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  1. MikeyTheCat

    My wife wants to buy me a ES335!

    And I have to think about it. We were talking over dinner and I mentioned that a 335 was the guitar I had always wanted since I started playing but for various reasons (money)never got. She asked to see one and how much were they, and then told me she would get me one for my birthday. I would...
  2. MikeyTheCat

    Ever had a good song that just never came together?

    Back in my band days one of the guys came up with a song that we all thought was really good. We got 85% of it done in no time and went nowhere. I couldn’t compose a good solo, the singer couldn’t find his hook, the bridge was good but then the song died after it. We worked on it over...
  3. MikeyTheCat

    It’s a culmination of everything that makes The Backstage great!
  4. MikeyTheCat

    Z-Rock: Real band, real people and I’m not sure about the rest. NSFW

    Rock band at night, kids parties during the day. I love this show. NSFW
  5. MikeyTheCat

    Elon Musk Bulldozers Forest!

    It’s true. I love reading the comments section even more than a top wrapping debate.
  6. MikeyTheCat

    Ed King

    Really just seems like he was a nice guy.
  7. MikeyTheCat

    Every breath you take and every move you make Every bond you break, every step you take,

    I’ll be watching you
  8. MikeyTheCat

    So who owns your feature?

    So many things are now a subscription or a feature that at least partially exists in software, but people think they actually own the product and not a license to use it. This model has been around since at least the 90s when I had to tell the president of a company that they were likely to end...
  9. MikeyTheCat

    ICE Ban

    Some interesting info.
  10. MikeyTheCat

    Wow, prepping for a colonoscopy...

    ...takes a lot out of you/! One more round in the morning and then it's off to the fun house.
  11. MikeyTheCat

    I don't know if Brexit is good or bad,

    but I do enjoy watching my Brit cousins piss off the EU. Put your flags away, you're leaving, and take them with you.
  12. MikeyTheCat

    EVs Don’t Need Maintenance!

    Though you may need the Pied Piper. I love this guy’s videos.
  13. MikeyTheCat

    What’s Better Than a Hottie in XXX?

    XXXXL! When XL just isn’t big enough.
  14. MikeyTheCat

    Agnesi Fired Again
  15. MikeyTheCat


    Me:No Nazis and UFOs. Wife shakes head over the shows I find entertaining. If I can find a show with Nazis, UFOs, ghost hunters that drive trucks over frozen lakes and lost treasure I think I would explode with joy even though my wife would leave me.
  16. MikeyTheCat

    So this is how the Zombie Apocalypse Starts

    Holy cow. Somehow I think the numbers from China are low and the severity of this virus understated if they’re quarantining entire cities.
  17. MikeyTheCat

    I’m going on tour and will be getting some tail!

    Or maybe not!
  18. MikeyTheCat

    Rob Chapman is the New Henry?

    What the hey nonny nonny? I guess the inter webs guitar world needs a villain. The original video is less interesting than the commentaries on the video. And the guy looks a little creepy in a Max Headroom kind of way.
  19. MikeyTheCat

    Tesla Wins, GM is Doomed!

    “Customers aren’t interested in hybrids,” Mary Barra, GM’s CEO, said during an industry conference in November. But a study released by Deloitte this month found 27% of U.S. consumers are actively considering a hybrid, while just 8% are looking at pure electrics. Some 59% of Americans still...
  20. MikeyTheCat

    Calling Mr. Page, Mr Jimmy Page: Song Stealing

    At least when Jimmy borrowed or stole he picked something good and usually made it better. But these days it’s better to steal something that’s musically crap and make it even crappier.