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  1. Freddy G

    Beethoven this afternoon!

    Egmont overture, Concerto in C Major for piano,violin and cello Symphony No. 5! STOKED!
  2. Freddy G

    The Lighthouse

    A film from 2019. Anyone see it? I just watched it. My God! What an amazing film. Low budget. Shot in 35mm black and white with an aspect ratio of 1.19-1. Right from the grainy, blurry opening shot your skin starts to crawl. The angry sea looks a hell of a lot angrier in 35mm B&W! It's about...
  3. Freddy G

    Pickup shielding problem

    OK, I give up.....rather than beat my brains out trying to figure this out I'm hoping some of the pickup gurus here can help me out. I've got a Tom Holmes H455 in the bridge position. Everything wired correctly, but there is no extra shielding effect when I touch the strings. The neck p/up does...
  4. Freddy G

    Sick As A Dog

    What's your story?
  5. Freddy G

    False Alarm - scrapes and bruises!

    Got a new home security system. Deep asleep last night....4AM....wifey shaking me violently in bed "someone's breaking in!!!" I hear the alarm. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Wifey still yelling and shoving "DO SOMETHING!" I spring out of bed, but I go careening across the...
  6. Freddy G

    My connection with Rush, and how it has affected my life...

    I'm thinking about Neil....just sitting here. Supposed to be working on guitars right now but..... When I was a kid I was a Kiss fan. Then one day my older brother brought home Rush....the first album. I liked it a lot. But I was still a Kiss fan. Everything changed when I brought home a copy...
  7. Freddy G

    Canada vs Russia 2020 World Juniors

    Who's watching this afternoon? I'll be glued to the screen and on the edge of my seat. Canada has a great looking team but the Russians are a powerhouse. This is gonna be classic!
  8. Freddy G

    Ghislaine Maxwell....any bets?

    Anyone think she will decide to commit "suicide"?
  9. Freddy G

    Don't Let the Door Hit You On The Way Out 2019

    New years eve. I'm thinking about everything that happened this year. I'm glad to see the end of it. I'm hoping the new decade will be better than the last. So I sit down at my bench this morning feeling the absence of Wally....what to do today? Yeah...I'm going to take a badly needed ME DAY. I...
  10. Freddy G


    Mrs G and I are gutted. We came home last night and I found Wally under my bench wailing and crying. His hind quarters completely limp. Bundled him up and rushed him to the emergency vet a half hour away.....listening to Wally cry all the way was heartwrenching. The vet diagnosed it...
  11. Freddy G

    "Monkey" SG build

    A right handed "Monkey" SG build. Many thanks to @pshupe for the assistance!
  12. Freddy G

    Marie Fredriksson dead at 61

    I know most of you guys probably don't know or care about Roxette and Marie. Swedish pop band. I toured with her in the 90s. Marie was a friend, a marvelous lady and just a really down to earth, good person. RIP Marie.
  13. Freddy G

    Wonder Woman 1984

    The trailer just came out. Hell yeah! I'll go see that. Don't give a damn if the plot was as stupid as the last one...(well OK, it would be bonus if it wasn't) but as long as I can see lots of Gal in action I'm good. :naughty:
  14. Freddy G


    Waiting to cut out the deadwood Waiting to clean up the city Waiting to follow the worms Waiting to put on a black shirt Waiting to weed out the weaklings Waiting to smash in their windows And kick in their doors.....
  15. Freddy G

    Long Time Coming- Rex Murphy Interviews Jordan Peterson

    One of Canada's last great journalists, Rex Murphy interviews the intellectual giant Jordan Peterson.
  16. Freddy G

    Roland Customer Support

    I have a Boss MS3 pedal. Love it. In order to switch to a different bank you have to step on two switches simultaneously. So to bank down you step on switches 1&2 and to bank up it's switches 3&4. But I have a I e-mailed Roland support to ask them about a possible remedy for...
  17. Freddy G

    Broken Into Last Night ....grrrr

    Went out to the garage this morning and noticed that a jar of lacquer retarder I had placed on the workbench yesterday was lying on it's side. I thought "that's odd....why would wifey do that?" Then went out to the vehicle in the driveway and it had been broken into. The glovebox was rummaged...
  18. Freddy G

    Head Stock anyone?

  19. Freddy G

    Wired Last Night! Strippers and Coke!!!!

  20. Freddy G

    You've Been.....Thunbergstruck!