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  1. questionman

    NGDx2? 1275 content

    Yeah I bought one..... Epiphone, good few years old but in good shape Heavy as hell Awkward as hell Cool as hell
  2. questionman

    Where my capo?

    I need one Have a Epiphone 1275 coming, need one that covers both a 6 string and 12 string neck. Im cheap, only want to buy one What shall it be?.....
  3. questionman

    NOGD 1956 Gibson ES-225T

    Shes here! Ill do a more in depth commentary in a day or so after I have spent some more time with this one For those who didnt see my thread last week, I had a 1979 Strat listed for sale. Great looking, playing and sounding guitar but I had a hand injury - pulled something in my pinky - and...
  4. questionman

    Ed Cheapo guitar giveaway/sale

    Alright folks I have acquired a few very cool new pieces of gear and well....I want to downsize everything to just what I need So, heres a new thread of mine to condense everything so I am not taking up half the classifieds I think as of now I will not be entertaining trade offers, just...
  5. questionman

    Possible trade offer

    Pardon me, this isnt a Les Paul trade offer...not entirely sure where to post it but I figured I would get a more knowledgeable response here I have a 1979 Strat in pretty good condition listed for sale, today I got an offer to trade for a 1956? ES-225T. I have no exposure to these guitars...
  6. questionman

    Geddy Lee has a burst? Just saw this article on GW...
  7. questionman

    Help this idiot with his wiring problem

    Hey all So I recently got invited to go play with a ACDC tribute band locally, so in prep I wanted to put my set of SD Slash humbuckers in my 1982 LP Standard. My main go-to for playing out but it had a set of Lindy Fralin custom wound PAF pickups....really really really really..did I say...
  8. questionman

    2018 Gibson SG Special

    Last one for today Got this on sale a couple months ago to try out. Plays surprisingly nice, I love the feel of this neck but not a fan of the mini humbuckers, so I will pass it along to someone who could use it All stock, never even changed the strings. There are some marks on the pickguard...
  9. questionman

    FS/FT Gibson Memphis ES-LP

    This is one I am a little reluctant to get rid of but I am more seeing if I could get something cool for trade This is a beautiful guitar. Very light at 6.1lbs. I dont usually like lighter bursts but this is pretty. The wood grain pops out at you. Guitar is very clean, some smudges here and...
  10. questionman

    FT/FS 2010 Edwards LPC

    Moved into the new place, time to offload some gear and bring in some new stuff Up for sale or trade is a pretty clean Edwards LPC with P-90s. I got this from a forum member here awhile back. Its a very nice guitar but behind my other Les Pauls it doesnt get much playing time Body is clean...
  11. questionman

    Jimmy Herring

    Who else hears this guy and just loses all hope and throws their guitars away? And I am not even that big of a Panic fan
  12. questionman

    Wireless headphones for playing music

    So I have been doing some research on this, I have a pair of AKG K240s. Amazing headphones. Great sound, very comfortable But they are tied into a cable There are times when I need to be playing into headphones but 30-50 feet away from the recording station I have and sometimes in a room...
  13. questionman

    ABR on a 82 Standard

    Hey guys So I have a 1982 Standard that I LOVE Ive owned it for years then stupidly sold it then bought it back. Refretted it with 6100 wire, plays like the wind. I mean.....I couldnt put less effort into playing a guitar strung with 11s, they feel like 8s! Pickups are a custom wound set...
  14. questionman

    Good guitar racks?

    I am moving into a new place soon and will have a dedicated music room. Exciting stuff! I want to get a rack for my guitars (I have 17) that not only looks nice but wont damage the finish Most of them I dont care about but some like my MIA strat and my 2 Gibson Les Pauls I want to keep on...
  15. questionman

    Gibson, Fender, Edwards, Vintage

    Condensing my FS threads into one thread here I am attaching links to reverb for more photos of each guitar Will be adding one more guitar shortly...the 2015 Gibson Memphis ES LP at $2000 Gibson SG Special - $800 Edwards LPC...
  16. questionman

    Just saw John 5

    WOW I just got back from seeing John 5 at the local opera house in Leb, NH First off....if he is playing near you ABSOLUTELY go see him. Do yourself a favor and do it There were 2 other bands playing in support, Dead Girls Academy and Jared James Nichols I showed up a little late and didnt...
  17. questionman

    FS - Vintage V100MRTSB -- LP copy in Tobacco Burst

    Unlike the TB Strat I just posted, I have played this guitar extensively. I dont particularly want to sell it but ever since I bought back my old 1982 Standard it has sat in the case in the closet Would rather see it go to someone who might use it It plays like butter. I would take this over...
  18. questionman

    FS - Vintage Thomas Blug

    Up for sale is a Vintage Thomas Blug signature Looking for $400+ shipping. Comes with a brand new gig bag I got this as part of a trade deal along with another Vintage I am also selling. I havent spent any time with this guitar, maybe 30 minutes tops Has a nice big full neck, jumbo frets...
  19. questionman

    Anasounds spring reverb pedal

    I dont know if this has been out for awhile or if it was just released but I was just sent a link to it Its fricken cool Seems like such a great idea for a reverb unit. 2 of my 3 amps are digital reverb and it just doesnt have that twang a spring has. I think I am going to pick up a set soon...
  20. questionman

    Question about tubes in kit amp

    Hi all I am planning on taking the dive into kit amps I work with small electronics 8 hours a day and have plenty of soldering experience from that I am planning a 18W Plexi build but with a V6 option so I can have one channel EL84s and the other with 6V6s I dont have much knowledge when it...