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  1. rogue3

    Deluxe custom cab

    probably a little...its an open back...but not as much a a closed back cab.might even lend a bright sound to the amp.
  2. rogue3

    Deluxe custom cab

    if i remember right,it was at least 500$ more than the tolex version.Significantly over 2000$ canadian. I don't remember how much more,as i just walked away laughing... add:if memory serves correct,it was 2900$...double the vinyl version.
  3. rogue3

    Deluxe custom cab

    I saw one of those in the local shop a while back...minus the railway crossing tape , or whatever those stripes are. :rofl: . Real pretty living room furniture amp.The price was hideous. Still,easy on the eyes.Would look good next to my oak mission coffee table...without the stripes pls...:cool2:
  4. rogue3

    You guys know everything else so...picks

    I actually prefer my picks when they are rounded down from use.My regulars are getting close to round. I have some from the old days that started out like a standard triangular pick...and now have the shape and size of a dime.They are retired,lol. Work being done! all my picks are the old...
  5. rogue3

    Joe Perry representing HK at the Grammy's

    He looks like Keef ! keef may yet outlast him too !
  6. rogue3

    Is WWIII even possible?

    No to all out war.but a big affirmative to future regional conflicts. There will be no conscription. Just professional soldiers. Its another career option here. The forces pay your university costs.Good way to get an engineering degree, and you are trained to help people at the same time...
  7. rogue3

    Fender Musical Instruments announces a change in ownership

    interestin. don't meddle guys.get a read of the lay of the land.look at why they are doing on me for advice.:beer:
  8. rogue3

    Adult Summer Camps?

    ...i was going to say,get your wife's this is a great idea.Many professionals i encounter these days looking for advice, and have the coin to make it happen.There is a reason sales have been excellent the past few years. just yesterday i was asked for advice on acoustic...
  9. rogue3

    my guitar journey

    keep going,until this happens... but seriously...ease up a little.keep playing.keep it simple.stick with songs you really,really like,because they are memorized,in your brain,in a fashion.Go from networking on guitar clubs shouldn't be an issue these days i would think, with the...
  10. rogue3

    Weight relief poll

    I have both.I am gravitating more to my weight relieved (9 hole) Lesters(C.A. Hog), but not because of the weight, because of the tone. They are heavier than my non-weight relieved R8(Fiji hog). I believe i prefer a denser,heavier mahogany in a Les Paul,for the tone it gives, in my...
  11. rogue3

    Fewer Chibsons in the future?

    long overdue.
  12. rogue3


    Good idea. After this 7 day stretch,i'll go home tomorrow and cleanse myself with some good beer and a shot of whiskey mouth rinse. :rofl: its close now.
  13. rogue3


    whole cities on lockdown...just think,that means schools too! You can kick in your backup plan for online course teaching while everyone stays home!:applause: You guys have one,right?:hmm:
  14. rogue3

    Chuc Mung Nam Moi

    Happy New Year!:cheers:
  15. rogue3


    Don't know about translation,but,In light of the actions we see,pretty much makes sense.Must be quarantined until we understand it.It might die out,or...we know enough about viruses to know how they behave. By all means, send some C5 Galaxies loaded with masks,shields,disposable...
  16. rogue3


    worrisome.this is what they are revealing.China is not known for open communication.But their actions speak louder than words,and their actions are huge.20 million isolated today...tomorrow...What do they know?Having gone through sars in the medical field,i understand the social media pics...
  17. rogue3

    Doomsday Clock ticks 20 seconds closer

    50's titties!...
  18. rogue3

    Gravitational waves hit earth idea where they came from....

    Betelgeuse. If the star goes supernova, it would produce a gravitational wave burst that could be detected. Funny to think,it may have happened 642 years ago(distance to betelgeuse,642.5 light years ) Will it matter? Makes one wonder what it would be like to get fried by a strong...
  19. rogue3

    We need a revolution in this country. It's out of control.

    many versions,like this one, the actual phrasing is Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum ("Therefore he who desires peace, let him prepare war.") quoted.i hated latin when i took it,but, my teacher made us read the scriptures(greek mythology),which were cool.Thats about all i remember...
  20. rogue3

    We need a revolution in this country. It's out of control.

    Latin: “Si vis pacem, para bellum” means “If you want peace, prepare for war.” Looking around the world today,it seems this has not changed.