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  1. Angelus

    Cleaning And Maintaining A Maple Fretboard

    You should try Fret Butter for cleaning, it works with maple and it smells like a new Gibson guitar in case ;)
  2. Angelus

    Les Paul Classic to 56 Goldtop Makeover/Conversion

    Amazing work ! Congrats ! Can t wait to see the final result
  3. Angelus

    Did I Just Buy A Fake Les Paul Custom? 2003 LPC Content and Pics

    It s a real one, I never saw a fake with binding over the frets... toggle has probably been changed, may be the nut too.... six holes on the toggle cavity ? May be it s been redone to fit perfectly. A lot of Gibson has this kind of logo, this is caused by air under the clearcoat, really...
  4. Angelus

    What's The Best Sounding Les Paul You Played?

    I have a 94 studio which is amazing, excellent year, excellent guitars ! :)
  5. Angelus

    Would You Say The Last Couple Years Were The Best In a Long Time for Gibson USA Quality?

    Some good guitars were done in every year, a lot of bad too, I have a 2009 triple stain standard which is amazing, a good 2012 traditional etc. But concerning the USA line, in my opinion, 2002 is the last year about real quality on most of the Gibson models.
  6. Angelus

    What's The Best Sounding Les Paul You Played?

    Hard to choose but I would say these ones.... 99 elegant silverflow 72 ri custom 54 89 ri standard 59 with Skatterbrane pups and Page wiring 00 lp standard (customised)
  7. Angelus

    Post The 1 Guitar and Amp That You Would Take With You to a Deserted Island for the Rest of Time

    This 69 SG Custom, everything is possible with it. May be with a JTM45 :)
  8. Angelus

    When You've Thought It Couldn't Get Worse...

    Looks like the Jackson roswell guitars from the 90s, what a new and modern idea !
  9. Angelus

    What is The Most Expensive Guitar You Own?

    Not sure which one is the most expensive or if they re the most expensive guitars I have but I love them all so much that I couldn t tell a price for it :) 1983 lp Spotlight 1969 es330/brazilian rosewood Crest gold 1972 lp 54reissue
  10. Angelus

    Great Guitar Center story!

    Time is the same value for everybody to my opinion.... except if she s pregnant or something...
  11. Angelus

    I'm Gassing for a '68 Gold Top! Let's see yours.

    Hi from France ! Here is mine, according to the "latesixtieslespaul" website, she s from may 1968, concerted with 60s humbuckers years ago.... I also have a 69 gold top with factory p90, 1 piece neck, 1 piece body and large headstock, probably one of the first made in 69, great too. Amazing...