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    In the middle of bidding a message pops up that they're stopping bidding as moving warehouses: Happy Holidays! Unfortunately, Due To Unexpected Circumstances Beyond Our Control, We Have To Quickly Move Warehouses. We Understand How Frustrating This Is, Even More So For Us, But We Can Not Take...
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    Relic’d Guitars from Japanese auction sites

    What are these? Are they old guitars that have been refurbished, or new (Chinese) guitars that have been processed?
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    What is this?

    Epiphone Japan Epiphone rare In looking at this guitar based on the headstock shape and trc, this should be a Korean guitar, but it's stamped MADE IN JAPAN. Is it fake, or ...?
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    Is this repairable? Just curious if this is a fool's errand or if this can actually be repaired and made playable for an extended length of time.