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  1. moreles

    NGD 2006 Les Paul Junior '57 Reissue

    Nice one! I'd be ashamed to ship a guitar without cleaning it, but I guess some people are clueless. But it's nice to have the who thing clean and fresh now that it's yours. Good PU swap. There are so many good P90s that it's silly to stick with a mediocre P100 as your single pickup. I...
  2. moreles

    Please help me fix my Black Beauty! Cracks in the poly around the nut

    I'm sorry I don't get high-res pics when the OP images blow up on my laptop, because I think there's a lot of bad analysis in this thread. Given the verbal descriptions, I am not surprised that your luthier has some serious concerns. There were initial red flags which various responses minimized...
  3. moreles

    Epiphone Jr. Toggle Switch Mod

    That's not a toggle, it's a selector switch. IMO, the options you will get will remain way limited compared to a guitar with 2 humbuckers, so I don't really get the point. Few split HBs have a genuinely good single coil sound, but have the advantage of letting you combine single coils from the 2...
  4. moreles

    Can you advise me on this SG mystery?

    Nice SG. The first one looks like a god guitar, too, but with an entire homebrew aging job. (It looks like the finish was sanded down a bit, on top of all the other things people pointed out.) Nothing wrong with that, if it's your thing, but I would have made the choice you did -- get a good...
  5. moreles

    A note about lacquer thinners..

    Well, I'll be danged. I've been around a long time and never encountered this amazingly helpful perspective. I thought lacquer thinner was all... lacquer thinner. This is why this forum is so valued by so many of us. Thanks for the info, experts. What a help! Of course, now I have to find the...
  6. moreles

    Neck width

    Can't help, but that's an interesting question. I wonder if Gibson had a slotting jig back (standard) then or slotted by hand (variable). Hope some expert chimes in.
  7. moreles

    A Stratocaster?

    They're good for playing music on.
  8. moreles

    Reverb Listing - WTF?

    I've got the first burst made on 5/18/97. It was the first one ever made since 5/17/97. One of a kind. Collectors, line up please. Cash only.
  9. moreles

    My new R9

    That is a nice guitar, plain and simple. Don't you think it would look better with a lot of fake damage, wear, and genuine imitation grime? No? Me either. That's beautiful. I love the glossy but not glinty finish. Perfect.
  10. moreles

    Why do this to a beautiful Gibson Historic

    This one uses actual dings and nicks, which somehow almost never get done in the usual "boutique" relics, because, well, those are the real-world wear marks buyers don't like, and are not part of the hilariously-bogus fake aging style catalog. So this is an "ugly" relic, not a "pretty" relic...
  11. moreles

    Lighting - 1 or 2 Piece Gibson bodies

    If painted, looking at a slant across an evenly lit top often works. Sometimes, you really can't tell. (That's why vintage goldtop conversion sometimes yields surprises in the form of mulyi-piece or non center-semaed woods.) With translucent or clearer finishes, you just look super-closely, and...
  12. moreles

    How much would you pay? 2016 trad with neck repair

    Back to the OP. Ignore general comments about the stability or playability of neck repairs. Some have no negative effect at all, some are terrible. It's a case-by-case basis. As to value, it's similarly variable but even at best -- nearly-invisible break repaired ideally -- there's signficant...
  13. moreles

    In need of a name

    Ol' Smoky
  14. moreles

    Upcoming $259 hollowbody NGD

    Part of the answer to the "how can they do this so cheaply" is answered in your posts. You are doing a lot of the handwork that costs time and money, which the maker saves by having you dress frets, do setup, and repair slapdash wiring. Then, you can throw away the junk hardware for something...
  15. moreles

    Brand New 50's LP Standard - Having an Issue

    I'm sure it will get worked out, but there's a lesson here. You didn't test it sufficiently before buying, so now you're stuck chasing around with an issue that should not be present in a $3K new guitar. Not all GCs have capable techs -- few do -- so getting it suqared away there is never...
  16. moreles

    The lowly old Boss DS-1....

    The DS-1 is great for a wide range of players, amps, and styles. Not for everyone of course -- what is? But it's a brilliant design and in a workable context can sound as wonderful as anything else. I find it rsponsive and versatile, not a one-trick pony. It is cheap because it was meant to seel...
  17. moreles

    Silverbust Studio worth $399 if...

    Can't see the repair, can't give an opinion. If it's a clean break and sound repair, that price is spot on.
  18. moreles

    Buckethead Signature Les Paul - Desirable?

    Buckethead is a monster player who can be awesomely powerful or just plain funny from one beat to the next. This is an unusual guitar, in terms of scale length and feel, and I doubt that most players, incuding those who ridicule Buckethead, can even handle it.
  19. moreles

    Stand or Floor?

    I use a Weber Beam-Blocker to (supposedly) reduce that straight-line beaming and produce better dispersion for my 1-speaker, small-venue amp. I have no idea if it works. I tilt my amp rather than raising it fully off the floor. Since everyone else in the group has their amps on the floor, I...
  20. moreles

    New Harmony Reissues

    Fortunately, they're not really reissues, but instead are proper guitars seeming made well with good components. As one who had to play a Harmony for a while way back when, I hope never to have to do that again. These new ones, Harmony in name only, could be decent. I haven't seen one in the...