades!! I live in maryland and you can also pick...
  10. Les Zombie

    Ft: Evh 5150 iii

    looking to trade my evh 5150 III or 5153 as we call it, 100w and mint condition. im looking for a multi-watt dual/ triple rectifier, mesa roadster or marshall afd 100 plus cash. Must be in mint condition.
  11. Les Zombie

    FS/ fender custom shop relic strat with humbucker

    I have another guitar on order that should be arriving soon and i haver too many guitars and something has to go. fender didnt make very many of these guitars and red sparkle is one of the harder colors to find. its also not very often that you will find a custom shop strat with a humbucker...
  12. Les Zombie

    For sale!! Diezel vh4

    Its that time again, i have another guitar that should arrive within the next month and ive decided to sell my diezel vh4. built in the middle of 2013, the amp is about 6 months old. the tubes are great and have plenty of life. the amp is in excellent condition and looks brand new. price...
  13. Les Zombie

    fs/ Charvel EVH ART SERIES

  14. Les Zombie

    FS: GIBSON blueburst sparkle les paul custom

    i just bought another guitar and something has to go. rare gibson custom shop sparkle blueburst les paul custom. i havent seen too many of these over the years, i was told it was a run of 5 guitars. the guitar is in excellent condition and hardly played, frets are great, i would rate the...
  15. Les Zombie

    f/s- EVH 5150 III

    Mint condition evh 5153 HEAD, amp works great. im keeping the cab, its not for sale. i have 6 amps and recently bought a diezel vh4 and now i want to sell a few of my amps and get down to my favorite 4. the amp comes with the footswitch. i have good feedback on the boards. price $1250...
  16. Les Zombie

    FS- Mesa mark v head

    mesa mark v head in mint condition, looks great and has no marks on it. i bought another diezel and i wanna sell off some gear, amp works fine and no issues. comes with the footswitch and manuals. the tubes are 6l6. price 1700 plus shipping, no trades!!
  17. Les Zombie

    Fs: Prs custom 22 'one-off'

    Prs custom 22- this is a 'one-off' custom order with artist quilt top,zebra hfs and vb pickups, hybrid mixed chrome and gold hardware, and adjustable tailpiece. I think the color looks awesome. Its in mint condition and comes with a prs case. I recently bought a diezel vh4 and i wanna sell...
  18. Les Zombie

    Fs: Suhr modern-neon drip-80s shred limited.

    I recently bought a diezel vh4 and now i wanna sell something, so heres my suhr modern limited edtion neon drip aka 80's shred. Suhr made 100 guitars for this run and 50 are neon drip and 50 was yellow tiger. They are sold out now, its a great sounding guitar and plays great. The finish is...
  19. Les Zombie

    fs/ft pedals

    i have the following pedals for sale or trade- im willing to add cash if the used values arent the same or you can give me cash. pedals must be in mint conditon. barber dirty bomb- $90 shipped mxr carbon copy-$110 shipped tremonti wah-$75 shipped crybaby 95q-$75 shipped...
  20. Les Zombie

    Fs- suhr pro series s-2, black with emgs!!

    Suhr pro series S2, black with emgs!! mint condition!! no dings or dents, hardly played. 2012 Suhr Pro Series Exclusive Serial Number P3046 Original soft case, tools and tags. overall its a fine guitar but i just bought a Suhr modern drip this week and i have my eye on another guitar, so...