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  1. RockyMtnGuitars

    September 2019 BTOTM

    Did I kill the thread? LOL
  2. RockyMtnGuitars

    September 2019 BTOTM

    Alrighty then, here's my shot. I'm learning harmonica, so I did a mix. Harp is a Hohner Rocket Amp F into a Vox Pathfinder 10, mic'd then into GarageBand. Guitar is a Hamer Jr XT with a P90 into GarageBand (Vox emulated amp). Hope it's not too painful...
  3. RockyMtnGuitars

    Bigsby B7 not fitting '56 goldtop

    I had very similar issues trying to install a Bigsby + Vibramate on my Trib+. Here's the thread: The short version is that the back hung passed the end of the guitar by about the same...
  4. RockyMtnGuitars

    NGD - Epiphone les paul tribute plus

    That's a pretty one - nice choice. I enjoy my Trib+ a lot. Haven't been playing it enough lately, in fact.
  5. RockyMtnGuitars

    Dumb question? What do you play your backing tracks through?

    Excellent, folks, thanks for the ideas so far.
  6. RockyMtnGuitars

    Dumb question? What do you play your backing tracks through?

    After just suffering another miserable session playing to backing tracks, I thought I'd ask what everyone else does. I'm usually playing through a little boom box with an Aux in for my phone. A couple of years ago I bought a $100 JBL tube shaped thing that died not long after, so I'm skeptical...
  7. RockyMtnGuitars

    Duesenberg Les Trem?

    I'll check out that Stetsbar, too, thanks for the suggestion.
  8. RockyMtnGuitars

    Duesenberg Les Trem?

    Hey all - I have an Epi Tribute+ that I enjoy a great deal, but that I've always wanted a Bigsby on... I installed one with a Vibramate but the body of the Bigsby was too long and didn't properly anchor to the strap pin. It was about a 1/4" too long. The Vibramate also did not sit flush with the...
  9. RockyMtnGuitars

    MLP December 2018 BTOM!

    I'm excited for this one, GBLEV. Good choice - nice bluesy sound. Perfect for jamming by the fireplace. Hope to get something put together in the next few days!
  10. RockyMtnGuitars

    2015 Jr wiring question

    So here's the reply this morning from Gibson (nice that it came so quick): === Thanks for the email. Below is information on the wires to clip the end plug and wire to standard pots. I hope this helps! · P90ST: White=Hot, Green and Bare=Ground (clip red and black) === I'm trying to...
  11. RockyMtnGuitars

    2015 Jr wiring question

    Hey there Lloyd_m thanks for that pic! The control end looks identical to what I'm seeing. Is there a reason you think the P90 differs between 2015 and 2018? Do you have more info on that? If my guitar is the same, I now know I could work with just the green and white wires.
  12. RockyMtnGuitars

    2015 Jr wiring question

    Good morning and thanks for the great answers everyone. I wasn't able to work on it yesterday. Another one of those things where the project should be quick and easy and once it bogged down, I no longer had time to focus on it. I would like to have a ballsy P90 in there, but am not in a...
  13. RockyMtnGuitars

    NGD: 2015 Les Paul CM + Mods

    I'm curious too - thinking about replacing the G-Force on my 2015 Jr and would like a simple drop-in replacement, if that's even possible. What fits? Or is easy to put in?
  14. RockyMtnGuitars

    2015 Jr wiring question

    There appear to be 5 wires total - see pics. I understand the answers indicating there should only be a hot and a ground necessary. I'm now starting to document with pics for other people's reference if they find this thread. If I do cut off the connector, how can I discover which is hot and...
  15. RockyMtnGuitars

    2015 Jr wiring question

    So I've got one of the 2015 LP Jrs that Sam Ash has been blowing out. Really a fun guitar. Well, it was until the volume pot went out. The pot was always sketchy, but it finally quit altogether. I did some research and ended up ordering a new 50's kit from Jonesy (thanks man!). Started the...
  16. RockyMtnGuitars

    MLP Rocktober 2018 BTOM

    Nice - that's going to be fun! \m/
  17. RockyMtnGuitars

    September 2018 BTOM!

    Alrighty then, here's mine. Been months since I've participated. Though I always mean to, I somehow never get around to it. Loved this month's track though. Great choice. I'm more a noodler than someone who can build phrases, but I enjoyed it. My Track G&L ASAT BluesBoy Semi-Hollow --> MXR...
  18. RockyMtnGuitars

    Have you ever played a 12 string?

    I have a Teton acoustic 12 that my wife bought me for our 20th anniversary. I absolutely love it. I have found I can't always use it in just any acoustic situation, but when it's right, it's SO right.
  19. RockyMtnGuitars

    NGD - Jackson Soloist SLX3 in Neon Pink

    Nice! I've been wanting one of those to turn into a Phil Collen "inspired by" guitar. It's nice to hear a solid report about the construction and electronics. Do you plan to keep the PUPs? I've played a few at GC and the guitar seems good. Enjoy it!
  20. RockyMtnGuitars

    April 2018 BTOTM

    Still working on my ear training so I'll be "that guy" - what key is this? Any structural hints about the track?