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  1. Dilemma

    FS: 2004 Gibson Les Paul R7 BB.

    2004 Gibson Les Paul R7 BB. Body: Top Wood: Carved Mahogany. Back Wood: Solid Mahogany. Binding: Multi-ply white/black on top and back. Neck: Neck construction: 1-piece Mahogany with long tendon. Fingerboard Wood: 22 fret Ebony. Inlay: Pearl Block. Pickups: BurstBuckers. Condition is...
  2. Dilemma

    Happy Happy New Year!

    2019 sucked Donkey Dick. Let's try 2020.
  3. Dilemma

    It Was -8°F Here in Minnesota

    Screw those birds. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  4. Dilemma

    Rival Sons

    Zep cover band, blah blah blah yada yada yada. Love 'em, and this is terrific.
  5. Dilemma

    Today's Take

    Not the best afternoon but not the worst either. This sequence was humorous enough. She had a piece of toilet paper stuck to her shoe and wasn't happy. She removed it mid-flight.
  6. Dilemma

    Then This Happened

    Nope. Nothing in this one about cake, Florida or the two Gretas – Thunberg & Van Fleet. You’ve all been spared, at least by me. So. What IS the topic contained herein? Stick with me and we’ll go through it line item by bloody line item. It’s gory, there’s blood on the tracks. Chapter 1 As some...
  7. Dilemma

    Fall Photo Thread

    I few fall shots from Minnesota's North Shore. Yes. I found a damn Bald Eagle in all this.
  8. Dilemma

    Some Recent Stuff

    From the recent stuff pile.
  9. Dilemma

    Returning to Normal?

    As some of you may remember my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of last year. The prognosis was good as it was caught as early as you could catch this kind of thing and the type of cancer is the most common and lended itself to treatment well. One Lumpectomy and 20 Radiation...
  10. Dilemma

    The Last Couple Nights

    I got out worked my cityscape skills a bit. Downtown Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge and Downtown St. Paul Harriet Island which is completely flooded over.
  11. Dilemma

    Like I Needed It.

    In May of 2018 I purchased this Tahoe. I wasn't madly in love with the thing from the start but to replace the 2012 Tahoe LTZ I traded in I was going to have to spend $75K which I was unwilling to do. So I started looking at less expensive versions and settled on this LT Custom. The key word...
  12. Dilemma

    Busted ***** UPDATE *****

    I got nailed for trespassing yesterday afternoon. Here's the story. I was on my way to one of my spots to shoot birds. About 40 minutes into an hour drive I spotted twenty or so Eagles perched in a tree. I swung a U-turn in the middle of the road, jumped out, parked, and grabbed my gear. I came...
  13. Dilemma

    Speaking of Bald Eagles

    A couple shots from last Sunday. The lift off. (this wasn't the entire sequence, just a few)
  14. Dilemma

    In Therapy

    What with all going on around here I got me some bird therapy in yesterday. It was 0°F and snowing but worth the cold.
  15. Dilemma

    The Moon

    I decided to stand out in 1 degree temps last night to shoot this moon thing. :cheers2:
  16. Dilemma

    Got Out Yesterday

    I got off work early yesterday and was able to get out and finally do a little shooting.
  17. Dilemma


    Being a Minneapolis native, I was always WAY more into Hüsker Dü, Babes in Toyland, The Jayhawks, Suburbs and especially The Replacements. Prince? Meh. Not my deal. Anyway, here's the clip that got The 'Mats banned from SNL. By Westerberg's own admission, the entire band was absolutely...
  18. Dilemma

    Taking freebyrd 69’s “Who are your biggest guitar influences and why?“ Post to the Next Level.

    At one point did you shed your influences and try and do your own thing? At some point in time you have to, right? How did you do it? Did it develop naturally or was there a conscious decision involved? For me, I’d become extremely bored picking up the guitar and playing something others have...
  19. Dilemma

    Come On Now,,,,

    Granddaughter's Christmas Pic. On three,,,,, Awwwww.
  20. Dilemma

    Gotta Unload

    I'm not looking for sympathy here folks, I'm just unloading a bit so bear with me. A few months ago my wife started having what I'll refer to as 'woman problems.' Several trips to the Doctor later they decided she needed a hysterectomy and a few other repairs on her woman parts. In general...