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    Ditto these are amazing. I have a 65 tweed with a 12. And a stock 68 custom. Both are amazing! My fave amps by far
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    2018 Classic Pelham Blue top

    Dont want to but need to clear a few things. A dead mint classic pelham top p90 no weight relief Les Paul. Less then 9.5 lbs (my standard is 9.06 lbs per the seller and its a touch heavier. Case and all paperwork included! Pick up near Detroit or pay shipping. $1450+ ship
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    Midtown custom?

    Love mine. Got it new on blowout for $850 i think. One of my faves. Slim fast neck. More like a hollow LP then a 335. Kind of in the middle.
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    Seagull acoustics

    So thought this would be a HNGD but a bit of a bummer. Ive had a worn but amazing '80s s6 cedar i got for $120 a year or so ago. Sounds amazing, and havent played a acoustic sound as good for 10x more. (Even with the same old strings) So found a plus spruce '80s era s6 great shape few minor...
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    Gibson blowout pricing?

    I remember getting a midtown custom new $800. ES335 Turquoise limited $1700. '15 Sg standard $650. '15 DC Jr $550. '08 explorer faded $450. x2 fender usa jazz basses $750. '12 LP trad pro $1200. And im sure alot more i cant remember
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    Gibson LP Traditional PRO V

    Not mine. Sexxxxxxxy
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    So no one was asking for it........

    I love it. I liked the earlier tras black acoustic from a few years ago. But i think they were $5500? I remember thinking can i? And saying not at $5k+ now they are 7k+ lol. Heres a screenshot i kept
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    Best Way to Purchase New Les Paul

    I got $300 of my standard blueberry burst from wildwood. Of the dozens of gibsons and LPs i had its truely flawless
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    LP Classic Question

    I just sold a amazing playing/sounding green ocean burst classic with a few dings on her for $1300 just a week ago. Took me weeks to even get that. Run run away. Id say $600 to 800.
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    335 studio 2018- Opinions

    I wish i had bought morw on the cme blowout. Just a 335 limited Turquoise. I think was $1500?
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    Les paul/strat trade advice?

    We traded the explorer i hardly played for the strat im happy. The houndouran mahogany body is sweet. Heavy flame neck, dident show in my low light pics.
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    Les paul/strat trade advice?

    Looks like he wants my 16 explorer ill do that trade since i dont play it
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    Les paul/strat trade advice?

    Ah ok thanks i think i was getting hung up on the hondouran mahogany body.
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    Les paul/strat trade advice?

    A local guy wants to trade my mint 2018 pelham blue top p90 classic for a 2017 american professional mahogany limited to 300 strat. I never really play the p90 was looking to sell it...
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    My Classics. Please post yours!

    17 ocean burst. 18 Pelham blue top
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    2016 Gibson Explorer cherry

    Like new low play time maybe a few hours. One tiny ding on the back. Gibson gig bag for 2016. Black guard included (one scree hole is off i never wanted to drill) plastic still on back cover $800+ fees/shipping. Or local meet in Michigan Detroit metro area
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    NGD: 2017 classic ocean green

    Its for sale lol
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    2017 Gibson Les paul classic ocean green

    Selling a great playing beautiful classic. All stock. Grover lockers, case, 57 pickups. Honest playwear. Not beat up but has some love taps and slight scratches. Need to clear $1400.00 F/F or $1475 normal PP. + shipping or meet near metro detroit area
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    Champ Amp 5f1 clone questions

    I agree builds great stuff cheap! Quoted me $850 for a 5e3