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  1. afireinside

    2018 Classic Pelham Blue top

    Dont want to but need to clear a few things. A dead mint classic pelham top p90 no weight relief Les Paul. Less then 9.5 lbs (my standard is 9.06 lbs per the seller and its a touch heavier. Case and all paperwork included! Pick up near Detroit or pay shipping. $1450+ ship
  2. afireinside

    Seagull acoustics

    So thought this would be a HNGD but a bit of a bummer. Ive had a worn but amazing '80s s6 cedar i got for $120 a year or so ago. Sounds amazing, and havent played a acoustic sound as good for 10x more. (Even with the same old strings) So found a plus spruce '80s era s6 great shape few minor...
  3. afireinside

    Les paul/strat trade advice?

    A local guy wants to trade my mint 2018 pelham blue top p90 classic for a 2017 american professional mahogany limited to 300 strat. I never really play the p90 was looking to sell it...
  4. afireinside

    2016 Gibson Explorer cherry

    Like new low play time maybe a few hours. One tiny ding on the back. Gibson gig bag for 2016. Black guard included (one scree hole is off i never wanted to drill) plastic still on back cover $800+ fees/shipping. Or local meet in Michigan Detroit metro area
  5. afireinside

    2017 Gibson Les paul classic ocean green

    Selling a great playing beautiful classic. All stock. Grover lockers, case, 57 pickups. Honest playwear. Not beat up but has some love taps and slight scratches. Need to clear $1400.00 F/F or $1475 normal PP. + shipping or meet near metro detroit area
  6. afireinside

    Champ Amp 5f1 clone questions

    So wanted to find a cheap but good clone. On Reverb i found this builder claims he hand wires them with good quality components. I have no idea about internals at all! If someone said solder this cap here i could. Besides that no idea....... Does this look like a cheap chinese copy sold as a...
  7. afireinside

    FS: 1984 Ibanez Artist AR105 MIJ

    Japan made 1984 vintage Artist great neck think 60s but a touch wider. Insane low action. Id have to say lower then my old late 80s MIJ RGs. Mahogany body, mahogany burl top, stock super 58 pups. Very good condition a few light scratches and a tiny ding on the back. Plays and sounds great just...
  8. afireinside

    Amp hiss with reverb engaged

    I got a older peavy 112 special sounds and works well other then the reverb knob. Anything over 0 i get static noise alot actually and no reverb. Ideas? Bad solder? Ect Anything else i could do for a mids 90s SS for maintence? Clean pots?
  9. afireinside

    What amps/cab do i have here?

    Neighbors new GF (both of their spouses passesd away suddenly a few years ago) husband used to play. Their daughter took his guitars and some amps but had left over 4 amps he wants me to value and or buy off them. I know one is a peavy ultra 112 tube amp all seems to work, its clean but doesnt...
  10. afireinside

    *SOLD* 2016 Traditional plain top no weight relief

    Selling a mint no weight relief 2016 traditional. 9lb 6oz bought from sweetwater brand new in 2016. In light burst finish, 50s neck. Very little play time i jive with 60s necks only the smaller/slimmer the better! Has mint case and paperwork. Sweet grain. Stock besides a set of Gibson 59t...
  11. afireinside

    NGD 1984 Ibanez AR105

    Same as a AR Artist 100 But with a burl mahogany top vs flame maple. Found one pretty reasonable ($750 after tax/shipping) on few minor dings but super clean for a 35 year old guitar. Crazy low action, perfect fret board, minor fretwear on B and high E. Stock except has gibson top hat...
  12. afireinside

    NGD: 2017 SG Standard.

    So i had a 15 Standard loved it sounded great, was sexy and i liked the auto tuners...... due to the neck i never did play it, sat for years. Sold it and the same day i found a 17 standard locally for $25 more. Its in dark cherry burst. It sounds just as good but has a proper 60s neck! Not my...
  13. afireinside

    2009 LP Studio weight relief?

  14. afireinside

    NGD: 2017 classic ocean green

    Found this semi local. Probably paid a too much but ive wanted this finish since i first saw it in 17. I love the uncovered 57s, I hated them in my 16 trad, they are good in my 15 SG Std go figure. Love the neck small 60s rolled fretboard is a nice touch dark fret board after oiling. Sounds and...
  15. afireinside

    NGD: 2019 Blueberry Burst Standard

    So after deciding between the BB and a Mojave burst standards i picked my old muse. Bought from Wildwood where picked it from the litter due to the burst, green in the middle purple rim on top. And the FLAME is pretttttty sweet some great 3d effects as you look around it. I have dug the compound...
  16. afireinside

    Standard finish. Blueberry or Mojave?

    So im stressing on picking a color i like both whats your takes 2018 Mojave or 2019 Blueberry
  17. afireinside

    Clear coat lifting SG special

    So i got a new SG special that came out of the box with a bit of clear lifting MF dosent have any to swap for anymore and gibson wants me to pay to ship to them for evaluation. Could i use a heat gun and get it to relay? Would lacquer on a brush reactivate it to lay? Any ideas?
  18. afireinside

    NGD: 2018 SG Special Natural

    So a surprise NGD dident need more, just got a 2018 Classic LP...... And already had a SG standard but MF had a deal of the day last week and had to nab one $550. Plays great a little bit thick on the slim taper side of the neck sizing. Can virtuoso get a shine onto the faded finish? I dig the...
  19. afireinside

    NGD: 2018 Classic Les Paul Pelham Blue

    So these are on clearence currently for $1400 at GC and i had bought and stupidly returned a Goldtop back in December when they were $1600 (was heavy prob 10 to 11 lbs and had a thicker neck) So i called my local GC and they were able to ship me a blue one in. Went today to grab it and its a...
  20. afireinside

    White explorer fretboard question

    Sorry i searched but does the 2011 white explorers have ebony fretboards still? Looks like it has one from the fuzzy pics but unsure. I thought they did