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  1. Phoenix59

    12-string SG?

    Anyone have a clue whose 12-string SG this is on display at the Denver Hard Rock Cafe? I couldn’t get close enough to read the plaque.
  2. Phoenix59

    Christmas Present

    So I got a friend request on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, or should I say a friend request i had made was accepted. It was from the wife of an old friend of mine. We had been best buds in high school, grown apart, didn't talk for about ten years. Then when I had my car wreck twelve years ago...
  3. Phoenix59


    So we have been looking to trade off our vehicle for several months. At taxtime we had good intentions, but before we knew it we were like, "Uh, where did all that money go that we just had?" So it had to wait a few more months. We got into a good position this past week and traded our 2003...
  4. Phoenix59

    Any interest in an even trade?

    I have a 2010 Epi Les Paul Trad Pro in Wine Red, which I have barely played at all. I keep thinking i want a goldtop. At the time I bought this axe (from Musicians Friend) they didn't have any gold tops listed, just the wine red, ebony and sunburst. I have even thought about having this one...
  5. Phoenix59

    Having surgery tomorrow

    Some of you may recall a while back that I mentioned an injury to my foot, and the issues I had been having with an infection there, etc. I've been dealing with wound care and a long course of antibiotics (actually three different courses) since the end of September. It's finally come...
  6. Phoenix59

    FA: PreSonus Firebox

    eBay, auction #221208560833 I have a PreSonus Firebox audio/midi interface up on eBay. Only a couple of years old; I upgraded to a new computer and forgot about the fact that I needed FireWire ports to accommodate this. It is in a small form factor case, so there's no provision for any...
  7. Phoenix59

    FS/FT: Humbucker cover & toggle knob

    I bought these two items at Musicians Friend: 1 Neck Position Humbucker Cover Nickel Item # 360930000377000 1 Toggle Switch Cap Vintage Amber Item # 360922000480000 Then I discovered that neither one fits my Epiphone LP Trad Pro. Anyone want these? The toggle switch...
  8. Phoenix59

    WTT: Presonus Firebox audio/MIDI interface

    I bought my last PC specifically because it had FireWire ports, which I needed to use this. My new PC doesn't have them, and with the small form factor case I chose (should have thought ahead), there's nowhere to install an expansion card other than the video card. I'd be interested in...
  9. Phoenix59

    Blue Les Paul...

    I don't normally care for blue Lesters, as I am kind of a traditionalist, but omigosh, this one's beautiful. Kinda looks like a swimming pool that I could just dive into.
  10. Phoenix59

    Epi LP Special I P90?

    I haven't been able to find these anywhere else, so I'm thinking these may be a special run for MF: Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90 Electric Guitar Similar to the Special II's you see everywhere, but with soapbar P-90's. Available in Worn Black, Worn TV Yellow, and Worn Cherry...
  11. Phoenix59


    I am proud (and a little bit shellshocked) to announce that my first published novel, Pinball, is now available for Amazon Kindle. Please buy a copy; I haven't had anything to eat for three weeks except dried up pieces of American cheese and canned Popeye's spinach. No, I'm just kidding, but I...
  12. Phoenix59

    Soooo... how come I'd never heard of Watershed?

    I'm reading a book called Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll by Joe Oestreich, who co-founded the band when he was still in high school and has been the bass player and one of two vocalists in the band for 25 years. They got signed by Epic back in the early 90s and dropped...
  13. Phoenix59

    What if the Beatles had broken up in 1966?

    This question was posed on another forum site where I am a member; the impetus was that the Beatles were sick of being the focus of Beatlemania and stopped touring in 1966, but what if it had gone farther than that, and they had broken up? I wrote this for that discussion, but I thought you...
  14. Phoenix59

    Stolen Guitar - Tucson

    I'm reposting this for a friend of mine.
  15. Phoenix59

    So somehow or other I f***ed up my left hand...

    Back in September I became very sick and wound up in the hospital for almost a month with an infection in my right foot that I am STILL dealing with. However, in the early stages of that sickness, I woke up one morning and discovered that I had done something to my left hand; the main...
  16. Phoenix59

    Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay

    Oh, my God. I have such bad GAS now. Dual Tap Delay: Introduction - YouTube
  17. Phoenix59

    Bachman & Turner

    Caught the last two songs of their show on AXS and was surprised to see that Randy Bachman was playing an Epiphone gold top. It was nice looking, with open black coils and a Bigsby. He also had a burst sitting on a stand that appeared to be a Gibby. Fred Turner was playing a Carvin bass...
  18. Phoenix59

    1957 Goldtop on eBay

    Presently at $159,995.00 -- opinions? 1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop ALL ORIGINAL Uncirculated PAF THE REAL DEAL!!!! | eBay I feel like the photos don't show enough detail, such as the headstock, tuners, back, inside of the control cavity... of course, it's not like I have that kind of...
  19. Phoenix59

    MF Stupid Deal Of The Day 9-23

    Stupid Deal of the Day | SDOTD | Musician's Friend TASCAM Track Pack just $129.99! This TASCAM TrackPack SE USB Bundle comes with the TASCAM US-122mkII USB 2.0 computer interface, Cubase LE5 music production software, TASCAM TM-78 large condenser microphone with stand, and TASCAM...
  20. Phoenix59

    FS: 2010 Epi Les Paul Trad Pro

    I have been in the hospital since Sept. 2, with the alarming news that I have an infection in the bones of my right foot, which will take quite some time to eradicate, with a fair possibility that I could lose part of my leg. After some long discussion my wife and I have decided to downsize my...