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  1. Walt_T

    Done with CreamTone

    Faber for the win.
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  3. Walt_T

    They Sent Me The Wrong Telecaster!

    To retain personal integrity, I'd send it back.
  4. Walt_T

    How many of you sleep less than 8 hours per night???

    5, maybe 6 a night. Go to bed around 9, wake up at 1-2 to piss then drift in and until 4 or so when I get up. Same on weekends.
  5. Walt_T

    Faith In People Restored!

    Damn, I'm just grateful to be be alive. I thought we were all supposed to be dead by now.
  6. Walt_T

    This is just like my old boat, but a little smaller

    She'll take a stern view of this.
  7. Walt_T

    Greta Reality Show

    Maybe some blind man will be listening and fall in love with her.
  8. Walt_T

    Keith Richards quit smoking!

    When you're 4,627 years old, why quit now?
  9. Walt_T

    How do you guys do it?

    I'm 62, 6'1" 160. Gluten free for health reasons, but I eat like a pig and my weight hasn't deviated more than a pound or two in 20 years. BBQ, bring it on!
  10. Walt_T

    STYX concert tonight........

    Saw them in '77, likely one of the best shows I've ever seen next to Santana. The door dicks found the joint in my pony tail, but the lady I was with passed through with backup. Sammy Hagar opened and was killer, Styx were amazing. Great evening.
  11. Walt_T


    13 years in Alaska. Sometimes we wondered if it was another big one. The long shakers were kind of entertaining.
  12. Walt_T

    "Daddy, beat him up." Classic comedy from a show that sadly could no longer exist.

    Good sitcoms are lost. People can't laugh anymore, just be offended. Sad.
  13. Walt_T

    Looking after a Bass Clef

    Is it not F that needs to be watched?
  14. Walt_T

    Have you dipped your gonads in Soy sauce lately?

    Rocky mountain oysters with Frank's Red Hot. I put that shit on everything.
  15. Walt_T

    Damn cat.....

    If they can climb onto something, and find something to push off-guess what.
  16. Walt_T

    Tuning Issues ( Anybody )

    Four Lesters have lived in my house, never had a tuning issue.
  17. Walt_T

    What would happen if.....

    High school graduation parties 1975. We had a rolling kegger in a pickup truck. We visited all the parties we knew about, while drinking all the way. Six of us in the truck, three in front three in the back. I had my knees against the tailgate pissing off the back of the truck. We hit a bump and...
  18. Walt_T

    And another thing. All these puns....

    I want that t shirt.
  19. Walt_T

    They'll end up missing the point.

    These will become popular there. My wife bought me one, I keep it by my chair.
  20. Walt_T

    Will the new headstock design reduce tone?!

    N or Z gauge will make you appreciate precise adjustments. And a Tele headstock rules for tone.