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  1. KenG

    spark amp

    Obviously for home use only but a neat toy. Price isn't bad either since you're getting an app to help learn songs.
  2. KenG

    Axe FX 2 with controller for Helix Floor?

    Not to offend but your comments on tone sound like they are coming from someone who may not be well versed in how to dial things in. Ex "steaming digital turd" There are tons of examples posted on other forums with excellent tones coming out of any of today's new modellers. Most are not using...
  3. KenG

    New amp Fender Mustang II 40 watt

    Nice. Yeah it'll never recover here, too restrictive compared to other sites due mainly to some complaints from both camps to the mods early on and their getting tired of dealing with the drama. I spend most of my time in the D&M section on another forum. Sometimes the discussions get lively but...
  4. KenG

    New amp Fender Mustang II 40 watt

    Let us know how you like it. Its pretty dead here in the subforum, I think most have moved off to more d&m spots that are more open and less likely to drop the hammer if things get touchy.
  5. KenG

    The Official Headrush Pedalboard Thread

    Standalone guitar tone and in-the-mix guitar tone are often two different things. Considering the response of a guitar cab with upper lower limits between >100hz up to <6khz in totality unmiced the guitar tone is usually more mid focused and cuts through more. Folks need to learn to emphasize...
  6. KenG

    Hell Freezes Over

    I never use the computer wth my LT except when I want to upgrade fw (because Line 6 added new amps, effects etc,) though the pc editor is very easy to drive. The Helix family has one of the most user friendly onboard interfaces and its very intuitive. And I simply dedicated a portion of my...
  7. KenG

    Newbie interested in amp simulation

    And I believe like the LT, Floor & rack the Stomp supports multiple channels in the usb path so you can send both effected guitar tones and dry (guitar no amp or effects) to your daw for reamping later. About the only reason you might want a dedicated AI for a pc is for other intruments, mics or...
  8. KenG

    modeling amp, vs. software vs. modeling stomp or rack

    Not to mention many interfaces come with lite versions of recording software bundled in. Usually more than good enough to get folks started on home recording and I believe better than the free apps out there with more features and functionality, lacking usually only in the number of tracks...
  9. KenG

    Newbie interested in amp simulation

    Not to mention that periodically Native get's huge discounts to registered owners of the Stomp, LT, Floor and Rack models! Lat year I could've bought Native for $99 USD as an LT owner.
  10. KenG

    Hell Freezes Over

    Well maybe not frozen over .... but certainly getting cooler:dude:
  11. KenG

    modeling amp, vs. software vs. modeling stomp or rack

    The biggest differences are price and use. SW solutions can be relatively inexpensive but you will need a decent audio interface and monitors to get the most out of that route. Again you're tied to a PC or Laptop and there's little option for changes on the fly as you'd have to stop playing to...
  12. KenG

    Anyone using the HeadRush FRFR

    If it's for home the 8 inch is plenty. I have the Alto version (TS308). People seem to gravitate to 12 Inch thinking it's like guitar speakers but it's not, FRFR uses Low Freq drivers which cannot reproduce the higher freqs (up to 6Khz) that guitar speakers can. The crossover frequency is...
  13. KenG

    Strymon Iridium

    I liked the clean tones and the extra hot OD tones on the iridium. I could see the attraction for someone who wants a simpler interface as well. Still a little limited in functionality and amps but decently priced for what you're getting in quality.
  14. KenG

    Tom Quayle demos a Laney LFR-112 FRFR with an AX8

    It definitely had some midrange boost to it, especially since he could only close mic the one driver. While the gain on some parts and effects were a little much for me, I think it would cut through the mix nicely live.
  15. KenG

    Line 6 Spider V30 Mark 2

    Well they aren't the original Spider Series but what that means I have no idea. One mans tone is another mans shite. However for the same $$ you can get a Katana 50W which many reported beng satisfied with. It also has a power switch, deeper editing with a PC and 4 "presets".
  16. KenG

    Helix HX Edit 2.81 is out.

    Go on the "other" forum where Line6 frequents and raise a ticket.
  17. KenG

    R8 2017 fretboard Quality issue

    That guitar has been used. look at the grunge on the fretboard! Clean it first of all and see how it looks after that.
  18. KenG

    Helix HX Edit 2.81 is out.

    Did you do the factory preset update when you loaded 2.8?
  19. KenG

    Line 6 Helix vs Analogman King of Tone

    FRFR = full range flat response, used to try to reproduce modelled tones with ideally no, but in reality as little sonic impact as possible. AITR = Amp In The Room. The sound of a normal guitar cab unmic'ed as you hear it normally with an amp. Some players just have to have that, some of us can...
  20. KenG

    Line 6 Helix vs Analogman King of Tone

    The Power cab has the amp built in. It basically takes the place of a powered FRFR but with more AITR. Of course you can turn off CABs in the Helix and run into and effects eturn or line in and use the power amp section and cabinet of any tube amp too. I've been sticking to FRFR as one of the...