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  1. outlawten5

    I need help

    recent country western movie. Made me laugh. My brother is visiting again and we wanna cuddle
  2. outlawten5

    Do you feed your dog...

    people food? I do and always have. He doesn't whine or beg but knows he always gets the last bite. Back story here is we had a bit of a cold snap one night (iguanas falling from trees) so I made a batch of chili. He loves it. Like goes ape-shit for it. Drooling etc... It's not crazy hot but it...
  3. outlawten5


    Was feeling really low. Had too much time off. Holidays etc...havent worked yet this year. Drinking like a fish. And i just got a service call. Made $6700 in one afternoon. Resetting a breaker. I feel better
  4. outlawten5

    OMG! This is funny

    Probably not politically correct but this girl puts herself out there. And she's making bank. Cooking with Tourettes on YouTube
  5. outlawten5

    Rick Nielsens new 59 LP

    Bought at Mecum auction from Geddy Lees' collection. Sorry if this has already been posted
  6. outlawten5

    Behringer mixer experience

    Anyone have any experience with these? Model X2442USB. It's a 16 channel digital mixer. I know Behringer speakers are crap but I heard some of their mixers are great. Any info is appreciated.
  7. outlawten5

    Matte finish guitars.

    Just not a big fan. Even though I own 2. They were great deals and I couldn't pass them up. My Luthier says I can just clear them and be glossy. Is this true?
  8. outlawten5

    Gotta love Amazon sometimes.

    Mom sounds like hell over the phone. Sisters too busy with 3 kids. Nyquil overnight to the rescue. From Florida to Seattle. Gotta love it
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    Women. Last post and the holidays have me sad. I could use a friend. To shake it for me in the urinal I'm not sad. But some of us might be. To the one's needing a shake. Conversation. Anything. Reach out. I'll listen. I've had some adversatie in my life.
  10. outlawten5

    Best concerts

    For me. Kiss in'77. And steel panther two weeks ago. I like to be entertained. Great showmanship
  11. outlawten5

    Les Paul weight

    Just borrowed the neighbors scale. 9lbs 4ozs. Im proud.
  12. outlawten5

    Vivian Campbell

    Love that Dio album in my teens. Did he sell his soul to Def Leppard?
  13. outlawten5

    fuckin slobs

    $600 to clean my house
  14. outlawten5

    Gibson quality

    I'm no judge as I only recently purchased my first Gibson. Although I have heard the talk of hit or miss quality control from the factory. For you seasoned Gibson owners do you think quality has improved with the regime change? BTW my 2019 Les Paul Classic was flawless.
  15. outlawten5

    Gibson Explorer

    I'd like to add a certain Explorer to my collection. Rear loaded, without pickguard. Body and neck binding. Black in color. What guitar am I looking for?
  16. outlawten5

    youtube vocal coaching videos

    I'm a really bad singer. Tons of guitar lessons available. Can anyone recommend any vocal coaching videos for beginners? Thanks
  17. outlawten5

    youtube vocal videos

    I'm a really bad singer. Tons of guitar lessons available. Can anyone recommend any vocal coaching videos for beginners? Thanks
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    Anyone watching?
  19. outlawten5

    Steel Panther tonight-Cleveland

    Made it to Cleveland last night. RnR hall of fame this afternoon. Show tonight. Spending time with lil bro- priceless
  20. outlawten5

    Kiss fans

    Cold gin and rock bottom are my favorites