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  1. ACEit

    2 Brand New LP's, Horrible Buzz

    once after a lot of time trying to solve a buzz finally I found it was the rigid ground wire in the control cavity resonating and buzzing ...:mad2: usually is the saddle not properly cut
  2. ACEit

    What finish is this?

    It seems something in between tobacco and caramel burst..
  3. ACEit

    Brand New 50's LP Standard - Having an Issue

    usually the sitar sound comes from the G string.. if it disappear when you press the string at some fret it may be the nut not properly cut. In your situation I think is the bridge saddle. Almost ALL my gibsons had that issue, more or less... if the cut is not properly done the string buzz a...
  4. ACEit

    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    I have an R8, an '18 trad w/ BK mules and emerson wiring, a '17 trad hp with BK black dogs and rewired.... now I wish an r6 and a black custom.... maybe the '17 will go...
  5. ACEit

    2019 Les Paul Standard 50 - Neck Binding oddity - Possible return?

    I think the binding is painted with a thin coat of trasparent finish.. If you file it may be it will become very noticeable... Sometimes I though to round a Little the edge of my 2016 trad hp that has a larger binding.. But I didn't
  6. ACEit

    Muddy chrome or nickel

    they SHOULD come with 500k... but when I checked my trad 2017 for it's muddiness I found they where 300k.... let's say that accuracy and gibson often doesn't match
  7. ACEit

    2008 LP Pickup rout markings show neck type?

    HB at the neck means Honey Burst LP6+ stands for standard plus with '60 neck.. where the plus should be the top selection.
  8. ACEit

    nut help

    If it hurts.. Try putting some ice on it. :hmm:
  9. ACEit

    NGD - Not so happy one

    thomann price for B-stock usually are so near a brand new one that I'll never take the risk .... as it's an online shop just send it back and ask for a refund.... don't know why you will spnd your time trying to fix something that in your mind will be a B-choice forever... just for 70 euros....
  10. ACEit

    Oh no! What Have I Done?

    to me my #1 is my 2016 R8 and is the only custom shop I have... I have two trads too, a 2016 hp and a 2017, both heavily modded... working on my guitars is one of my favourite pastime... when I'm in the mood... so I swapped many Pickups, refine wiring an caps... and so on, in order to make them...
  11. ACEit

    2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional - Help With Info

    it's exactly that.... I had a 15 trad but I didn't like the '59 at all... moreover the big neck plus the extra binding make the neck veeeery unconfortable... even if usually I like 58 necks.... now I have an r8 a 17 trad and a 16 trad hp.. the extra size of the hp neck width is annoying but I...
  12. ACEit

    What's your favorite pickups?

    Custombuckers on my 2016 R8 are my Reference set.... I like them sooo much. I have a set of BK mules on a '17 trad that I like almost the same, even if they are a completely different beast, I also have a set of BK black dogs in a '16 trad hp that are awesome but I prefere the above. I have...
  13. ACEit

    Gibson Standard 50s ABR bridge string spacing

    when I bought my trad 17 the only explanation for the bridge spacing was that this man was working at gibson. NONE of the saddles slots were centered ... and by far. even the covers on the cavities are all misplaced... for the covers I don't care... for the bridge I bought a new one ( no...
  14. ACEit

    Potential Magnet Issue?

    I have two sets of the same pickup model/specs from a well know winder.... moreover made in the same period... well.. they are ( were ) completely different tonewise. one is exactly what i was seraching for... the other one doesn't have dinamics at all, a bit dull and the volume was lower too...
  15. ACEit

    Favorite looking combination

    ohhhh yeah,,,, this is mine...
  16. ACEit

    2018 Traditional Pot Values?

    specs says they should be 500k .. but the same was for my 2017 trad ... and I find out they put 300 K volumes instead... the guitar had a lot of "growl"... but was really muddy... I rewired it with a set of 500k cts and PIO caps, '50 style... now it's a completely different beast. Trying to find...
  17. ACEit

    Favorite looking combination

    lightly flamed.. lemon.. vos... wait... that's my R8 ;) and the back has to be cherry....
  18. ACEit

    Sell my R8 for a Trad ???

    I Have two Trads and an r8... As hard I try to make the Trads on the same ballpark of the r8.. No way... To me it's like a game.. Swap pickup.. Hardware.. Wiring... I improved the Trads a lot.. But They are still far from the reference.. So.. To me selling the r8 just to have the gold top...
  19. ACEit

    A guitar for just testing mods/changes...

    something going from exagerate to ludicrous... ;)
  20. ACEit

    A guitar for just testing mods/changes...

    You need a "reliable" guitar if you want to use it for "experiments". I mean.. if the wood has some tonal flaw or a very distinct character it will mantain it no matter what... you can change it with the mods but cannot completely solve it. eg. I have a 2017 traditional.... even unplugged you...